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What is Wealth? – Why You Need To Be Wealthy

You, alive right now on the planet with all the resources we have. With only a small handful wealthy and the rest of us in scarcity and scrambling. Today on limitless TV I’m gonna be talking about why you need to be wealthy and how it’s already available to you right now. Now first glance you might be thinking that this video is about amassing tremendous amounts of wealth and there’s a lot of truth to that.

But I want to talk about the definition of wealth. What are the definitions of society? There’s a lot of people out there that actually believe that money buys happiness and they think to themselves, I’m in a small home and this is unhappy for me so if I have a bigger home or if I drive a nicer car, if I do more world travel, then I’ll be wealthier and I need to be wealthier to be happier. And there’s this paradigm of be do have have do be. And what that really means is that if you believe that having things is ultimately what’s going to help you enjoy life at the most, then you’re gonna be a super limited human being. Being a limitless human being on the other hand, is reversing that and saying that I get to be who I want and in turn it will likely lead to having the things that I want. Now this message is coming from someone who has started and operated and run and even sold very successful businesses. I’ve done nearly a billion dollars in business, I live here now over ten years in a house that I custom-built at the age of 26 my first house could fit in this room alone.

Right now I’d Drive the BMW i8 and I’m leaving on Thursday for Africa for a hunting Safari. Now we live in a world where you could judge me because I have those things there’s a lot of limiting beliefs on the idea of money and likewise there’s people that think that money is a big part of really why we’re here. I want to define wealth a different way today. This is the wealth that you need to have if you want to fulfill life’s purpose. This is the wealth and definition that says, I possess all the resources that I need for every inspired choice in every given moment. In other words, I believe that wealth shows up financially in our health, in our relationships, and in our personal power.

And right now, I feel like I am the most wealthy version of me and it’s not defined by how much money I have in my bank account. It’s actually defined by what I’m capable of in any given moment. Because right now, I’ve paid the price to produce a healthy body when in the past I’ve had a less healthy body. I’ve paid the price of now having thousands of friends when in the past I used to have three friends and I was otherwise kind of a closed off disconnected human being. And when we talk about the wealth of this world, look at my look at who you are as a person with your personal power. You know, are you hiding from your power? are you shy of it? or you wanting more but not showing up? Versus confident in taking a stand for what you believe in and living out loud. Okay wealth comes in so many forms and here’s what I believe, I believe that we can tap into our intuition and in any given moment receive what needs to be done. It could be calling someone, meeting with someone, helping with something, starting something, finishing something, doing a business, and whatever it is, if inspiration is behind it, if you have access to all the resources you need financial and non to basically complete that objective then aren’t you that don’t you have the right to be the happiest person on the planet? My wealth is divined by one word, fulfillment.

What fulfills me, fulfillment can’t be bought it can only be it can only be earned through a series of inspired choices that you take action on. We talked about why you need to be wealthy, sure I’ll teach you how to create wealth through real estate investment but just be clear those millions of dollars will always pale in comparison to the true wealth which is that every one of us in this given moment have the ability to be at peace, happy, and fulfilled. How do you do it? Let me share. If you want to step into this wealth, the real wealth, the wealth that is available to you right now there are three steps that I want to recommend. The first is to ask the second is to receive and the third is to act. I’ve been following this pattern for the last 15 years of my life. I’ve been defying logic because I’ve been going to my heart and I’ve been going to my intuition and the reality is you’re only going to get more of what you’ve got if you operate from what you know or you can tap into the temples and warehouses of knowledge and wisdom that are available through intuition.

Where you’ll gain access and instruction and guidance how do you do it? Ask, ground, get, calm. Calm your mind. Do it right now with me. Step in, lean into what I’m sharing right now. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and fill your lungs up all the way and slowly release. And just ask, what is the highest and best use of this moment? You’ll get an answer. That’s the step two of receiving. Then step three is create a relationship with this universe or you take action on what you get. So act right now boldly if it was send an email, if it was call a friend, if it was go buy something, pick something up. Use your time differently, cancel this appointment, make this appointment, whatever you’re getting do it because now what’s happening is you’re living your life according to intuition there’s no higher and better use of your time than the inspired use of your time. And friends, that’s what this wealth of the world is really all about.

Now if you can live from inside this way this is what I’ve noticed about your outside world, abundance flows. How much? whatever is needful. Whatever is necessary, whatever you need for every inspired moment. It’s amazing how much outside world wealth can flow to us when our insight world is right. If you want to get more information on how you can cultivate the perfect mindset for attracting and magnetizing wealth like that to you, then click the link below and check out limitless. Come to my three-day breakthrough event because it’s weird. You know people say, well Kris I want to go to your real estate event I want to learn your wealth training principles and that’s called skill set. Come spend three days at a breakthrough event and learn the mindset and the heartset.

Because mindset must always come before skill set to get you where you want to go. I hope you take me up on the offer that I get an opportunity to the meet you, to get to know you, your goals, your hopes. your dreams, and then hopefully I get to see you fulfill it. .

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How To Become Rich With No Money

So you want to become rich without any money? haha! you can totally do that! It’s awesome. I know because I did. Kris Krohn here with Limitless TV and we’re going to be talking about different ways of creating wealth. I’ll even give you one of my favorite proven systems of exactly how I did it. So if you got no money and you want to become wealthy, if you want to become rich there’s two different ways. Two different approaches you can do. You can either use a proven method or you can be the creator of a method. And I want you to understand the risk between both of these concepts. If you leverage a proven method, this is what I did and I’ll share with you what I did. Or the difference of actually creating something novel like, like think of the guy that started Facebook right? I mean he created this really amazing idea now he’s a multi-billionaire. By far, the safest way to become wealthy is to already leverage proven paths. That may not be your path. You may be, you may feel called the pioneer something different in something new. For me personally, my whole story in life began on my journey to creating wealth to leveraging proven existing systems. And this is coming from a place where I was $8,700 in debt.

I didn’t, wasn’t making enough money at my job to actually cover and pay all of my bills. The thing that made the difference was getting a mentor based on a proven path. There were three men that I worked with all of which had made over ten million dollars and these individuals all made their money through real estate investing. This is something anyone can do. In fact, the first fourteen months of being mentored I didn’t buy a property and I wasn’t making any money but I was following their system in their path of developing credit putting a little money in savings, penny-pinching.

It ultimately put me in a position to buy my first house. In my first house when people came over the for the for the for the housewarming party, what they didn’t realize was this wasn’t going to be my house very long. I really was renting out the basement it was covering my whole mortgage and I bought the house with $40,000 of equity. So the house was an investment and that house bought my second house and the equity in those homes bought my third house and with with no money, other than 14 months of saving five thousand dollars, thirty five hundred which I used to buy this house, same strategies existing in our world today. Those homes became 50 homes, became a hundred homes, became hundreds of homes, and I built all of that without any money out of my own pocket but I did it through working with mentors that knew a proven system and a proven path. And in this next video segment, I want to really share with you exactly how I did that because if you want to create wealth for nothing, you’re going to need to take the right advice, stick to the plan, and execute it like I’m about to show you.

I’m going to show you exactly how I became wealthy with no money and I’m going to show you exactly how I did it and the advice that I took from my mentor and what it started with is, number one, is you need to have a mentor. Okay? This is someone that knows your situation, has been where you want to be, and is going to be able to give you the right kind of advice. The next thing that you’re going to need is you’re going to need a system. I’m going to show you the system right now. And then, between these two things, the last thing that I’m going to encourage you to need is a team. And team essentially means that you don’t have to wear all the hats of all the successful operations of putting this in place.

You just need to tap into other people’s brilliant abilities because anything that you don’t currently know how to do you don’t have to learn it you just have to have that person on your team. Here’s what I did. The advice that I have received from my mentor that showed me the system that helped me put the team together was, number one, is I needed to develop my credit so that I could buy a house. For some of you that might mean credit repair. For me, I was young and didn’t have credit so I needed to establish credit. I was told to have three lines of credit. I only had one. So I got two more credit cards and I was responsibly using them. How do you do that if you got bad credit? hire a credit repair company to fix that. Learn how to get good credit for the system to work. And then the second one was you have to have enough money for a small down payment. Which for me was $5000. And then the last thing that I needed to do for the system was I needed to stay in the same line of work for two years.

So for example, I couldn’t be a seamstress or for a year and then like become a guinea pig trainer for a year because those are two very different lines of work. We’re jobs um, so, these are the three things that I needed to have and then this is what happened. 14 months later, I possessed these things. 14 months later, I had developed my credit. 14 months later, I had saved my 5 grand and 14 months later I had completed my two-year work history. I was thinking about changing jobs. I didn’t. Do you know why? cause I was following the advice of my mentor who walked me into the system. What I did is it allowed me to buy a house and I bought not just any ordinary house, I bought a house with $40,000. A pirate booty in it, right? I’m talking about equity. House was worth 150,000. I bought it for 110,000 so my net worth went up $40,000 which by the way was more than double what I made in a year.

So I’m talking about Kris Krohn starting out poor. Right? and then this house had a basement apartment and the basement apartment covered my mortgage. So that was kind of cool because I got to live for free. Which meant that I eliminated my biggest expense at that time in my life. The reason why this system was important was because twelve months later I was able to get a home equity line of credit. I got other videos on the channel here where you can research what that is.

And I was able to access this money and I used it to do what? I use it to buy a second home. Now I still lived in this home but I bought this house with well over fifty thousand dollars a pirate booty, is exciting. And then the other thing is I rented out this house and it had a $500 a month cash flow. So, collectively between my two homes my net worth was around $100,000 and I was living for free and getting paid 500 a month. Then guess what I did? Oh you’re so smart. I did it again. I then, this was my P for primary residence, this was I for investment. The third house I did was that I moved into a new primary residence. This one became a rental and I rented it out and made $500 a month cash flow. So guess what? I’m making over a thousand dollars a month.

I bought this house with, you guessed it $50,000 of equity love that pirate booty and it also had a basement apartment that paid for my mortgage. Living for free, net worth of a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, making five hundred dollars a month here, five hundred dollars a month here. So are you starting to see how the system worked? the equity in this house then got used to purchase my fourth house which was an investment property that had a cash flow. And then I just started doing that system over and over again. Now by the time I have four homes I went into Phase two of the system. And Phase two of the system was now starting to approach people with money and saying, look at my track record on my portfolio. Look at my pirate booty, look at my cash flow, would you like some of that booty? and would you like some of that cash flow? I can find the deals. I’ve got a system in the team to make this work I need your money.

And you know what? everyone I approached that saw my return said what? I’ll partner with this kid. And from that point on I started buying homes left and right without money or credit. Right now, I’m selling off one to two homes a month. I’m making tens of thousands of dollars every month on homes I bought years ago using someone else’s money, reinvesting, and buy more homes. So this is a really fantastic system this is exactly how I did it. And again if you want to be wealthy with no money and do that, you can either go start a Facebook and go down and pioneer path something that’s never been done before or you can leverage proven systems.

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How To Invest Money In Your 20’s

Hey, what’s up guys? Kris Krohn here. Yes, it is winter. Yes i’m driving with the top down. It is one of my favorites. I am totally impervious to the cold. But today I want to jam with you in real estate and I want to talk about why 90% of all millionaires make it in real estate. And there’s very, very specific reasons why. and so what I want to do is break it down for you. I really want to give it to you in in like the deeper science than I have in the past. And I think you’re really going to appreciate it. So, check it out. I’m up here at my mountain home. It is snowy, it’s cold. But a super exciting day. You know, as I’ve started this YouTube channel, I’ve been really honing in. What is the information that would create the highest level of value for you? And today, I want to give it to you in one straight shot. How you invest in your 20s, so that when you’re in your 30s, not your 40s, not your 50s, not your 60s. You can really living be living life on your terms.

To me, it doesn’t matter whether you have money, whether you don’t have money. You have good credit, you have bad credit. Frankly, it really doesn’t make much of an impact at all to me. So, here’s what I want to help you understand. There’s a number of strategies when it comes to the world of real estate investing. In fact, there’s 32 main strategies out there. The first thing I need you to understand is that most strategies, they’re not good. You shouldn’t do… There’s tax deedsm there’s flips, there’s a lot of things that are popular.

There’s multifamily. There’s rentals. And I don’t do those things and I don’t think you should do those things. I think you should do what makes the most money that takes the least time in the least effort and has the least risk. Because dude, no one likes to start over, no one likes to lose and when you invest, there is some risk. The reason why I retired at the age of 26 is because I followed a very specific formula. And I want to detail it out very specific for you because there are 3 things that you do need to know about making money in the game of real estate. And if you follow these 3 things it’s gonna be a total game changer for you.

So, let’s head over to the whiteboard and I want to document this for you. Because I want you understand that when you get in the game of real estate, you want each property to be a win. When I found out that you could make 50 to 100 thousand dollars per deal, I got to tell you. That was something that was super exciting for me. Because I realized if I want to make a million dollars, then I just need to be able to count to 10, right? I got 10 finger. So, so much easier than some of the other ways and methodologies are out there. And so I want to ask you how many deals do you need to do before you’d say, “Wow, I’ve made it. I’ve arrived.” And with what I’m about to show you.

I don’t want you to be thinking in terms of like, you know, “I want to be a millionaire so I need a million dollars. I need to do 10 deals.” it’s actually a lot simpler. You don’t need a certain amount of money. What you need is a certain amount of properties producing a certain amount of residual income. You’re not striving for a certain net worth. You’re striving for your real estate to perform in a manner to give you enough residual income that you don’t need to work.

When I say I retired at 26, truth is I didn’t really retire I just became financially independent. And I quit my job and I got to live life on my terms. And it’s because of what I’m about to show you. There are 3 things in particular that you need to be aware of. Every time you do a deal in your backyard and it doesn’t have to take money. Some of these deals take nothing or maybe 1,000 or 3,000 dollars.

Very little. And the first thing that I want you to know is that you should be making around $5,000. just for consummating the deal as in finding $5,000 is what you get paid up. Now, up front is really important because who wants to be in the game of real estate and say, “Hey, I’ll work today but I want to get paid in years.” You need to get paid now. The second thing that’s important is that when I buy single-family homes, I buy them underneath the median. I buy them with my specific system. Which by the way it’s in a book that you can get for free. You can download it. If you click the link or the one that’s popping up on the screen right now, you can get my book for free that will go into deep detail on this. What I want you understand is that you get paid 5 grand up front and then you’re getting 500 on average freedom dollars every single month.

Now, this $500 is really important because if you buy 10 homes and those 10 homes are each paying you 500 a month. 500 a month times 10, that’s $5,000. You might not be able to retire on $5,000. But guess what you can do? You can walk away from a job that’s paying less. And if you figured that out, dude then why not do 20 more why not do 100. Especially when I show you how you don’t need to access your own money to make this happen. The third thing though that you do need to understand is while there is upfront money, this money is along the way.

You just keep on getting it. There’s another kind of money that you get when you sell this home in 2 3, 4 or 5 years. And it’s tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re buying it buildings the median, I’m guessing for all intents and purposes. And I use this as an example sometimes. $30,000. It could be 50,000, it could be 80,000. It could be 20,000. But probably not less. And if you start adding the upfront money, the $6,000 on average that you’re getting every year and this money, you start making 50 to $100,000 on every deal that you do. And my friend, that’s that’s the part of this whole game that I want you to have an understanding for. Is that if you’re getting paid upfront along the way and at the end, then the cool thing is…

And here’s the secret: You can multiply this. You do 2 or 3 or 4 of these deals. And it’s… So your ROI, your return investment is so high that you’re going to start attracting a very special kind of people. These people are called partners. And a partner is an individual that says, “Hey, I’m into my career. But I’ve been saving up some money. I don’t want to learn what you’ve learned. Can we go in 50/50?” And this is when you hit the big time and this is when you can do. Right now, I can do as much real estate as I want. I have a goal of becoming a billionaire. I want to be a billionaire philanthropist the second half of my life. And right now, I’ve got assets growing like crazy.

But I followed the system to get started to recreate my financial independence. And then my partnering system which you’ll also learn about in the book is what has taken me from independence to true financial freedom. Did you know there’s a difference between those 2? Financial independence just means you got out of your job and you’ve replaced it. But financial freedom means that you’re now living the lifestyle that you want. So, living where you want, donating the way that you want, giving to charities the way you want. You know, being able to take the travel and the trips and vacations. It’s a very real byproduct of all the real estate investing that we’re talking about here. So, what I want to do right now is I want to share with you how you can get my book for free. I want to share with you what’s in it and first of all, it’s called Unstoppable.

It’s a brand new book. And it’s different than any my others. Because I took out all the fluff and I Shrunk it really small. I just can grab a drink here by my absolute favorite drink. If you ever come visit me, just bring me a six-pack of apple beer. It’s not beer but I got to tell you it’s really tasty and I know the carbonation is not good for me but… So.. So, here’s the deal on the book. It’s called Unstoppable. And what it does is it documents your custom journey to get a particular realistic game plan to go from nothing to millions.

And here’s what I want you to understand about that: Whether you are… Whether you would say you’re too young or too old, whether you would say I don’t have enough money or I don’t have any money, dude that doesn’t matter. In my matrix of the book, I actually show how all those combinations of people can get in the game of real estate. And dude, it if you come out to my live events which you very well might, you’re going to meet all sorts of people, successful investors that are out there crushing it and doing it.

Right now, the book is free. We’re going to do that for a period. All you got to do is click the link below, get your hands on a copy of the book. And it’ll even come with a consultation if you want. You can talk to remember my team and basically say, “Okay. I’m reading this book. I’m getting my custom game plan. I’m figuring out my next steps.” And having a member of my team contacting you it’s just to make sure you understand the book in its principles. And if you get stuck then we want to finish customizing the process so that you’re completely clear on exact steps you need to do to make your next million or your first million in real estate.

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