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Living longer / RETIREMENT – IELTS writing task 2 – Band 7.0+ essay

What are you going to do when you retire ? Now, I recognize many of you individuals.
are possibly rather young and you'' re probably not also believing.
regarding retired life at this phase. Yet retirement'' s a pretty vital point, since when you stop
. functioning and also as you grow older, you have to determine what.
you'' re going to do with your life. Very good concern. And both you and I need to start assuming now since we are going to require our pension plan soon. When you retire, you are completing work. When you stop functioning and also you claim a pension. So, what are the problems of individuals living longer? This is a question that took place in the.
current creating task two component of the test.So Jay, would

you'' d like to review this recent question? Absolutely. The inquiry goes: Nowadays, individuals are living.
longer after they retire. What are the issues triggered by this? And also what actions can be taken.
I assume this is a difficult concern. Keep tuned, we'' re going to come back and give you some suggestions.
inquiry. Correct, Chris? It'' s right, and it'' s among the possibly 4 types.
of question you'' ll get in the examination. As well as you do require to respond to.
What'' s the initial component of the inquiry, Jay? Exactly.And the second part of the concern: What procedures can be taken?
like supplying a service. What options might you assume.
of to resolve this trouble? Currently, my recommendation to you is: When it'' s a two-part concern, you need to have a minimum of 2 body paragraphs, since you possibly need to be.
considering topics for every. We are mosting likely to check out the troubles initially, there are a couple of various issues.
that we can think about, as well as after that we'' ll speak about the options. Nowadays, Jay, people are living till 85, 100, 90, 95 Exactly, and the retired life.
age hasn'' t changed very much. No, I believe it'' s sixty-five, approximately around … Sixty-five. It depends upon your nation. Tell us which nation you''
re. from, and also what is your old age? It'' d interest learn. Now, because the retired life age has not transformed, and people are living longer, that suggests individuals currently live a lot more during their retirement.What various other problems brought on by this? Well, since they are not bringing in earnings. from their work, from their career, it could
potentially trigger. economic strain on a country, due to the fact that the country, the federal government is offering economic help for people. who go to retirement age. To ensure that ' s one significant huge trouble.
That ' s a great concept, and also I just wanted to discuss that word.Economic strain.'Pressure is a wonderful word, which means stress.

You might state economic. stress or financial pressure. They ' re both truly great ways to explain that. I was'assuming of an additional issue, in addition to the economic strain. would certainly be the stress on … Excuse me, stress on healthcare, Definitely. Stress on healthcare. What would be the issues there? Well, of course, as you age, you have a greater percentage or a.
greater possibility of having health issue. When you'' re younger you are healthy, you really feel great. As you get older, there are much more opportunities to. obtain ill, to establish condition, obtain harmed. Older people often tend to trigger extra.
pressure on the healthcare system, and it depends on the country. As well as this is a truly intriguing.
subject between myself as well as Jay, since I'' m from the UK and also Jay is from America. Why exists such a large distinction.
and also what'' s the distinction? Well, in America, the federal government truly doesn'' t. give way too much aid monetarily or in health and wellness care for.
people, whether their young or old.So, if you'' re overcoming all your life, you are anticipated to conserve cash, and also buy, and see to it that you have sufficient.
cash to survive as soon as you retire. Whereas in the UK, we have a complimentary medical care system where.
you can make use of the medical care system. Basically, whenever you want, currently, that can cause some issues. Because people might overuse the medical care system. They may use it, although they wear'' t require it. Living much longer, may have various effects in different countries.So in America,

what happens if people live longer and.
Well, they will certainly still obtain treated. It goes against the vow that they take.
will then enter into severe economic financial obligation. That the quantity of money that.
they need to pay for their health care will certainly go on to their monetary records, and also they will be expected to try to pay that off. OK, so these are 2 huge problems. The financial strain on the.
system and also the medical care stress, the stress on the medical care system. What do you believe could be some solutions? Well, the first option is something.
that my nation does is due to the fact that the government type of go back and doesn'' t take an active. role in aiding its people, there is no stress on the economic climate after that, since individuals that are.
expected to …

When you grow older, you are accountable for your very own.
well being and also your very own wellness treatment. OK, so I was thinking that in a place like the UK, where you can use the system as long as you want, perhaps we require to consider placing.
some stress on the young individuals currently to pay more tax. Yep. To prepare them for the future. Now, both Jay and I live in Australia. As well as Australia is a nation where.
we have a private pension system. As well as both Jay and also I pay into.
a private pension system, and also we know just how much money.
we will certainly have in the future.And that might

be can be a system that took on to make certain that youngsters pay into a system, so they know exactly how much they.
That'' s one means. That people need to work longer. I know there'' s a lot of resistance to this by individuals in their late fifties, early sixties.
near the end of their life time, complete of job as well as recognizing that they are close, so that they can see the.
light at the end of the tunnel is probably quite pleasurable for them, and supply them with a sense of alleviation as well.And after that to be told, no, I ' m sorry, you are mosting likely to need to function 10 more years. That'' s why people could.
In the IELTS examination, this was a recent concern.
subject for you to think of. Simply be prepared to create.
one topic in a paragraph. Make sure you explain your ideas as well as.
please usage examples from your own individual experience and also expertise. Maybe tell the examiner about.
the situation in your nation, whether you assume that'' s a good system, or whether you think there can.
be some adjustments to that system.And one even more

point, constantly bear in mind to have a look at the inquiry, and also invest just a brief amount of time recognizing what sort of question it is. In this instance we have a two-part question, as well as making sure that you answer both.
Thank you, Jay. Make certain you hear, you come and also join us on our IELTS daily application. The application is an extremely, very great means of improving your IELTS talking Your writing.
Jay, you are terrific today. Take care, everybody.

Retired life'' s a pretty important thing, since as soon as you quit
. Remain tuned, we'' re going to come back and give you some suggestions. What'' s the very first part of the inquiry, Jay? That'' s one method. I know there'' s a whole lot of resistance to this by individuals in their late fifties, very early sixties.

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