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What is Wealth? – Why You Need To Be Wealthy

You, alive right now on the planet with all the resources we have. With only a small handful wealthy and the rest of us in scarcity and scrambling. Today on limitless TV I’m gonna be talking about why you need to be wealthy and how it’s already available to you right now. Now first glance you might be thinking that this video is about amassing tremendous amounts of wealth and there’s a lot of truth to that.

But I want to talk about the definition of wealth. What are the definitions of society? There’s a lot of people out there that actually believe that money buys happiness and they think to themselves, I’m in a small home and this is unhappy for me so if I have a bigger home or if I drive a nicer car, if I do more world travel, then I’ll be wealthier and I need to be wealthier to be happier. And there’s this paradigm of be do have have do be. And what that really means is that if you believe that having things is ultimately what’s going to help you enjoy life at the most, then you’re gonna be a super limited human being. Being a limitless human being on the other hand, is reversing that and saying that I get to be who I want and in turn it will likely lead to having the things that I want. Now this message is coming from someone who has started and operated and run and even sold very successful businesses. I’ve done nearly a billion dollars in business, I live here now over ten years in a house that I custom-built at the age of 26 my first house could fit in this room alone.

Right now I’d Drive the BMW i8 and I’m leaving on Thursday for Africa for a hunting Safari. Now we live in a world where you could judge me because I have those things there’s a lot of limiting beliefs on the idea of money and likewise there’s people that think that money is a big part of really why we’re here. I want to define wealth a different way today. This is the wealth that you need to have if you want to fulfill life’s purpose. This is the wealth and definition that says, I possess all the resources that I need for every inspired choice in every given moment. In other words, I believe that wealth shows up financially in our health, in our relationships, and in our personal power.

And right now, I feel like I am the most wealthy version of me and it’s not defined by how much money I have in my bank account. It’s actually defined by what I’m capable of in any given moment. Because right now, I’ve paid the price to produce a healthy body when in the past I’ve had a less healthy body. I’ve paid the price of now having thousands of friends when in the past I used to have three friends and I was otherwise kind of a closed off disconnected human being. And when we talk about the wealth of this world, look at my look at who you are as a person with your personal power. You know, are you hiding from your power? are you shy of it? or you wanting more but not showing up? Versus confident in taking a stand for what you believe in and living out loud. Okay wealth comes in so many forms and here’s what I believe, I believe that we can tap into our intuition and in any given moment receive what needs to be done. It could be calling someone, meeting with someone, helping with something, starting something, finishing something, doing a business, and whatever it is, if inspiration is behind it, if you have access to all the resources you need financial and non to basically complete that objective then aren’t you that don’t you have the right to be the happiest person on the planet? My wealth is divined by one word, fulfillment.

What fulfills me, fulfillment can’t be bought it can only be it can only be earned through a series of inspired choices that you take action on. We talked about why you need to be wealthy, sure I’ll teach you how to create wealth through real estate investment but just be clear those millions of dollars will always pale in comparison to the true wealth which is that every one of us in this given moment have the ability to be at peace, happy, and fulfilled. How do you do it? Let me share. If you want to step into this wealth, the real wealth, the wealth that is available to you right now there are three steps that I want to recommend. The first is to ask the second is to receive and the third is to act. I’ve been following this pattern for the last 15 years of my life. I’ve been defying logic because I’ve been going to my heart and I’ve been going to my intuition and the reality is you’re only going to get more of what you’ve got if you operate from what you know or you can tap into the temples and warehouses of knowledge and wisdom that are available through intuition.

Where you’ll gain access and instruction and guidance how do you do it? Ask, ground, get, calm. Calm your mind. Do it right now with me. Step in, lean into what I’m sharing right now. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and fill your lungs up all the way and slowly release. And just ask, what is the highest and best use of this moment? You’ll get an answer. That’s the step two of receiving. Then step three is create a relationship with this universe or you take action on what you get. So act right now boldly if it was send an email, if it was call a friend, if it was go buy something, pick something up. Use your time differently, cancel this appointment, make this appointment, whatever you’re getting do it because now what’s happening is you’re living your life according to intuition there’s no higher and better use of your time than the inspired use of your time. And friends, that’s what this wealth of the world is really all about.

Now if you can live from inside this way this is what I’ve noticed about your outside world, abundance flows. How much? whatever is needful. Whatever is necessary, whatever you need for every inspired moment. It’s amazing how much outside world wealth can flow to us when our insight world is right. If you want to get more information on how you can cultivate the perfect mindset for attracting and magnetizing wealth like that to you, then click the link below and check out limitless. Come to my three-day breakthrough event because it’s weird. You know people say, well Kris I want to go to your real estate event I want to learn your wealth training principles and that’s called skill set. Come spend three days at a breakthrough event and learn the mindset and the heartset.

Because mindset must always come before skill set to get you where you want to go. I hope you take me up on the offer that I get an opportunity to the meet you, to get to know you, your goals, your hopes. your dreams, and then hopefully I get to see you fulfill it. .

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