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8 Style Tips for a Happy Retirement!


What should you do if you’ve just entered retirement Do you change up your whole wardrobe? We’re going to talk about that.
right now, so let’s dive right in. Hello fashionista, I’m Nancy Queen, and I’m here to
help you build a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear so you love getting dressed every single day.
day, and today we’re talking about transition if you are retiring or getting near the age of
of retirement, you are seeing more transitions than at any other time in your life, probably the
The last time you had a transition like this was when you were in your 20s or 30s, you might
have been getting married, having children, starting a career, or anything like that,
Things kind of stayed the same for a while, but now all of a sudden, this is a huge life transition.
You may be going through menopause, your children may be getting out of the house, and you’re seeing retirement.
You have grandchildren if you’ve been in that profession for 30 or 40 years.
may start to travel more so many life changes that what do you do about the wardrobe it’s actually
a little overwhelming. I’ve gotten requests from several people, as you can see here, wondering what
to do to transition their wardrobes as their lives transition, so I’m going to give you my best
Tips for changing up your wardrobe when you’re heading into a new phase of your life
One thing I want to emphasize about this is that I understand it can appear overwhelming, but don’t let that deter you.
It might be scary because this is an opportunity to have fun with your wardrobe and reinvent yourself if you so choose.
want or to just smoothly glide into a different phase of your life while still keeping your same
style, so I’m going to pose a lot of questions for you. You may want to take notes so you can answer
the questions and really give it some deep thought; you don’t want to dive into this quickly.
unload your whole wardrobe and think, Okay, where am I going to start all over?” We’re going to go
Slow down on this because it is a big life transition and you need a little time to see what this phase
of your life is all about, the first thing I want you to do is make note of where you are in
Your life now: Are you going to be volunteering? Are you going to be caring for grandchildren?
If you take a part-time job, are you going to spend a lot of time relaxing, boating, or hiking?
are your day-to-day activities What are some big events you have coming up? Are you taking a cruise?
like what’s going to be happening over the next year or so in your life so that you can plan
your wardrobe accordingly, and then what does your day-to-day routine look like? You know if
you’re home most of the time and then running some errands, working a part-time job, or taking
care of grandchildren You might be crawling around on the floor. Put those things down so that you
can take those into account when you are putting together your wardrobe. Make note of them now, like
I said tip number one is: don’t make any drastic changes. We’re going to go into this as a long-term
game, and we’re going to think very consciously about wardrobe number two.

Now this might seem a little awkward, but what I want you to do is take a photograph. Just pick up your cell phone.

Every day, take a photograph of what you’re wearing because what you think you’re wearing might
be completely different than what it looks like you’re wearing, even if you haven’t
Shower; you look like a disheveled mess. Just take a picture. Keep track of what you’re wearing.
Over the next month or two months, you can see if I actually wear a lot of shorts or if I don’t.
realize how often I’ve been wearing that same sweatshirt; maybe I need to add some sweatshirts.
to my wardrobe, or you know I really like wearing these shoes, and I could really do with another pair.
of them, it gives you a chance to take a look at the photos and really identify where you’re
seeing your life go in this new role because, let’s be honest, probably over the past 30 or
40 years ago, you didn’t even have to think about your clothes because getting up and going to work was enough.
was your uniform, you knew what to wear each day, and this is a whole new ballgame of what to wear.
and an opportunity to reinvent yourself a little. Another trick I have along the same vein is to
Go ahead and wear your clothes, and what you’re going to do is start with your claws when you
Wear something that you’re going to move down in the pile and hang up over here after it’s
been laundered, then you’re going to pick out your next item to wear once it’s been laundered.
You wore it, you’re going to hang it up over here, and this activity will and I would try to hang
everything just for this, like a week, two weeks, a month, or something like that over the time that you’re
doing this activity, and what you’re going to see after you wear something is that
You have all these clothes left that you didn’t wear that are just serving your
closet no purpose Now, those are the things that you’re going to want to consider getting.
rid of these pieces that you’ve been wearing over and over, and it really helps you decide.
what is important in your wardrobe and what’s not by giving you the visual.

not only by taking the
photos like we talked about, but also looking and seeing what clothes have been worn, so you’re going to
To just do this little trick of moving it down, don’t put them back in here with everything else.
Once you’ve worn it, hang it up over here. Even if you go and wear it again, that’s okay.
from here, but then put it back over here so you know it’s been worn. I can’t wait to hear
How this goes for you and what you find from these two tricks that I just gave you now that I’ve
I mentioned this before in another video too, but the next tip I have for you is to keep a notebook.
right there when you’re getting dressed, or keep a notes section open on your phone so that when you
are getting dressed and every time you  I wish I had another white t-shirt, I just
wore my white t-shirt, I could use like two more. Take it and write that down because you won’t
Remember, when you go shopping, you will have no idea what you need and you’ll just impulse buy.
by as opposed to having an intentional list of things that you know that you need to add.
to your wardrobe to suit this new lifestyle because things are going to change and you
Start to see places that you have holes in your wardrobe, or you might be like, Oh, wow, I would love to
Wear this if I only had a cute little skirt to wear. It doesn’t need to be dressy, but I love it.
wearing little skirts I’d love to have a little skirt that I could wear with these three shirts.
So the next time you go out, you’re going to have that in your notes or in your notebook or on your
phone and you’re going to be able to look and see. Okay, today I’m going to look for a navy skirt to
wear with these pieces, so that’s a very important part of the process. Give that a try and let’s move on.
On to the next point, number five on my list: don’t throw out all your career clothes.
You just want to go. I’m done. I’m throwing them all out. They’re all going to go. However, keep a few pieces.
because, you know, if you were a teacher, you might have a special event coming up
for another teacher at the school, or you could still have an occasional dinner meeting or
Maybe you take a part-time job, and you still need some clothes for a couple days a week, so don’t
Go hog wild and throw out everything. You can definitely start to pair out the things that you
I know you won’t need them, but I’d still keep a few items around at least for six months or a year just in case.
so that you know if you need them, so you’re not realizing, Oh, I got rid of all my career clothes.
And now I still have this part-time job, and I have to go re-buy clothes. No, we’re just going to
To keep a few things around to serve that purpose, don’t forget about number six on my list:
special occasions. Now at our age of retirement, you will still have lots of special occasions.
Weddings, baby showers Maybe some church events you might have even funerals or memorial services.
you still need to keep some special occasion clothes around in your wardrobe, even though 95 of
the time you’re wearing casual clothes like what I’ve got on today, you still might have to dress
up a little bit, so keep one or two, or even three, pieces around that are special occasion dresses.
that will serve the purpose for any of those events that you have to go to, then you’re
spending all of your money on buying a new outfit for a special occasion that you will only wear once
will have these go-to pieces that you can pull out of your closet for the next 10 years or so.
will stay in style. Nobody’s going to be paying attention to the fact that you wore to the last
big event because it’s probably been six months or a year since they saw you, so just have three to
Four in your rotation of special occasion dresses I did a whole video on that, which you can see right here.
and just keep those set aside from your regular part of your wardrobe. Number seven on my list is
Purge slowly now most of the time if you know me, I am a go-go-go let’s clean out that closet.
Let’s get rid of it all, but on this phase and big transition in your life, I really want you to
Purge slowly; in fact, what I recommend doing is purging all you want if you feel like you have to get
rid of all those work clothes; I want them out of my closet. Go ahead and do that, but take them and
Put them or at least a quarter of them Put them away, like in the attic or the garage or the
basement for just like six months so that you don’t know if you still need them because if
You’ve just entered retirement. You don’t know where you’re going to end up yet.
what your career is going to be You don’t know if you are actually in retirement or might even find a
job that you love and do a whole different type of career, a whole second life, so just go slowly on.
getting rid of everything because you may still need a piece here and there. Number eight on my
This is really a time to have fun with new styles, new pieces, new colors, and even
new silhouettes I mean, you may have been in a work uniform of skirts and blouses, wow, you get
the opportunity to try so many new things Little dresses t-shirt dresses, leggings, comfortable pants
Like, just really have fun with your style, play around with it, and then once you’ve settled on
a style you like In fact, I have a whole video on how to figure out your style right here.
might help you since you’re reinventing your life. Check that out and it will help you.
Identify which direction you want to go and how you want to pull things together in this
new life, I wish you the best in your transition. Let me know what you think in the comments.
below, and I’ll see you in the next video.


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