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Life of Debt? How to: Obliterate Debt, Accumulate Wealth, and Retire Rich | Learn Liberty

It is an abomination. The Department of Education is a profit-making entity. Student loan debt now exceeds credit card debt. More than a third of college loans are delinquent. Forget about delinquencies. Let’s talk about default rates. The federal government is now hiring private creditors to harass students to pay back their federally subsidized loans. It’s a complete nightmare.” If you’re in your twenties or thirties, then you or someone you know is probably struggling with debt.

To top it off, the government owes about seventeen trillion dollars. Fifty thousand dollars for every man, woman, and child. That’s irresponsible! And you’re going to have to pay taxes to pay off that debt, too. It’s no wonder you’re being referred to as Generation Debt. The question is, is there anything you can do about it? Is there a way to dig out of this hole? I’m Art Carden. I’m an economics professor at Samford University’s Brock School of Business. In this Learn Liberty Academy program on personal finance, designed just for you, we’ll learn how to obliterate debt, accumulate wealth, and retire rich. I’m sure you’re wondering, ‘Hey, what’s the catch? Do I need to send this guy three easy payments of nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents?’ No.

This is a program that’s going to cost you zero dollars. And I hope that you’ll join me, and a group of other experts and guests, as we discuss how to build your financial future. Seriously, you need to sign up for this right now, because this program is going to be awesome. .

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“Trade Is Made of Win,” Part 1: Wealth Creation

“” Trade is Made of Victory,” “Component 1: Wide Range Creation
Among the most important concepts in all of business economics is that trade develops wealth. It’s likewise among the least recognized suggestions
in all of economics. Most individuals think that if 2 individuals profession,
among them needs to win and also among them needs to lose. One of the suggestions that has developed in economics
is that trade develops wealth, as well as we’re going to see that in the context of a couple
Fritz as well as Lou can create 2 items. They can produce socks and also they can create
corn. In a given year, Fritz could create 500 socks
or 1,000 ears of corn. Lou, on the other hand, could produce 25 socks
or five ears of corn. For Fritz, every sock that he generates expenses
him the opportunity to generate 2 ears of corn. Same story for Lou. Lou can produce 25 socks or 5 ears of
Just how around you specialize in corn as well as I’ll. What we want to do is contrast the price at. If you’re Fritz, every sock costs the chance.
If Fritz is able to trade for socks, then. every sock is only going to cost him one ear of corn. Fritz would prefer the profession. Why? Since socks are now cheaper. Allow’s see what occurs to Lou. If Lou is mosting likely to create corn himself, he. needs to offer up 5 socks in order to produce that corn. If Lou trades for corn, he only has to provide. up one sock per ear of corn.
Fritz, the purchaser of socks, is now able to. get socks cheaper.
Lou wins. Lou is made much better off. Trade is made of win or, as your economics.

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Retire Wealthy Home

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