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ZERO Savings at 50? Plan for Retirement NOW πŸ’°

What are we doing here? What's going on?
>>What are we doing here? >>This is a super-simple game. We're fishing for advice. Give me that.
>>See, I chose the right outfit today.
Yeah. [Fishing for Advice With Financial Advisers] I know you guys are probably thinking
I'm a professional fisherman, but I'm not. I'm a financial coach. You are 50 years old and have not started
saving for retirement. What is the first thing you do? Panic! No, I'm just kidding. So, at 50 years old, that is a big
wake-up call for a lot of people, and the very first thing you do is take stock of where your money is going today, because
you are gonna need to seriously amp up your saving. So, not everybody needs to
have some giant savings.

You need to have enough to replace the amount of income
you're gonna spend in retirement. I'm gonna just cheat a little, because I'm
really embarrassed. So I would just take a minute to assess my full
financial picture and actually sit down with the numbers to take financial
inventory. So I think step 1 is just going through what are all the
accounts I have, what is everything I own, what's the value of everything I own, and
then making another list of everything that I owe. And then from there you can
be like, "OK, well, this is the money that I actually do have, and so maybe there's a
better way for me to maximize this for my retirement." I feel like 50 is the new 20 or
30, you know, still not too late. Yeah, don't think that it's over.
Consider it like a halftime. This is where you go
into the locker room and you look at what you did in the first half and what
can be done better for the second half.

You come up with a new strategy, a new game plan, and then you go out into the second half,
and you prepare to win the game. [Cheering] I have to say this is the weirdest game
I've ever played at a FinCon. You're 50 years old β€” I am 50 years old β€” and
have not started saving for retirement. What's the first thing you do? You breathe, and you don't panic, and you start now. What you should not do is
think, "Well, it's too late now, so let's just see what happens in the next 20, 30
years." Because that is going to lead to disaster.

You still have time to turn this around,
but you have to get serious about this now. So you would talk to a
financial planner, come up with a game plan of how you can reduce your spending,
how you could put extra money into savings, and how you can kind of catch up. Once you've found the money, you are gonna automate the flows into those IRAs and 401(k)s, because if you don't automate it, you're gonna force
yourself to go through this exercise again and again, but if you set it and
forget it, you will continue to make headway.

All right, here we go. It’s why I got this net, man. The first thing I want you to do, I want you to take positive action. I want you to look around this minute, right now, and make a decision on some things you're gonna change. And it might be your attitude, it might be
the way that you're spending money, it might be the way that you're even looking at money. Be positive.
You know, it's not over till it's over. You can do it, you just have to start
doing it right now. Whoops! All right, everyone, listen. Gaining
information is absolutely imperative. It keeps you aware and it keeps you motivated. So be sure to subscribe to AARP's YouTube channel. OK, come on. All right. I'm just gonna pick these
fish up. OK! [Laughter].

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