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Tips for Retirement Planning

This morning, we are talking about the word everybody loves to hear: retirement. Here to Help Us Make It All Possible Is Jeffrey. It’s Great To Have You Here Today. People go to work every day, and it’s something that they think about all the time, and you say there are several stages to retirement. In layman’s terms, there are Begogo Years, Slow-Go Years, and They Won’t-Goy Years.For many, it seems like a daunting task. How can people make this possible? Starting early is always beneficial, so even if you have not started planning yet, you will get started. Possibly a Certified Financial Planning Professional Go to the website and you can find one. The Planning Is Important, Especially For That Going Phase, Is That The Point Where You Are Just Starting Out And People Asked The Question, Do I Have Enough To Retire With? Am I Going to Be Ok? And then it’s all about the excitement and the planning. When we get closer to that point and I announce my intention to retire, one of my first thoughts is, “Where do you go?”What Is The First Thing You’re Going To Do? I Want Them To Be Thinking About The Fun Things.

Once we know our finances will be fine, we can start planning fun activities.We develop some plans where people have more money to travel with for the first five to 10 years, and after that, people tend to pull back a little bit. That Is The Slow-Go Years And The Final Phase When More People Are Focused On, What Do I Do With The Money I’m Not Going To Use? How Do I Transition To My Family In The Most Tax-Efficient Manner Possible? And I talk about that in my book.

The book has 30 years of information and is a nice, simple read. Because everybody works so hard all of their lives to get to the goal of retirement. In Retirement Is Supposed To Be Fun. You’re supposed to enjoy your life. Everybody Has A Different Perspective As To What That Is. Some guys want to go fishing every day. Some might want to do different things. Golfing, Whatever It Might Be Whatever is important. The most successful retirees we work with have a large circle of friends and a variety of hobbies to keep them busy.If you’ve been working 40 hours, that’s a lot of time. I’ve got another story about that. Lots of togetherness It Really Is the Dream for So Many People. If I’m Coming To See You, How Do You Put People’s Minds At Ease? You Have That Worry In The Back Of Your Mind All The Time. We try to keep things simple, but we have very sophisticated software that we use behind the scenes, and we actually show people results.

We could import all your details now: what is your lifestyle expense, what are the assets that you have, what is the income you will have coming in, and we have probabilities. We can do up to 10,000 variations between now and retirement with life expectancy, so we try to plan up to age 90. And We Say, Here Is Your Probability of Success. Thanks So Much For Coming In. If You Would Like More

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