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When are you hoping to retire? Retirement financial tips

– When will you retire? There’s been much social
and political debate since the federal government
pushed out the age that you can access the age pension. Although most occupations don’t have a legislative retirement date, there’s no doubt that when
you can access an age pension does have an impact on the retirement date for many people. So, here’s a few examples around when you might choose to retire. The first one is when I
can access the age pension. Unfortunately for many people, this will be the only option. If you don’t have significant
assets behind you, superannuation, investment properties, savings, you may not be able to retire until you’re eligible for the age pension. This is going to be age 67 by 2023. If the government’s
current proposal is passed, it will be age 70 by 2035. If your retirement plans don’t line up with when you would be
eligible for an age pension, you may choose to withdraw
funds out of superannuation for a year or two until you become eligible
for the age pension to help subsidize your income. You might choose to stop work as soon as you can get your
hands on your superannuation. For most people, this is age 60. However, if you were
born before the mid-’60s, it can be as low as 55, increasing to 60 over that timeframe. There are other options
you may wish to consider if you wish to retire this early or earlier as well and that is using assets
other than superannuation. This is because you are still taxed on accessing superannuation
until you’re age 60. So, in a lot of cases, it can make sense to wait. So, that’s the third option. Waiting until you can access
your super tax free at age 60. The downside of retiring early is that your retirement savings have to last a long time. So, this generally means you either have to have a large balance to begin with or have a low amount of drawings to ensure it’s going to
last a long enough period and generally retirement
there’s three phases. The first phase of retirement is when you’re the fittest
and healthiest usually and you start to do the things perhaps on your bucket list. Do the travel thing, great nomad thing, maybe go overseas, do all the things you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had time because maybe you’ve had
kids growing up at home, had a mortgage to pay and obviously time taken
up by paying the bills and working your job. However, with the right advice, there can be effective strategies that we can use to make sure that you can retire when you want to retire
and live the lifestyle you want to live. If what you’re trying to
achieve isn’t feasible, it’s important to speak
with somebody’s who’s going to tell you exactly that as well. The decision on when to hang up the boots for the last time is a challenging decision both
financially and emotionally. I can assist in helping ensure that the day you choose puts you in the optimal position. (upbeat music)

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