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Video #2 – Will My TRS Pension Be Enough? | TRS Financial Awareness Video Series

Meet Mary. Mary is a science teacher
at an intermediate school. She’s been a TRS participant
for 7 years. Mary has been stressed recently
that she’s not saving sufficient for retired life, so when she discovers a new application that can
call the future, she decides to sign in on her future self. Well, hi, Mary! I really did not expect to learn through you! Hi, Future Mary! Have you retired? Funny you need to ask. I’m really preparing to retire
at the end of this academic year. Do you mind me asking
just how much your TRS pension will be? Never. I’ll retire with
32 years of TRS service credit report and also a final average wage of $60,000. That will offer me a standard annuity
of over $44,000 a year– practically 74% of my final wage. Will that suffice? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Experts state you will need 70-90% of your
pre-retirement revenue to maintain your standard of living. You can need much more
One, do not assume you take part in Social Security. Check to see if your own does.
Although your pension might be sufficient to cover your costs when you initially retire, gradually, your regular monthly annuity won’t acquire as a lot as a result of rising cost of living. You’ll require to be able to cover the difference with your individual financial savings. I feel like there’s a lot I do not recognize! Just how did you learn all of this? Easy! I enjoyed TRS’ Financial Understanding video clip collection. That’s when I understood I would almost certainly need to supplement my TRS pension with individual savings.So you began your very own financial savings in enhancement to your pension plan?
I would certainly have begun conserving earlier. It’s never ever as well late to begin. A good retirement all comes down.
Thank you, Future Mary,. I would certainly better go now.Bye, Mary! Do not neglect to begin conserving!
Watch the. Estimating Your TRS Retirement Advantage video now to get going.

Well, hey there, Mary! Hi, Future Mary! Thank you, Future Mary,. I ‘d much better go now.Bye, Mary! Don’t forget to begin saving!

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