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Why You’re Not Having Success (The New Age Paradigm for Career Success) | Courtney Callahan

if you’re new here my name is Courtney I’m a spiritual mentor and life purpose coach today we’re talking about why you aren’t having success right now whether it’s in your career or your business and I know this title of this video sounds a little bit harsh but that’s really what this video is about is giving a spiritual perspective on that and as we move into the New Age there’s going to be a lot of paradigm shifts and one of them is how we go about creating financial abundance and success in our lives so I’m going to talk a little bit about what’s going on if you’re not having success especially if it’s in your career or business right now and what you can do to apply this knowledge to actually create that lasting success that you are seeking so if that sounds good to you please stay tuned and if you are new here and you would like to see more videos on topics like this one I would love to have you as a subscriber so your higher self is always trying to pull you into alignment with your highest path and your purpose for this life so it’s always trying to bring you the right people circumstances insights everything that you need in order to really live your purpose and when it feels like it’s not doing that it’s actually because we’re resisting it or not listening to it in some way but the reality is that your Higher Self the universe whatever you want to call it it’s always working with you to make this happen that also means that the universe will not allow you to have success with something that is not in alignment with your sole purpose with what you came here on this earth to do so this means that if you’re maybe offering some sort of service that isn’t quite in alignment with your true desires but it seems like oh this seems a little bit more acceptable my friends and family might like this better or I think that maybe this will make me more money than if I did what I really want to do you’ll realize that it won’t because the universe is not going to bring you clients when you’re doing that because that would steer you right off your path of doing what you’re actually meant to do if you have your life purpose over here and then you’re settling for your second best career over here and you’re getting all these clients and you’re making all this money doing this then that’s gonna you know totally steer you in the wrong direction so there is a function to having a difficult time with this sort of second-best career that you’re choosing and actually the same goes for how much you charge for the services that you’re offering so if you are offering some sort of service but you keep lowering the prices because you think that’s the only way that people are going to pay you for your work what you’re going to find is even if this is your life purpose even if this is your sole work you’re still not going to be able to attract clients even though you’re offering it for a super low price point and this is because if the universe was bringing you clients for that that would only reinforce the subconscious or the conscious belief that yes if I lower my prices more and more than I get more clients and that would be a problem if you are getting clients when you are charging low amounts of money for your services because that couldn’t sustain you in the long run therefore making you have to maybe pick something else maybe you decide to you know switch careers and then you aren’t doing your sole work because it couldn’t financially sustain you so this is the new paradigm as we move into the New Age the Age of Aquarius there are a lot of shifts in the way that we are going to be able to sustain financial success business success career success and we’re moving away from this conflict between what do I really want to do versus what is going to make me money and make me successful we’re finding that really the only way to create success and financial abundance is to really do what you want to do to really do your sole work so in order to have this lasting success you really need to get honest with yourself about what you really want don’t worry about what people are going to think about you don’t worry about your family is going to understand you have to really be honest with yourself because that thing is always going to be there and I think on some level we unconsciously sabotage ourselves in our careers when we’re not doing exactly what we want to do either so I think that’s really important to be aware of as we shift into this new age that the way that we’re going about success is going to be changing a lot so really tune in to what you really really want to do and understand that wouldn’t your in that energy of being totally in alignment with your sole purpose your vibration is attracting the people and the resources and the money and everything that you need in order to live that purpose so I hope that made sense.

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