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Retirement Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss!

we've all heard retirement is not an ending but I think we need to add to the sentence and say it's a gateway to your life's best Adventures wow so dramatic today but like any new chapter in life it's going to you know it this does come with challenges it comes with uncertainties but it also comes with a lot of opportunities you know make no mistake how you prepare today determines the quality of your tomorrow now if you're new here I'm Mark and this is my wife Jody we don't focus on the financial aspects of retirement but rather lifestyle Health relationships and much more so if you like this please hit the Subscribe button and the notification button so you're going to get notified when our new videos come out and gosh it would really be great if you could share this with someone that you care about who's on their retirement Journey too you know we really want you to feel empowered and equipped to face the challenges of retirement with excitement and Clarity and our goal today really is to ignite a proactive approach for you that's that's going to lead you into this next phase of your life you know this is probably actually documented it is one of the biggest changes you're ever going to face in your life and therefore it can be challenging but today we're going to help you find a quick path to success so who do we know that did really well in this uh first part of retirement you know we have we have friends that live in Bronxville New York he had a big corporate job um was you know kind of all over the map all over the world she had her own things that she was doing and I think they've gotten a very successful jump start into their retirement with a couple of key areas that they focused on ahead of time and then they followed through with their plan well one of the things that he's doing is um he is still engaged in some Consulting so he works maybe 10 15 hours a week and you know what's funny Mark we got a lot of push back on the challenge you guys are doing this you're not really retired you're doing that you say people are doing other work they're not really retired I would agree with you so let's just throw the word retirement out yeah that's the thing yeah so what we are is in the next 30 years of our life and charting a new course and for him and for us this is part of what we do we spend 20 hours a week working on this YouTube channel and doing some Consulting and one-on-one coaching but this couple he's doing a little bit of work and she's very active in some nonprofits there's one particular where she's involved with a uh a charity that not a charity U they invest in startup businesses for women she's on the board of this organization so startup businesses started up by women started up by women not just for not big powerful things just women who are U some of them are pretty big and powerful yeah but I mean it's it's really I I didn't mean it that way wow it sounded that way well I didn't I didn't want it to sound like she's on the board of a Fortune 100 company she's a regular person who's helping this organization find women that want to start a business well I I think there's a couple key things and those are the ones that we're going to kind of pull out today some things that when we think of them we know they've done well so so they were they are very successful and we want the same opportunity for you too so let's what what are we going to what's the first tip we call it a tip right well I think um the first thing when you're addressing retirement even before you retire and we've all either started this thought about it done it you have to plan financially so I would say that's number one even though we don't do financial planning right so you need to figure out what your nest egg looks like how much money you have um if you have a pension you know what what that what does that look like coming in what are your obligations you still have a mortgage and a car payment you need to figure all that out and honestly we're big advocates for financial planners because having that outside perspective to give you a voice that's not so tied up emotionally into let's say the stock market which right now poorly um if you're doing all the investment yourself and looking at all you're just going to stress out all the time so having a financial adviser is great and I think just planning financially just at the basic route you know knowing knowing your income whatever that is knowing what you've saved knowing your expenses understanding any diversity of Investments that you have to make sure you're spreading your risk for long-term growth and wrap that all up with engage with a of some kind or even new retirement low we'll put the link below new retirement is a platform that you can buy you can test it for free you can buy it for $120 a year it's phenomenal we use it we have a lot of our clients that use it and it gives you a snapshot of all your finances and there's all sorts of tools in there you can use to uh do what ifs scenario planning really so first thing is planning financially is really really important the second thing that's important and this client we talked about was having a gradual wind down from your career if you have one you know just cold turkey ending it sometimes that's really hard for people and if that's what's going to happen then you certainly want to phase out any work commitments you have you don't want to leave a mess behind right so yeah and I and I think a big part of that phasing out or gradual wind down is starting to set your boundaries right ensuring a balance between what's your work and your personal time so that it's really clear to not only you but to the people that you're still dealing with and and if you're in a case in a situation where you do want to work a little bit you know maybe you can go back to your company and say hey I want to give you 5 hours a week 10 hours a week just something if you work mornings for two hours 5 days a week it gives you reason to get up gives you a little bit of money coming in and it keeps your community alive a little bit longer so you definitely want to see if that's an opportunity with your company absolutely and you know don't be afraid to delegate responsibilities right passing on tasks as you're doing your gradual wind down to people who are either taking your jobs or you know dividing your labor up or whatever it might be I would say that's something good to do and then spend a little bit of time in this gradual wind down reconnecting with your hobbies rediscovering all the passions that you may have put on hold during your career you know what funny we have so many clients that say I don't have any hobbies well because you've been working for so long or you've been involved with other things and if you've never had a you can find one just start you know we're big journalers so writing down what you're thinking about if you spend every morning journaling for five minutes on hobbies and Google what are the most popular hobbies and just start thinking you know what I when I was a kid I used to do that I might be interested in that don't be afraid to explore that and reconnect and try it because it could be that all of a sudden now you're really into I don't know what's a new hobby painting painting or you could clutter your house clean your closet give away all your clothes so so gradual wind down would be the second thing that we really see as a great retirement tip as you get started right the third thing is and I love this one is really taking time to engage in self-reflection you know understanding your identity beyond your work identity and understanding that you're more than your title or your job or your you know even your community at work you're more than that I I want to stay with this for a minute because this is one of the big risks that we all face or the big changes that we all face when we retired because you and I both had identities at work I own my own company I was the CEO and when that ends it's it's really hard to reinvent yourself with a new identity you know my dad struggled with that so much and we did it first and maybe you are too I don't know but you can't just spend the next 30 Years saying I used to do this and I used to to do that really peel back who you are as a human being and that's really your identity and from there you can build something new and I think as you're doing that it's really important to evaluate all your past achievements right it's not like we're saying abandon that and move forward you know really recognize and take pride in your career Journey whatever it was and then move move forward to Envision all the future accompl accomplishments that you could have you know retirement is going to offer you new opportunities you know we get comments a lot that people say Mark stopped interrupting Jody and I just I always respond to that saying we both get so passionate of what we're talking about that I do and I'm really trying hard because I almost just interrupted you I know I'll try hard too CU a l no need to leave that comment I own I I own it and I interrupt jod a lot because I just get so excited about it but you know engaging in this self-reflection you want to you know if you're struggling get get a counselor get a therapist there's nothing wrong with having a therapist and you share your feelings and apprehensions about this phase of life you can't just go through it and not deal with it so it's really important to do that all right what's the fourth thing well for us this is so important establishing a new routine and the reason this is so important and really not to interrupt you just did interrupt I know because I know I'm going to get a comment about that comment about Jody interrupting um it's not just a routine routine it's a new routine oh didn't I say you did but I really think we need to it's not just H they're back on routines this is your new routine well you just keep going with that then and I think it's really important so we have a routine during our career we have a routine if you're a stay-at-home mom or dad you've got a routine but when the other partner comes home or your career ends that routine is shock so you've got to find something that a daily structure you've got to fit in um exercise you've got to fit in some some learning you don't just want to spend 38 hours watching TV every week which is the average number of hours that people over the age of 65 watch TV you don't want to do that enroll in some courses do some workshops online classes volunteer right right and even travel you know and when we say travel you know a lot of you will say well it'd be nice to travel but I can't afford to Trav travel locally go a couple town over overs and explore a coffee shop cou Town overs a couple Towns over what's a couple Town overs a couple towns over is that not a good sent a couple Towns over and you know um just en enjoy and explore like new shops or new restaurants or a new coffee shop or something something local all right the last tip we want to talk about as you're entering retirement is find your fun you know this phase and we struggle here sometimes we always say what are we going to do fun today well we don't have time you have to make room for fun hobby uh joining a club we're pretty good with that we join the YMCA we've got your woman's group I have a men's group we have people with shared interest pickle ball friends um friends we go out to dinner with but you know golf so we want to make sure that we have fun we want to make sure that you have fun and the other part of fun really experimenting try something new or just relaxing and rejuvenating reading a book we never do that yeah we do self-care we do all right so that's important have your fun absolutely and we wanted to make sure we put fun in there because it's not all planning it's not all schedules it's not all routines it's not all our way no this is your time to do it your way and find joy in Simple Pleasures put some structure in it but also have fun cuz this can be a challenging time and it's going to take some getting used to and you want to enter retirement you know this is the beginning of the greatest phase of your life you know try these five tips to begin your retirement with a little hard work but also some fun now if you like this video you're going to like this next one the top five struggles in retirement we talk about loss of community filling your extra time and creating a vision for this phase of life so we'll see you back again soon

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