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Our $3.7 Million Fat FIRE Strategy | New Investment Strategy to Retire Early by 45

In september 2021, i published a video about our fat fire strategy in the amount of 2 8 million dollars and that video is still by far the best performing video, and it was like the 15th video i’ve ever made for this channel with less than 150 subscribers, our fat fire strategy, became the core of my youtube channel here at fireside chat and that video had a complete breakdown of our fire expenses like housing, health care and discretionary like travel, entertainment and fine dining. A lot has changed since that video was published in september 2021. We’re seeing a high inflation rate, like we’ve, never seen before, unless you’re a baby boomer who experienced high inflation in the 70s, the stock market, like the s p 500. Dow and nasdaq is down 20 25 or even 30 since the beginning of 2022. I also had a significant life event and i recently got married to my beautiful wife, whom i dated for over four years, and we’re still fine tuning our fat fire strategy to make sure that we can retire early together for uh by age 45. After doing several fat fire calculations based on our income, expenses, inflation and investment, we’re going to have to change our fat fire number from 2 8 million dollars to about 3 7 million dollars, and this is the most conservative conservative fat fire number. We came up with and we would also like to live in several locations and not just stay in one place during our retirement, which will increase our baseline expenses. If you’re brand new to my channel, my name is sai and welcome. So in this video. I’m gon na go over how we’re investing to achieve fat fire of 3 7 million dollars and how we’re, prioritizing our savings and investment based on our future expenses, so we can retire early from the 95 workforce. This is a juicy video and i hope you get a lot out of it. Also don’t forget to check out my grammarly affiliate link in the description below so the first thing we had to figure out was our fat fire number. Now we have several fire strategies like lean fire, which is for people who want to live a minimalistic lifestyle coast fire, which is for people who want to coast into normal retirement and barista fire, which is for people who want to take a part time job to Pay for health care expenses, while using their nest, eggs to pay for their retirement lifestyle, be sure to check out those videos, and i will put those links in the description below but fat. Fire is the lifestyle we want where we can truly enjoy our lives by traveling, the world and living in several locations. We don’t know what those countries are just yet, but we plan to travel overseas at least once or twice a year to do some research. So the first thing we have to do was to figure out our annual expenses. Originally, we would have been happy with just 100 000 a year in passive income using the 4 withdrawal rate. So what that means is that, with a 2 5 million dollar investment portfolio, we would withdraw 4 of that portfolio every year in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars. We would also have uh three hundred thousand dollars or ten percent of our total portfolio in cash or cds on the sideline. In case we experience a bear market, like we’re, seeing now in 2022, so we wouldn’t have to sell our stocks at a loss from our investment portfolio. Our baseline expenses will increase based on inflation, but that doesn’t mean every single expense. In our household is going to dramatically increase our mortgage payments, for example, will remain the same because they would be at a 30 year fixed mortgage rate, and another possibility is that we pay off our home completely if the mortgage rate stays above six percent for the Next 10 years, which would suck, in my opinion and, however, paying six six percent interest for our primary residence, wouldn’t be worth it anymore. If the stock market performs seven percent on average annually, even if the market performs 10 annually, the margin isn’t wide enough for us to justify to keep making mortgage payments. Then let me know in the comment section down below if you have a different, take or different approach on our strategy, i would estimate our baseline expenses between housing utilities, transportation, groceries and healthcare expenses to be anywhere around 50 and 75 000 a year based on a Three percent annual inflation rate and the only wild card we have is healthcare, and i can only imagine our healthcare expenses to continue to increase over the coming years and especially if we decide to retire in the us. We’re also going to have several properties in different states or different countries, and that will increase our basic housing expenses with our fat fire number at 3, 7 million dollars, the 4 withdrawal rate will be 148 000 a year. The 3 withdrawal rate will be around 111 000 a year if we end up not spending too much money due to a bear market or other short term catalysts. After the baseline expenses, we could spend anywhere between 36 and 61 000 a year on travel and entertainment. Keep in mind that we’re going to recalculate our fire number every year, based on our future expenses and inflation, make sure to watch the entire video, and i will show you our passive income sources and the investment strategy by the way. If you need help creating your own fire strategy, you can schedule a free one on one 20 minute financial coaching session by visiting fischer com, coaching for our fat fire strategy. We’re going to prioritize our savings and investments in this order. Cash for annual expenses like taxes – and we want to have at least 10 to 15 percent of our net worth in liquid assets. So if our net worth is a million dollars, then we want to have at least one hundred thousand dollars in cash or cash equivalent assets. The second priority is our retirement accounts like tsp pensions, iras and hsas, and i will talk more about that in a little bit. The third priority is our non retirement assets like the taxable brokerage accounts for our early retirement between the ages of 45 and 60. The fourth priority is our travel fund, entertainment and our daughter’s college fund. I also have a fire checklist that we follow and you can download for free by visiting fightcech com contact. We have our emergency fund in a completely separate savings, account that we do not touch unless it’s for emergency medical expenses or anything else that’s unexpected. Our rule is that we only use it if it’s an unexpected emergency, and i strongly encourage you to check out this video i made about the emergency fund and i will link that video in the description below just keep in mind that the differences between A rainy day fund and an emergency fund is that in a rainy day fund you need to cash right away for a blown tire, and an emergency fund is to cover your living expenses. While you’re looking for a new source of income and since we’re debt free and we have a fully funded emergency fund, we maxed out our tsp iras and hsas between my wife and i we contribute up to 50 000 a year, including our Employer matches and she has the nevada state pension fund, which is a lot different than the traditional retirement accounts like 401k or tsp. She contributes 15 of her income and her employer makes a 100 match to her personal contribution, and i can contribute up to 20 500 and another eight hundred dollars from my employer match to be exact. We contribute a total of forty, nine thousand six hundred and thirty one dollars, and we expect the contribution limits to increase over the years. We also prioritize our roth iras and since we exceed our roth ira income limits, we have to do what’s called a backdoor roth ira, and i will link that video in the description below we each contribute six thousand dollars to our traditional iras as non Deductible contributions and then we convert the six thousand dollars to our roth iras. That’s a total of twelve thousand dollars between the two of us and just keep in mind that the rules for roth iras are different like contributions, conversions and earnings. And i strongly encourage you to watch the video about the five year conversion ladder, so you have a better understanding of the roth ira conversion rules. We don’t plan to touch our roth iras until we’re in our 60s or 70s, because we want our roth ira race to grow tax free as much as possible and as long as possible. We expect to have about four million dollars total in our roth ira race. By the time we turn 60 Hsa is another investment account that we own through our employers, and i understand that not everyone is eligible to contribute to the hsa, especially if you have tricare hsa stands for health savings account and it’s completely different from the Healthcare fsa, which stands for flexible savings account and the hsa comes with triple tax advantages, so we can contribute to it in pre tax dollars, which lowers our taxable income. We can invest what we put in the hsa into an index fund like the s p, 500 index fund and the interest and earnings will grow tax free. We can also withdraw from our hsa tax free as long as as we use it for medical expenses and we keep every receipt from medical, dental and vision expenses we paid in cash, so we can get reimbursed for those expenses during our early retirement. When we turn 65, we can withdraw from our hsa for non medical expenses and only pay federal income taxes for the withdrawals. Since we file our taxes jointly, we contribute up to 7 300 a year for our family hsa. If we don’t make any withdrawals during our early retirement, we should have about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars by the time we turn 50 years old by age 65. We should have 1 2 million dollars in our hsa, with a 10 average annual rate of return between tsp state pension funds, uh roth iras and hsas. We’re contributing a total of 68 931 dollars just for the year 2022 and we’re expecting the contribution limits to increase, at least for the next few years, due to high inflation hsa’s contribution limits for 2023 is already increased from seventy. Three hundred dollars to seventy seven hundred dollars. I expect the contribution limits for iras to increase from six thousand dollars to possibly seven thousand dollars and 401k or tsp from 20 500 to possibly 21 500. We also contribute to our non retirement. Investment accounts, like the taxable brokerage accounts. We have one brokerage account that only invests in aggressive and high growth stocks. We have another brokerage account that only invests in income based stocks that pay quarterly dividends to their shareholders. We’re hoping to consistently invest 50 000. A year into these taxable brokerage accounts so that by the time we retire early in 2032, we would have at least one million dollars in our dividend: stock portfolio and another million dollars in our growth stock portfolio. If we maintain a four percent annual dividend yield in one of those accounts, we should make forty thousand dollars a year just in dividend income and keep in mind that the tax rate for dividends is also different from the federal income tax. We expect to have minimal earned income, and that puts us in that zero percent capital gains tax category based on my calculation, and if we make less than eighty four thousand dollars a year in earned income, our dividend tax rate should remain zero percent. As long as congress, doesn’t mess up mess up our tax rates, our goal is to minimize our taxes as much as possible during our early retirement. So now let’s go back to my fire checklist for a minute and we’re already saving over 60 of our income towards our retirement and non retirement accounts and whatever we have remaining usually goes to our travel and entertainment fund. And we call that our sinking funds – we’re, currently saving anywhere between 10 and 15 000 a year into our travel fund, and if we decide to travel more or our income continues to increase, then we’ll bump it up to our uh, maybe 20, To 30 000 a year, we’re also contributing to our daughter,’s. 529. It it’s projected to cover a significant amount of expenses for college tuitions. We’re not too worried about her college tuition because i already transferred my post 911 gi bill over to her and several years ago, and even if my daughter ends up not using the 529 college fund, i can change the beneficiary to my future grandkids or Even to myself, if i want to by the way you can get our free fire resources, including these spreadsheets, by visiting fischer com contact, you can also check out the fight such as shop, and i have all of my stuff on my bookshelf. At firesidechat com shopping. Now let’s talk about our income sources during our early retirement, if 2022 taught us anything and that is to diversify our income sources, so we don’t have all of our money in the stock market with 3 7 million dollars our net worth should Be anywhere between six and nine million dollars, one of our main sources of income is our dividend, and i’m gon na be very conservative here and say we’ll make anywhere between 40 and 50 000 a year in dividend income just from our taxable Brokerage account at the same time, we’re going to convert what we have in our traditional retirement accounts to our roth iras and that will trigger a taxable event right. However, since our earned income is zero because we will be retired, every 50 000 we convert from our traditional retirement accounts will be taxed at 12, as opposed to 32 percent based on our current income. So for every conversion we make from a traditional to a roth account there’s a five year waiting period before uh before we can withdraw that conversion, completely tax free from our roth ira. So what we’ll need to do is have extra cash to cover expenses during the first five years of conversion to keep our taxes at the lowest rate possible. So when we convert fifty thousand dollars in the year 2032, we will have to wait until january. First, 1st 2037 to make the 50 000 withdrawal completely tax, free and penalty free. We just need to make sure that we have enough cash or other income sources to cover between 2032 and 2037. This is a common fire strategy that early retirees use. So i strongly encourage you to check out this video about the 5 year conversion ladder. We prioritize our retirement accounts over our non retirement accounts because our retirement accounts, like the tsp pension fund, iras and hsas, are like a full back plan. If we decide not to retire early and we want to grow our tax advantage, retirement accounts as much as possible, so we can retire comfortably when we turn 60 years old, completely. Tax free and our primary focus is building our stock market and real estate portfolios. To make sure the money can last during our early retirement between the ages of 45 and 60, consistency and patience are the keys to our financial success. We’ll always invest up to the maximum contribution limits to our tsp ira and hsa and will save at least half of our income to both retirement and non retirement accounts. Whenever we experience a bear market like in 2022, we’re excited to invest in these stocks with a discount and it’s like going to a black friday sale at best buy and what’s different about this bear market is that we’re Dealing with high inflation as well, we increased our fire number because the prices we’re seeing now should be the prices we see five years from now, and i think a lot of these expenses are already priced in and we’re not going to see Much of a decline in the future, but instead there will be a slowdown in the inflation rate in 2023 and possibly into 2024. This is why budgeting is so important for everyone who is pursuing financial independence and retiring early from the 9 to 5 workforce, and if you want to know more about how to invest for your future, be sure to check out these two videos so that’s It i appreciate you watching my video don’t forget to subscribe and i hope to see you in the next video have a good one Music. You

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