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Men’s Health Month: The most common lung illnesses and how it can be treated

BE SOMETHING MINOR OR COULD BE SIGNS OF SOMETHING WORSE IN YOUR LUNGS. OUR 18 NEWS REPORTER JULIO AVILA SPOKE TO A LOCAL DOCTOR ON WHAT SOME OF THE MOST COMMON LUNG ISSUES MEN FACE AND WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MAKE SURE YOUR HEALTHY. JULIO AVILA: Goof afternoon everyone, Julio Avila here. I’m with Dr. Mohammed Aziz the Chief Pulmonary and Critical Care physician at Robert Pack Hospital in Sayre. Right now we’re going to be talking about lung health that affects men. Thank you for being with us. So when it comes to pulmonary health, what are some of common issues especially when it comes to lung issues that affect men? DR.

MOHAMMED A. AZIZ: The most common issue with men are lung cancer, number one, the COPD, and asthma. On the other hand, the asthmatics, if you have a history of asthma, they’re more prone to their bronchial constrictions or more, I should say, episodic attacks in the winter. Lung cancer is the number one killer in all the cancers. The signs and symptoms in lung cancers are very subtle. Most of the time when we see patients it’s prettyfar advanced. You never get symptoms when you’re at an early stage of a lung cancer. Usually it’s the late stage. Again it starts with a cough, usually sometimes people start coughing up blood and that is sometimes they’ve got chest pain and we want to make sure we catch the cancers early. That;s when we can do the treatment, the first stage, it’s treatable, it’s curable if it’s picked up by the first stage.

I would highly recommend all people out there who are current smokers or former smokers and they smoke at least 30 packs, Believe it or not that’s the first symptom that usually patients present with that they have cough in the afternoon, in the evening, and they can’t get rid of the cough and then it transform into shortness of It’s dehydration really, it dries out their secretions and they become more symptomatic and become more short of breath. THANK YOU JULIO, 18 NEWS AT WILL BE RIGHT BACK! WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK…


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