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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Physical Gold And Silver

– And what I found out was
that the gold and metal shop that I bought this bar from,
they knew what this was. They knew it was worth less,
but because I was in there asking questions, trying to
learn, trying to get educated by people who I thought were
experts that were on my side, well, they basically took advantage of me. Hey, welcome back, it's Nolan Matthias. And today I'm going to tell
you about the stupidest and probably the coolest
investment I ever made. But before we get into
it, do me that favor, hit that subscribe button,
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Okay, so let's get into it. What is the stupidest
investment that I've ever made? And quite frankly, also the
coolest investment I ever made. Well, it's this. It's buying physical gold and silver. This is honestly one
of the coolest things, being able to sit here and hold basically in this pile alone,
$5,000 worth of silver, and having a little bit of
gold kicking around as well. This is really cool. And this is an investment that
started for me back in 2014 as silver prices were starting
to come down as the fear from the financial crisis
was coming out of the market and as there was starting to become more and more deals on buying
physical silver and gold. And this was nothing that I ever expected that I would invest in myself,
but it came about as a result of an investment newsletter
that I was subscribed to that was all based around value investing.

And value investing is the type of investing that Warren Buffet does. So finding companies that are worth a lot that are undervalued
and investing in those. And that investment strategy
is where the similarities to Warren Buffet ended
because they also got into the piece about
having precious metals as a hedge against inflation
and currency devaluation and also holding it physically rather than in certificates or in ETFs, so that if anything ever
happened in a country that you lived in and
you wanted to bug out to a different country,
much like the Jewish people had to do in Nazi Germany
during the World War II, well, physical gold and silver was
the best means of doing that. Now physical gold may
have been a good means of being able to transport
money over borders, which by the way, I'm not recommending, but physical silver certainly isn't.

You know, this is about $5,000 worth of physical silver and
it is heavy as hell. I think there's about 160 ounces here. So about 10 pounds. I wouldn't want to be
carrying this on an airplane to go to Europe or some
other country right now. But it was interesting
because that value investing newsletter got me hooked on what's called stacking in the gold and silver world. And stacking is exactly
what it sounds like.

It's taking physical gold and silver and collecting as much as you can of it over a certain amount of years, and basically creating a
hedge against inflation and currency devaluation as a
result of having physical metal. And this is something
that is just absolutely unnecessary as far as I'm concerned. It's something that I did for a while. It was fun, but there are far better ways for me to invest in silver and gold.

And that is by using my BMO Investorline or my Questrade account in
order to purchase mining companies, or if I really, really want to, certificates in physical gold and silver. But you know, it was interesting because this investment was
definitely an investment I learned a lot about because one, you learn how the system works. Obviously, people who are
buying gold are paying less for it than the people
who are selling gold because typically you
have to sell to dealers and they're obviously
getting a better deal from you than you're getting from them.

The other thing I realized
was that there's a lot to know about buying physical gold and silver, and it's really easy to get screwed. And I'll use this bar as
an example because this is the very first bar of
silver that I ever bought. It's a 10 ounce NTR metals bar. I bought it from the exact same company that I bought this bar from, which is a sunshine 10 ounce silver bar. I paid about $2 difference between this bar and this bar. This one I think I paid about $245 for, this one about $247 for,
and again, bought them from the exact same gold and silver shop. And I paid pretty much the same price. And what was interesting
was a few years later when I went to sell this
bar, the NTR bar, back to that same golden silver
shop, they basically told me that it was worth 15% less than this one.

So in today's terms, this
bar is worth about $330. This one is worth $280. So there's about a 15% or a $50 difference between these two bars even though they're supposed to be
exactly the same thing. And what I found out was
that the gold and metal shop that I bought this bar from
they knew what this was. They knew it was worth less,
but because I was in there asking questions, trying to
learn, trying to get educated by people who I thought were
experts that were on my side, well, they basically took advantage of me.

And they had these two bars
sitting beside each other, and instead of picking up this
one, they picked up this one, handed it to me and
charged me significantly more than what it was worth. And what I realized was
that when you're dealing in gold and silver, the
margins are so freaking thin that the companies that
do business in this realm are basically incentivized
to screw you if they can. And I've heard lots of stories now of people buying fake
gold and silver thinking that what they were getting was real and ultimately getting stuff
that absolutely was not. So this is definitely a situation
where it's buyer beware.

Now as an alternative, I
could have bought the exact same amount of silver
that I own right here. I could have bought it in
my BMO Investorline account in a certificate, or I
could have been an ETF and I could have been a 100% certain that the silver I was buying
was real because an expert on the other side was
taking care of making sure that it was real and that
I wasn't gonna lose 15% of my investment just
because I was an idiot. The other thing that I
realized about this product was I have to physically
store this in a bank safety deposit box, or
I have to take the risk of storing it at home,
having extra insurance and risking having a fire
or it getting stolen. And that all sucks. And that all adds to the cost
of owning this investment.

And at the end of the day,
there was a whole bunch of reasons why they suggested
physical silver or gold. First was that it was cool. The second was that if you
ever needed to leave a country and go to a different country
with it, you could basically hide it and smuggle it
into another country. Again, I don't endorse that,
but that was a big reason. And in 2020, that reason is nowhere close to as valid as it was in
2014 because in today's day and age, if I wanted to
go to a different country and take over $10,000 with
me, which is the amount that you legally have to declare, by the way, I don't suggest doing that, but let's say it was 1945
Nazi, Germany, and I needed to get out of the country
with a bunch of money, well, I'm not doing it with a
bunch of gold coins anymore.

I'm probably taking a USB
drive that has Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency on it. So, you know, all the reasons
for holding this stuff basically don't make any sense. And the only reason that
somebody really becomes a stacker in today's day and age, in my opinion, is if they are conspiracy
theorists, if they think that this is better than
cash or better than holding an investment in a online
investment portfolio. And therefore, you know, they think that the world one day will come to an end and this is what's going
to be able to save them. And you know what? I don't think that this is
what's going to save somebody from basically not having any money or having any sort of
ability to buy things if the economy goes to, you
know, hell in a hand basket.

So, you know, this was a fun investment for basically seven years. It was an interesting
investment for seven years. It's one that I definitely
wouldn't make again. All of this stuff, all this
gold and silver is going to be gone by the time
that you watch this video except for this bar, this NTR bar. I might keep this just as
a reminder to myself of why you shouldn't invest in things
that you don't understand. And, you know, for the most part, my time with this was nice. It's cool. It's nice to show to people. It was nice to cut out single
bars and give them to families when they have their
first child and just say, hey, here you go, this is
a little present from me. But this stuff, it's all got to go. Now, in comparison to this you'll also see that there's another
pile of stuff over here. This is all things that my grandparents and my parents collected.

This all has sentimental value. This isn't going anywhere. That's going straight back
in the safety deposit box because this sort of thing is really cool. And where I would spend a little bit of money going forward in coins and precious metals is in
things that got discontinued. So things like old Canadian
money, $20 bills, $10 bills, things like pennies, things like nickels when they eventually stop making those. I think they're all cool investments. And it's cool to have things
that have sentimental value. Things like this. This is four three pence coins
that were given to my mum, when no, sorry, they were given to my grandmother when my mum was born. One of these goes back to 1916. There's a whole bunch of silver dollars that my grandfather collected. There's a whole bunch of
Montreal silver coins. You know real nickel
nickels and series of coins. Like these are all wrapped up. I've never opened them. I don't even know what
they are but they appear to be some sort of a
Canadian series of coins. Like penny, nickel,
quarter, all that stuff.

So things like this that
have sentimental value, coins, stuff like that, I don't think anything like this should ever be sold. There's probably just as much value if not more value here
as there is in this pile but this sort of thing,
gold bar, silver bars, this is an unnecessary investment. It's like I said, one of
the stupidest investments I've ever made and one that
I'm glad to be divesting myself of, and ultimately I get
a little bit of return from. So, if you found this video
interesting, if you found my story about my stupidest
investment I ever made interesting, do me that favor,
hit that subscribe button, hit that notification bell,
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