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What Happens If We Re-distributed the World’s 1%’s Wealth Back to the 99%?

Ah, the One Percent. That elite team of Americans that pay about
37% of the country’s taxes. Occupy Wall surface Street militants have actually been barrier
versus the Top 1%, trying to elevate temper as well as awareness of the expanding economic gap
in between the abundant and also everybody else in America. However What Occurs if We Give The One Percent’s.
Riches Back? Presuming that this redistribution is an one-time.
thing, which it can be done, possibly making use of terrible ways, or through a sudden Buddhaesque.
enlightenment, after that Firstly, there will be rapturous pleasure.
When every person is brought down to where everyone. Every person will certainly start intending what to. Because many of the recently
rich ones (moderatelyReasonably
History will slowly start asserting itself,. and focus of riches will start throughout. That will cause large aggravation, as well as. a whole brand-new round of physical violence as the newly-rich-but-soon-back-to-square-one will decline this unexpected spin of fate,. as well as will reassert.They ' ll either go communist, or will certainly develop.

common living, or will simply lastly surrender to their fate. Wait- perhaps this entire outcome will. be quickly noticeable to the smart (as well as non-greedy) participants of the globe
community,. and also they may suggest an entirely brand-new option -Development of a ' Worldwide Sovereign Mankind. Fund ' – that funds whatever humanity does. Peace.
Anywhere. So essentially, the poor would certainly become inadequate. once more, and also the rich would become rich once more. And one of the most possible result is this: It. would all go back to regular ultimately.

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