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Why You Shouldn’t Chase Money – Millionaire Mindset Wealth Principle #2 – Millionaire Mindset Ep. 4

– Millionaire attitude wide range principle second: Believe demands, not money. Please claim it together. Believe requirements not cash. If you chase after money, it'' s. really hard to obtain money. Chase requires. It ' s very easy to generate income. Believe needs, not cash. Below'' s a little fascinating cartoon. The hundred dollar bill having a conversation with a $1 bill. The hundred buck bill stated, “” You recognize, I had a great life. Wonderful house, fast cars and trucks, fantastic trips, and expensive dining establishments. The $1 costs said, “” All I ever did was to go to church, most likely to.
church, and most likely to church.”” A hundred buck expense.
What ' s a church. Make a lot more so you can offer much more, versus everyone placing a.
couple pair bucks the damn hat.What if you could make enough adequateCash you could donate give away even more cash the whole damn church together? Believe about it.
if I put effort right into it. Can I come to be a millionaire as well? I actually wish to become,.
no, a billionaire. She stated: Can I end up being a billionaire if I strive enough and put my initiative and strive for it? As well as right here'' s what she responded, she supplied some guidance: Change your focus far from what you desire, a billion bucks, and also.
obtain deeply, intensely curious concerning what the.
world wants as well as needs. Ask on your own what you have.
the prospective to supply that is so unique and also.
engaging as well as helpful that no computer can change you, nobody might outsource you, no one can take your product and make it much better and afterwards club you into.
oblivion, not actually, after that create that.
One thing. When you come to be a master.
of two globes say, engineering and also organization,.
you can bring them with each other in such a way that will certainly present hot ideas to every other, so they can have suggestion sex and make idea.
babies that no one else has actually seen prior to. And B,.
create a competitive advantage because you can move between the worlds, speak both languages, attach the people, mash the aspects to stimulate.
fresh, innovative understanding till you awaken with the.
revelation that transforms your life. The globe doesn'' t throw a.
billion dollars at a person since the individual desires.
The globe does not care. What'' s the word? The globe provides you money in exchange for something it views to be.
of equal or better value. Something that transforms.
an aspect of the culture, remodels a familiar tale.
or introduce a new one, alters the way people.
consider the category as well as use it in daily life.There '

s no road map,.
no blueprint for this. A whole lot of individuals will.
give you a great deal of guidance and the majority of it will certainly be bad.
as well as a great deal of it will be great as well as audio, yet you will.
need to figure out exactly how it doesn'' t put on you.
because you are coming from an unanticipated angle and.
you will be doing it alone up until to you develop the.
charisma and also reliability to bring in the skill you.
require to find with you. Have guts, you will certainly require it. As well as excellent luck, you will certainly require that also.”” A round of applause. (crowd claps) That'' s one smart spouse. That basically sums all of it. That just virtually – When I read that post, I'' m like, like– It is so good. It is like, wow. Like, charm! My benefits. Envision if that ' s just how clever the other half is, Elon Musk, my goodness. There'' s a claiming behind.
Love'' s the secret. – Legislation of tourist attraction, yes? Below'' s what
make your reality.”” Right? You become what you assume about. That'' s what the legislation
of. attraction speak about. – [Male] I had a roommate.
that read this publication. – Yes. – [Male] And also she thought that you simply claimed to believe as well as not do anything.
– Yes. – [Guy] As well as advantages will certainly come for her. – Yes, you just need to think.
And also not have to do anything as well as excellent things will certainly come to you. – [Guy] That'' s exactly how she discusses it. – That'' s it. You see, the number of of you have. come across Believe and also Grow Rich? The amount of have not listened to. of Believe and also Grow Rich? Go read it.

– [Man] Okay.
– Okay, by Napoleon Hillside. Notification that the title, state it with each other– Think–.
Not visualize and expand rich. Not kick back as well as do.
Not hope and expand abundant. It'' s assume. That'' s not what the publication is around.
And also there'' s a fantastic publication that I likewise like, The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. And there'' s so many. Assuming alone never made.
anybody rich unless their assuming materializes itself.
right into constant activity. What are the two keywords? [target market together] -.
Consistent action.What are the 2 essential words? 2 word application of. Range develops millionaires,.
size develops millionaires. What is scale? Volume. Quantity. You intend to make millions? Market millions of something. Magnitude, deepness, transection size. Market a 2 million buck thing,.
five million dollar thing, 10 million dollar point. You can likewise be a millionaire. Scale and also magnitude together.
develops billionaires. You backtrack the resource.
of millionaire cash and you will discover numerous something. To make it straightforward and short, you intend to make.
It'' s very straightforward. You'' re not making the money that you want? Look at exactly how lots of people you'' re affecting.
you deliver in a marketplace.Tough to be a millionaire doing that, yes? As a business owner, if. you ' re giving a solution, you ' re only dealing with– Unless you have a great deal of. magnitude, bill a lot of cash, then it ' s difficult to be a millionaire. You believe in regards to you offer something, you sell to countless people. Yes, that ' s just how you arrive. Retrace the source of millionaire money as well as you'' ll locate millions of something. Fail to remember the legislation of tourist attraction,.
the law of love. The regulation of what? Affection. The amount of individuals do you influence states the more lives.
you influence in an entity that you regulate in range or in size, the richer you will end up being. The law of affection. See if you have something that are influencing numerous people. You can have a lack of confidence. You will make millions. Are there individuals making millions.
that'' s an absolute jerk.Anybody solution concern. Are there individuals making. millions they ' re the nicest people you have ever met? Money does not care. Money doesn'' t have a principles. It doesn'' t have an ethical. You'' re an evildoer, I'' m. not gon na let you'have me. Or you ' re
a great person, I ' m. gon na let you have some even more.
There are some of the nicest,. kindest individuals that I understand, entirely broke. There are also individuals.
It'' s nothing to do with each other, mmkay? Prior to I go right into that, take 2 mins. The first one, as well as the.
( Calle Ocho)”” by Pitbull Shake their hand and also say.
“” thanks for sharing”” please. (Audience murmuring) So show me, simply shout out the answer a-ha minutes, what it indicates to you simply the very first 2 concepts. What it suggests for you.

[Man] I think for me, comprehending that money is a circulation- – Blood circulation [Guy] – It'' s like flow. It helps with my financial investment purchasing, say the only.
way I'' m mosting likely to generate income is if I offer it, as well as, yeah, that'' s just exactly how I recognize it.- Sometimes you assume.
concerning it with economic situation what causes economic situation recession,.
it'' s a lack of -what? A lack of circulation. You.
hear it from the government. If you wish to help the.
economic climate from the U.S. You intend to assist the economic situation,.
Currently am I saying you wear'' t. desire to save any cash? You got ta go through that stage. When you save enough, you want to spend, you want to increase, yet.
you got ta master making it. You'' re efficient it. Perhaps for some of you it'' s tough to think. Making it is actually pretty damn very easy. If you'' re really great- simply take my word, making it.
You'' re. Money comes.
Way, method harder. Go to the mike guy,.
Give Earl a round of applause. (audience applauds) Give like a one min version of it- what the heck occurred. – Hi Earl.
you desire the longer variation, I'' m doing a longer variation on the 23rd.

I inform the story of exactly how.
I made a number of money so I made a 40 million dollar realm. And afterwards I screwed up and also I lost it all. 2008 struck me even more than it.
And also really, it'' s amusing. One of those things you talked concerning- number 3, right, not worthy- it'' s amusing, I sent you an email.
as well as I was in that stage not feeling, not worthwhile- right, I mean I made a million dollars, it'' s very easy to do. In fact the funny point.
is, Dan picked me up. He stated, you don'' t have. to strike a particular level to deal with me once again. It wasn'' t a question of merit. You'' re my friend, I wish to.
assist you anyway, let'' s do this. As well as, the amusing point is.
when I ultimately chose to leave my butt, 60 days, 6 figures. Six months, 7 numbers. I report back to Dan each week.
“” hey this is what I'' m doing” and the initial pair updates were attractive, “” hey check out this, appearance.
at this, look at this”” the last pair updates, not.
You can make it. Making it is stupid simple.
as well as I'' m making a lot more sales now than I was when I was marketing. So, the sales and also advertising and marketing.
fuction? Yeah, 100 percent. But keeping it is a bitch. – [Dan] I such as that quote, “” Making it is very easy,.
maintaining it is a bitch.”” that'' s truly, you ' re writing. this down? That ' s great. [Audience Praises] Place that on Facebook. I.
like that. Tweet that. – [Announcer] Ten times your financial resources. Ten times your organization. Ten times your advertising. Ten times your life. Hit the subscribe switch now.

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How to Retire in 9 Years Starting With ZERO (A 5-Step Guide)

are you over the age of 50 with no plan in sight for your retirement don't worry there's still hope it's never too late to get started hey guys welcome back to the channel in today's video we're going to teach you some tips on how to plan for your retirement even if you are starting late in life first of all you need to know that retirement is freedom which means that when you retire you should be able to do whatever you want whether to travel to your favorite destinations spend more time with your family or work on your own projects so let me take you through the steps of your journey to financial freedom first step is to cut your expenses write down all your monthly expenses think of your main fundamental expenses as your running cost as if you're running a company things like rent builds groceries internet so you can watch more of our videos and car payment remember that you could always find cheaper alternatives for some of your main expenses for example you could always move to a cheaper house and save on your rent or if you have a rental car you could rent a cheaper car that also matches your needs the key here is not to minimize your quality of life but to minimize the amount you spend on that quality now write down the other expenses that you could survive without this might differ from one person to another it could be your netflix or amazon prime subscription or it could be the designer clothes that you usually buy these are the items that you could totally scratch from your expenses the more you cut the more you save and in the fifth step i'm going to tell you how we are going to use all this extra money to get you even more money always remember that it's not about how much you earn is what you keep you could be earning much more than others but you're also spending much more than they do keep monitoring your expenses you can do this through a simple written list or even through apps such as zoho expense or expense point second step is to set your expectations remember when we said in the beginning of our video that retirement is freedom well you need to think of your freedom figure which is basically the amount of money you expect per year after your retirement now multiply this number by 25 i'm sure you will get a crazy seven figure number this is going to be your goal i bet you're thinking now that it's impossible but please don't close the video yet because in the last two steps i'm going to show you how you can make this possible you need to lower your expectations for the time being in order to get those results in the future it's a match a fight if you will wealth versus cash flow set your own goals for now and for the future not based on what you see around you or on social media it doesn't have to be a 25 million dollar mansion in beverly hills a huge yacht and a supercar but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be enjoying your retirement it's about being realistic and aware of your situation what you can achieve in the future third step is to consider working longer now i know what you must be thinking i'm watching this video to know how to retire early but bear with me you may retire by the age of 60 or even 65.

But if you retire by the age of 70 you are increasing your social security check to nearly double plus there's also more money going into your 401k what's 401k oh you didn't know well i will explain this in the next step if you can't bear the thought of staying at your current job any longer than you need to then you should look into quitting your current job and finding another one something that you will enjoy more you you'll be surprised at the amount of companies that are currently looking for workers with experience be aware of your physical health keep up with your regular medical check-ups eat healthfully do any form of physical exercise could be something as small as taking a relaxing walk every day all this keeps you energetic so that you may continue working at the top of your game fourth step is to open an investment account this account could be funded by the money you save as a result of cutting expenses remember step one or you could open a 401k account if you don't already have one a 401k plan is a company sponsored retirement account where employers can contribute their income and employers usually match contributions up to a certain amount there are two basic types of 401ks traditionally and roth which differ primarily in how they're taxed with a traditional 401k employee contributions are pre-tax meaning they've reduced taxable income ban withdrawals are taxed during retirement employee contributions to rough 401ks are made with after tax income there's no tax deduction in the contribution year but withdrawals are tax-free so if you don't have a 401k yet what are you waiting for start one and make use of all this non-taxable income now it's time to invest your money which takes us to the last step the fifth and last step is to increase your income well you can always ask for a raise in your current job if the thought of asking for more pay sounds daunting then you can try looking for a new job with a better salary which may not be as challenging as you think there are many ways to promote your skills and experience to other companies you can upload your resume to sites such as or let the companies come to you but there is an even easier way to increase your income through a side hustle one of the easiest ways to do so is through creating an amazon individual seller account it's free to create but you need to pay a commission of 99 cents for every sale that you make on amazon not intrigued yet hear this according to a recent survey of amazon sellers twenty percent make between one thousand dollars and five thousand dollars per month which i believe is great for a side hustle or even a decent second income you can even sell your own private label products on amazon around 67 percent of all amazon sellers run their business using the private label method private labeling is a process of manufacturing a pre-existing item preferably with product improvements putting your branding and logos on it and selling it to consumers sometimes it is referred to as wide labeling or brand creation the process has been around for years and is common in countless retail stores targets mainstays brand and walmart's great value are two examples of private label brands your site hustle could also be building websites or content writing there are millions of ways to start a site hustle it's all based on the set of tools that you possess be sure to check out my videos covering this topic and i'll post a link in the description below and remember you can always learn a new skill and this skill could be your next source of income so never stop learning another way to increase your income is by creating a passive income stream passive means you don't actually need to actively trade your time for money you are basically making money while you sleep there are three ways to earn passive income stock markets you don't need to call a local broker anymore there are plenty of applications that you can use to trade stocks that's what makes it the easiest way to gain passive income i'll post some links in the description below for some of my favorite exchanges that i use to trade stocks and crypto cryptocurrency is part of the new modern era with many ways for you to earn passively if you are willing to accept its high risk prices of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin have been falling in 2022 amid a worldwide crypto price crash this could also mark a perfect opportunity to buy with prices being so low check out this video i made where i go over the top five cryptos that billionaire kevin o'leary from shark tank is currently investing in but remember be wise when investing in crypto never put in more than you are willing to lose other options include real estate it's harder to get into it as you need to save up enough to pay for a down payment once purchase you can then get a tenant to rent out the house which will cover payments on the mortgage and hopefully a bit more use any cash flow to pay down the principal faster after a few years you will have paid off the house and can now enjoy some free cash flow from your rental property the earlier you start doing this the sooner you can pay off the mortgage debt now that we have been through each of the five steps of your journey to freedom keep this in mind your life is not going to change unless you take the initiative a nine to five job alone is not enough to build wealth have faith in yourself have faith in your abilities you're not alone in this situation and if other people can do it so can you improve your physical and mental health this will keep you more focused and energetic to work on your goals and it saves you from spending a lot of money down the road on treatment and medications this is it for me today i hope this video has given you as much hope as it did to me don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel watch our previous videos you never know what piece of information could change your life

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