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Why is Everyone So Tired in Retirement?

you know after slugging it out for over 30 years in Corporate America I was exhausted when retirement arrived I really needed a break and I needed a break too so we spent the first few months in retirement really doing nothing nothing meaningful right well hanging around kind of lazy mornings turning into lazy days into lazy weeks and maybe even lazy months but we knew something had to change or we were doomed we wanted our dreams of a fulfilling retirement to become a reality so we had to make some changes so today we're going to share with you some strategies that you can try so that you're full of energy every single day and take on anything that comes your way but before we go further we'd like to introduce ourselves my name is Mark Rollins and I'm Jody Rollins and we started retirement transform not only for us but for all of you and the other 10 000 people turning 65 every day now we don't focus on anything Financial none of the aspects financially or retirement but we focus on lifestyle Health relationships and more and listen if you're new here please hit the Subscribe button and also the notification button so you'll get notified when our videos come out so let's jump into all the things that tend to make you and me tired especially in retirement okay the first thing that gets you tired too much downtime and that might just be for instance watching too much TV and I don't know if you know this or not but the average number of hours people over the age of 65 watch TV each week is 38 hours a week that's like Couch Potato syndrome it is and you have to be careful with that because it does make you tired nothing wrong with watching a Netflix series or some TV but you can't do it six or eight hours a day yeah lack of movement will really keep your body and your mind tired you have to find ways to move your body even 20 minutes a day just getting out walk 10 minutes One Direction and 10 minutes back and you will feel very different what happens if you walk seven minutes one way and four minutes back and then you have to do 10 jumping jacks oh and then all right because you're going to be late yeah but there's a scientific study multiple scientific studies that say moving 20 minutes a day can extend your life by five years who wouldn't want that exactly exactly so the first one is too much downtime the second one is poor nutrition and we know you've heard this before but please just make believe you're hearing it for the first time poor food choices fast food sweets and too much eating out or even eating late is bad for you being mindful of what your comfort food is and how much you go to it is also something to be aware of yeah I think that you know for us we're getting a lot better with nutrition and really because we're starting to really pay attention to what our ordering tells us about sleep and how we feel but also just our body when we put certain foods in our body we really pay attention to how we feel and having wine or drinks and a late dinner at night we both know we're going to have an awful night's sleep but you didn't bite on comfort food comfort food I you know I need to stay away from comfort food fried chicken Oreo cookies chocolate chip cookies that's the stuff that my mother always made for me and it was Comfort I I need to stay away from that yeah and I know I know it's hard to in retirement to stay away from wine and drinks maybe that's me but um you just be mindful of it and to give your yourself and your body a break from it is really a good feeling yeah and all of what we just talked about leads into the third uh item to make you tired which is getting poor sleep and honestly we need to do an entire video on sleep because I just looked and we really haven't spent enough time on this and the importance of getting a good night's sleep most people need seven to eight hours of good sleep in order to feel good and have high energy absolutely and you know the eating late too much alcohol just doesn't help that you a good portion of our lives in Corporate America and you as an entrepreneur entertaining clients and living that way eating late entertaining clients some wine with dinner and we knew it wasn't sustainable so what makes us think in retirement that that would be sustainable well it's funny because our last five years of work really we were probably working harder than ever before we were entertaining harder than ever before that was our normal and when we got to retirement that normal didn't work for us it really didn't so you just have to be able and to think about making some life changes and it's not easy but it's doable so we have sleep as the third one good sleep quality sleep not just time in bed right the fourth one is really lack of routines during your career you had your routines wired I know you did you had a morning routine during your career and then you were off to work and your day was planned a lot of time your schedule was filled before you even got into the office but many people enter retirement and the last thing they want to do is have a routine I know and you know we hear that a lot but we also hear from our clients when they start with a routine even a basic routine going to bed at the same time getting up at the same time and it doesn't have to be 5 a.m like me I mean you don't get up at five minutes you've got your own routine I don't sleep I do but you have a routine once they start plugging in a routine getting up at the same time every day plugging in a little bit of uh walking for 20 minutes and exercise maybe on top of that doing some meditation with a app like headspace mindfulness that really starts to kick in their energy level and makes them feel better in their retirement phase and you know I really resisted this idea of setting a regular time to go to sleep and a time to wake up in retirement and I don't know if you remember I pushed back pretty hard on Mark started at like 10 o'clock we're gonna you know go to bed at 10 o'clock or you know he wants to be in bed at 10 o'clock which really many wanted to be asleep at 10 o'clock which meant bed 9 30.

Yeah but you also weren't going to let me go to bed alone that's just a me thing right so you so you dragged along with it I did you laid there with your eyes open for an hour in the beginning well I would read or something but but oddly enough our clock kept kind of going backwards the other thing I'd say about routines is I got a call this week from one of our 25 year olds we have two 25 year old twins Jordan that lives in New York City and she said you know something mom starting Monday getting back to my routine and I found that so interesting that the self-care part of routine and sleep and waking and all of that is being ingrained in the younger generation which is great it is great so another reason that you might be tired you could have some underlying health issues that you don't know about it's so important to go to your doctor at least once a year and have things checked out because as we age things in our body change and it could be that there's something going on that's keeping you awake at night that's making you feel tired during the day so going to see your doctors on a regular basis is so important yeah there I mean there could definitely be some issues going on that need to be addressed and you know we have friends that actually have said to us we never go to the doctor because we don't want to look for trouble and I'm just not sure that that's a great way to live through this phase of your life yeah and you know in retirement if you're not exercising and you're eating and drinking more than you used to you're going to gain weight a lot of people gain weight in retirement now all of a sudden you pick up an extra 10 15 20 pounds and it's slowly so you don't notice it but that leads to diabetes so you want to get your heart checked you want to get your body checked you want to go see your doctor I recently went to the doctor and found out that I had plaque buildup on some of my arteries that's it yeah it's a scare I suppose but it also has helped get me focused on doing the right thing eating better exercise and getting good sleep yep because that you're on could be out of balance again this goes back to checking with your doctor you know if you're not sleeping and you're gaining weight and you're having trouble going to the bathroom or you're going too much you know find out why it's just not something to sweep under the rug yeah you know if you're getting up four times a night to go to the bathroom it could be as simple as you shouldn't drink water two hours before you go to bed or it could be something else or it could be a medication that you shouldn't take in the afternoon you should take in the morning or yes the important thing we're trying to get across here is see your doctor check your meds you know I was pre-diabetic seven years ago and I changed that with diet and exercise so you can actually be proactive and make some changes as well don't have your doctor just say here's some meds talk to them more about what some of the things you can do to change your lifestyle to become healthier so we hit the doctor we hit the meds let's go to the seventh thing that we came up with you know dehydration dehydration for sure will make you tired that's a no-brainer it leads to all sorts of problems poor sleep heart rate issues blood pressure problems brain damage even death you had an episode a couple of summers ago with dehydration I did I was working in the yard I was working really hard I was sweaty and I wasn't drinking water did all that work it was a hot humid day showered we got dressed to go to dinner we walked down the street to have dinner you know I don't know 500 feet and right in the beginning of the dinner basically long story short I just went down and I fainted and I had to be taken to the hospital and that was preventable it's not hard to effects you need to drink one half your body weight in ounces of water that's a minimum I weigh 160 pounds that's 80 ounces of water a day that's seven to twelve glasses of water a day it's not that hard right right it really isn't it really is and it's so so important to do that so listen it's okay to have lazy days it's okay to splurge with food and wine you know it's okay to binge watch TV but not every day not for your optimal retirement it just isn't sustainable and there's nothing worse than feeling tired all day long and you know people that say that right they get up and they say oh tired midday they're like oh my God I'm so tired yeah don't you get tired of hearing people say how tired they are yeah and maybe some people just say it but you don't have to it doesn't have to be like that right you want to try a day or even a week implementing what we shared today and see if there's any changes that play take place see how you feel you actually might like it you might find a new normal and it becomes a habit now we hoped you like these strategies and changes that we talked about today check out our next video extend your life in retirement by avoiding these four bad habits these are definite changes you need to make so watch this video to go deeper on extending your life and being healthier

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