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What I Eat In A Day | How I Make Healthy Choices When Out!

So I thought today I would do a what I eat in a day and we’re just sitting down to breakfast now I went to the gym this morning and just had a plain black coffee citing like breakfast so for breakfast I ended up getting Eggs Benedict I substituted the bread for tomato the bacon first of my salmon and had asparagus on the side so we spent the morning shopping we went to Target Nordstrom Mac and now we are up on our way to lunch at the beach and I’m really excited I already know I’m gonna have a cold fruit but I’m not sure what I’m gonna have for lunch yet for lunch I opted for some local mahi-mahi on a bed of greens with my cold brew and some lemon water so I have a new favorite drink it’s kind of like a twist on a virgin mocktail especially since I don’t drink so you need at least one lime per drink one lemon I’m making two drinks and then some mint and some Pellegrino so you add in a bunch of mint obviously because it’s a virgin stem mojito the great thing is I like eating them mint after it’s great for your digestion and this one is no sugar so I know a traditional mojito has like sugar syrup or simple syrup I’m not gonna put syrup in because we’re our team no sugar over here so I do a full lime per drink I’m just kind of it muddled it a bit in the juice then I’m adding in one large ice cube these ones are like the super sized ice cubes as you can see and then top them off this is really green oh it’s just sparkling water all right let’s try ice it oh it’s so good it’s so refreshing so we have some chicken seasoning mine with the everything bagel spice and then some veggies and then for dinner I had some barbecued chicken some asparagus and some zucchini it was all so delicious and so fresh I love the produce here hey everyone so I got back late last night from my trip and I just wanted to touch on how I eat healthy when out or went on a vacation I’m just trying to stay on track honestly because eating healthy just makes me feel good so as you can see in the breakfast instead of bread I just substituted sliced tomato I got asparagus on the side and I just asked not to bring me toast and these little things like a lot of restaurants especially something like sliced tomato they definitely have it in their kitchen and they’re usually more than welcome or more than happy to put it in and I did get smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon as well so just making little things with you already see on their menu and you note that they have most restaurants will be accommodating especially if you ask nicely and then I just think of getting like protein some veggies and then some healthy fats if you wanted to have something more indulging I suggest sharing things so you could share an appetizer or share a small side of whatever you wanted but to fill up most of your plate with the things that are gonna nourish you and make you feel good because if you’re eating completely horrible on vacation compared to what you do normally you might actually just feel crappy on vacation which I definitely don’t want to feel and I know a lot of you guys don’t want to I also picked up some really fun things in case you guys didn’t know I am Canadian so I’m gonna go to the States I do stock up on some favorites that are either hard to get here or it’s more expensive to order from those online stores so let’s get into it so I didn’t pick up a couple chocolates from Hugh kitchen this one is my favorite because there’s no sugar alcohols there’s no cane sugar emulsifiers so he left this in it’s the cleanest chocolate I’ve ever seen so I got crunchy mint and cashew butter if you are looking for these in Canada mature market does sell them so I will put a link to that in the description but hands down if you live in the states you need to get your hands on this keep them with you kitchen I also pick up more of their chocolate covered hunks of almond and sea salt they’re basically healthier chopped covered almonds which is one of my favorite things and again no palm oil sugar lapses in no shiny glaze guys if you ever see shiny too often covered almonds just stay clear another one if basically should brand dimension in general and that is simple mils I hadn’t tried their vanilla cupcake in cake mix but I thought I would pick it up to try it out with just this brand in general I have never found a product I don’t like they’re crackers are good they’re pizza crusts they’re bread they’re pancake mix anything simple meals makes is really good and it’s all really simple ingredients it’s just almond flour coconut sugar Aero coconut flour baking soda and sea salt that’s it of course I had to pick up some more of my ride-or-die granola and that is a purely Elizabeth this is one I haven’t seen before this is the grain free pumpkin spice and it has ashwagandha in it which I’m very excited about so I also picked up a couple bars the first one is the raw rev blow bar this is my favorite one for on keto because it has 14 grams of fiber which makes the net grams I think it’s either two or three net grams so this is easy just to have them a go and also this macadamia sea salt I try to really switch up my nuts you guys saw in my healthy snacks video you guys know I love macadamia nuts and they’re so good for you so I would highly recommend both of these bars pick up two boxes of chopped these are basically grass-fed beef snack sticks so basically a very very healthy Slim Jim I don’t think we have some gyms in Canada but from what people tell me it’s like a us thing but all the ingredients are very clean and it’s more of a salty snack their zero net carbs a hundred calories 6 grams of fat 9 grams of protein per stick and there’s 24 sticks per box and I got 2 because my fiancee really likes these as well also pick up some individual packets of brain octane this is great for keeping all the go when I run out of these packets I do use an old little ginger shot glass and I fill that with my brain octane and then I’ll put it in my clinic bag or in my purse to bring on the go with and lastly is this banza chickpea pasta I like chickpea pasta as opposed to normal pasta because it has a better macronutrient profile you guys knew y’all saw me use the shells in my healthy mac and cheese video which I will leave down below but yeah this has so much more fiber so much more protein so I hope you guys enjoy seeing what I eat while I’m away and a little bit of a healthy grocery haul some of my favorite brands .

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Brett Lee – What I Eat in a Day | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla

Hi it’s Brett Lee here And today i’m going to tell you or try to tell you everything that I eat during the day and what my fitness plan is Coffee Coffee to me is very important in the morning because we generally work late nights But now I try to have a balanced diet. I don’t do Dieting I don’t do any sort of fed different diets that you see around the world I just I’ve tried a balanced diet and what I mean by that is, you know meat and vegetables and Just heaps of fruit try to keep things nice and balanced but I reckon with with eating too Hydration is the key. You know if you can stay well hydrated these Hunger cravings can can can go away because you yeah, you are hydrated. Yes I had a masala dosa which was a lot of fun, but normally just eggs whether it’s an omelette, maybe some fruit salad And you know once again coffee because coffee is very important in morning for lunch and dinner.

It could be a salad with some chicken You know could be some lamb and then I I do eat a lot of curries back in Australia But I also love a lot of Western food. I love Japanese food You know, I love Thai food. So I’m pretty multi-culture when it comes to different foods We do a lot of barbecues back in Australia where we put some lamb on the barbeque and some chicken So yeah, look it changes everyday But also fish I enjoy eating fish if you ask my wife she would say that so I’m definitely not an early riser Because we work as I mentioned, you know different hours to most people we might be You know on television until midnight one o’clock each each day when we are working So yeah, I probably get up.

You know, it’s to me whatever time you go to bed you need 8 hours sleep and that’s gotta live my life on because sleep is the most important thing obviously to keep Keep a balanced life also to keep your weight at a balanced level sleep is very very important Well, oral hygiene if you ask my friends, they reckon I am What would they say that they’d say that my oral hygiene is a hundred over 100 because I floss probably five times a day Brush my teeth at least three times a day and you know making sure that you see the right people We’re down here today at dents, which is a wonderful place. I’ve just discovered the hygiene. The cleanliness is first-class world-class Definitely come back here again a favorite meal of the day. I think it’s probably dinner because that’s when as a family, you know us For unuse we obviously eat ate our meals a lot earlier than the traditional Indian culture So we will provide dinner in about 6 o’clock latest when I’m back in Australia and us it’s a really good chance Where we all come together as a family and share a beautiful meal probably would have to be Japanese food Yeah, it’s you know with whether it’s sushi sashimi.

I love all the fresh produce and the fresh fish And and also some salad too the healthiest alcoholic drink that’s probably oxymoron probably doesn’t even exist If you are gonna have a spirit have it with water thanda pani with it are there’s there’s there’s all these different diets going around But what happens with with diets in some people is that they you know, they will lose weight So they’ll go purely on a full fat diet They might go purely on a vegetarian diet And what actually happens is that? When they go on a fad or they go through this diet and they might last for six weeks or six months as soon as they go off it, you know, they put all the weight back on so consistency Keeping a balanced diet a balanced lifestyle. We all know that abs are made in the kitchen 80 percent of You know weight loss is definitely made for the kitchen and if you can substitute that with it with a nice You know training each day 45 minutes of training is all that you need You do that you tick that box and you should have a healthy life.

Oh, there are few fit guys in the world Kol is obviously a guy that looks after himself and he’s very fit You know if you think about the AVI play someone like a Mitchell stark He’s got a beautiful rap. You know, you don’t have to be the next cricketer You don’t have to be the next Bollywood star as long as you’re looking after your body and you’re comfortable in your own skin That’s the most important thing well I try to pride myself on being the fittest and we used to have competitions among the team who was the fittest But I think fast bowlers are definitely the fittest of all athletes.

I think throughout the world They’re smile. Anyone that’s on the Bollywood screen. I’ve got a good smile I mentioned a few before the Shah Rukh Khan Preity Zinta two friends of mine that that owned Kings XI and KKR so probably go this day just to keep things consistent and if you if you tick off Something every single day in order to to make you feel good So in other words get up in the morning achieve something whether it’s making your bed Whether it’s getting up taking out the rubbish Whether you go to the gym in the morning If you start the day knowing that you’ve actually achieved something so I like to get up feel fresh plenty of water You know making sure you’re drinking three to five liters of water a day. So that’s definitely the key Hi, this is Brett Lee.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my interview .

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Stay hydrated – Health and Wellness Month #4

(logo whooshing) (ethereal voices) – Hi everyone. This is Stephanie for IVA, the Institute for Vocal Advancement. Welcome, to our health and wellness series for voice teachers. (relaxing music) So today, I will be
talking about hydration, super important subject, not
only for us voice teachers, but for life in general, right. We only are healthy, and
are functioning well, if we stay hydrated. Like the general recommendation is, to have six to eight
ounces of water every day. That equals about two liters of water. However, if you are a voice teacher, that amount might actually not be enough. And I tell you why. When you’re teaching voice,
you’re talking a lot all day. You’re singing a lot. And with every exhale that you’re doing, while you’re speaking, or singing, you’re actually losing water. So that’s why you need to make sure that you’re taking in more than just that minimum
amount of water, okay. It’s for you in order to
stay healthy in general, however, you need to
focus as a voice teacher, for a long time, depending
on how many hours you’re teaching a day, it
is crucial to stay hydrated, in order to really, really keep your focus throughout the day, also to
the very last hours of the day. They deserve, the same
focus, the same intensity, of attention, that you
had in the very beginning. And again hydration is key. But not only that, it’s
not only to stay focused, to keep your brain going, no. How do our vocal folds
function at their very best? You got it. It is when they’re hydrated. When they’re nicely
full and rich of water. Problem is though, kinda like
with short-term hydration, doesn’t really work, okay. Because, when I’m drinking
just a sip of water, it doesn’t reach my vocal folds. It nicely lubricates my
throat, it feels good, it might help me after a few minutes, to keep the focus again, however, have you ever heard the term, you’re singing on yesterday’s hydration? That is correct, because
it takes quite a while, for the water that you’re drinking to actually go through your system and end up hydrating
your vocal folds, okay. So that’s why you need to
stay hydrated constantly. Well, how do you do that best? Well what I do all the time, everyday, it’s like the first thing I
do when I get to my studio, I bring a big pitcher
of water, flat water, not carbonated water, because honestly, carbonated water makes me burp, okay. And, but not only that, I also
bring a big pot of green tea. I just love green tea, it feels good, it’s kind of energizing. It makes me awake, but not tired. And so I have a pitcher,
water, and a pot of tea, next to me all day. I constantly keep drinking it,
keep pouring it into my mug, but also whenever a student comes in, it’s the first thing I
offer them, they love it. They know when they come to my studio, I present them with the
best tea, with good water. Sometimes I infuse the water with lemon, or grapefruit, or cucumber, just like freshly-sliced cucumber. Tastes amazing. Has nice enzymes in it, and again, it makes me actually drink more water, because it tastes yummy. Doesn’t contain sugar. Sugar honestly, it makes you tired. It’s not good for you. So it’s very fresh, and just very nice also for your students. And sometimes in the morning when I start, I have a coffee on the side as well. But honestly, that doesn’t
really count for hydration. So in terms of hydration,
you only wanna count, water and tea that you’re drinking, right. So, yeah, that’s mainly
what I really, really recommend to you. Constantly, constantly drink. Have it right next to you. Present it to your students. Whenever your student is talking to you, or you’re explaining
something to your student, or you’re in a transition,
while you’re teaching, from working on exercises,
towards working on a song, you’re bringing up a track
on YouTube, or something, I always right away grab my glass, or pitcher of water, and refill, refill to my students. That’s how I stay
hydrated, because honestly, if I don’t do that, I notice immediately that my voice gets
scratchy, I’m losing focus, and I don’t like it, because
I wanna be 100% available, vocally and mentally to my students. And I know you’re just the same. So, take that into consideration. Get the pitcher. Get the big pot of tea. It’s just amazing. And I’m sure it will be helpful to you.

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Men’s Health Month: The most common lung illnesses and how it can be treated

BE SOMETHING MINOR OR COULD BE SIGNS OF SOMETHING WORSE IN YOUR LUNGS. OUR 18 NEWS REPORTER JULIO AVILA SPOKE TO A LOCAL DOCTOR ON WHAT SOME OF THE MOST COMMON LUNG ISSUES MEN FACE AND WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MAKE SURE YOUR HEALTHY. JULIO AVILA: Goof afternoon everyone, Julio Avila here. I’m with Dr. Mohammed Aziz the Chief Pulmonary and Critical Care physician at Robert Pack Hospital in Sayre. Right now we’re going to be talking about lung health that affects men. Thank you for being with us. So when it comes to pulmonary health, what are some of common issues especially when it comes to lung issues that affect men? DR.

MOHAMMED A. AZIZ: The most common issue with men are lung cancer, number one, the COPD, and asthma. On the other hand, the asthmatics, if you have a history of asthma, they’re more prone to their bronchial constrictions or more, I should say, episodic attacks in the winter. Lung cancer is the number one killer in all the cancers. The signs and symptoms in lung cancers are very subtle. Most of the time when we see patients it’s prettyfar advanced. You never get symptoms when you’re at an early stage of a lung cancer. Usually it’s the late stage. Again it starts with a cough, usually sometimes people start coughing up blood and that is sometimes they’ve got chest pain and we want to make sure we catch the cancers early. That;s when we can do the treatment, the first stage, it’s treatable, it’s curable if it’s picked up by the first stage.

I would highly recommend all people out there who are current smokers or former smokers and they smoke at least 30 packs, Believe it or not that’s the first symptom that usually patients present with that they have cough in the afternoon, in the evening, and they can’t get rid of the cough and then it transform into shortness of It’s dehydration really, it dries out their secretions and they become more symptomatic and become more short of breath. THANK YOU JULIO, 18 NEWS AT WILL BE RIGHT BACK! WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK…


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