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The 4% Rule for Retirement: What You Need to Know!

one of the most common retirement planning 
questions people have is how much money can   I pull from my portfolio every year and live on 
in retirement and that's where the four percent   rule comes in handy and it basically says that 
if you can pull four percent or less from your   Diversified portfolio invested in things like 
stocks and bonds and live off of that amount   while keeping the rest invested then there's 
a good chance that your money is going to last   20 30 years or more and as a frame of reference 
if you had a million dollars then four percent   would be forty thousand dollars if you had 
five hundred thousand dollars it would be   twenty thousand dollars per year and it's not 
set in stone it is based off a study that was   done many years ago and has held up well over 
time but there are instances where people as   they get older could pull more or if they retire 
early maybe they want to consider even doing less   than that but it's a really good way to get 
a frame of reference on looking at how much   you've saved and what that can translate 
into in retirement as far as income goes

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