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31 ways to improve Retirement Planning Part 2

Today's video is the continuation of our last week's discussion about ways to improve your retirement planning. Keep in mind that all those 
steps you can use at any point in your life   if you want to put in place some kind of financial plan. If for whatever reason you missed my last week's video part 1   of 31 ways to improve your 
retirement planning, please watch it right now,  maybe even before you commence this video and 
then please return right here to continue Part 2. This will be so much more logical for you.   My name is Katherine Isbrandt from About Retirement,
I am Certified Financial Planner, and you are watching About Retirement TV
just about the only place   that will provide you with honest and open ideas 
how to be well prepared for your retirement or  if you have already retired, how to improve 
your retirement income, assets, and lifestyle.

So last week we discussed, 15 ways to improve 
our retirement planning and today I want to share another 16 ideas that I have come up with. Obviously, there would be tons and tons more,
depending how detailed we want to become but I think this is a very good start for the new year   which I hope you are planning to make it as
one of the best years ever. 16. Be very sceptical of any investing advertised as tax schemes This is how many investors lost a lot of money over the years   Australians are very tax-driven and this 
is how politicians win the elections, they know what and how to promise to their voters. This is how many heavily advertised investment schemes were introduced over the years, where the only party making any profits were product providers with most investors never even checking 
if such schemes were even approved by ASIC   and ATO for specific tax ruling Fortunately, now there are less of those
schemes happening but   that's due to strict regulations that we currently 
have in Australia and a very watchful eye of ASIC.   But often even legitimate schemes might 
not necessarily be of any value for you.   If the main goal of the scheme is to reduce 
your tax with actually not providing you   when any return, either in a form of income, or 
capital growth, bottom line, is you are losing money   So always do your due diligence before you 
invest any of your savings into any of those tax driven schemes.

17. Understand Australian Superannuation tax and legal system This is a very big task and lots of information
to learn not to mention how to find the details that are exactly
applicable to your situation but if you can achieve this, you will be on your
way to utilise every single benefit legally and financially available to you. This is exactly the reason why wealthy families rely on a good professional advice and superb service   18. Include the cost of assisting your 
aging parents and helping your adult children in your budget and in your planning, this is what we call sandwich family.

Have you heard of the naming sandwich family yet? That mostly applies to people aged 50 plus,
but could be of any age really. A sandwich family is the one that 
on one hand needs to care for the elderly parents   while on the other are still looking after 
their teenage children or children that are;  adults but refuse to leave home to start their 
own life and rely on your financial assistance. My recommendation here is to find the best solution 
of care for your parents, there are lots of options   and some may not cost you all that much, but can 
be very beneficial for you and for your parents.   As far as your kids are concerned, of course, if you 
are happy for them to stay with you, do that , but treat them like adults. If they work, and they should, unless they're studying but even then a part-time work experience is really recommended  they should contribute their share to family expenses, to your bills, food, you can decide on 
their contribution value.   You are a parent, you will always be there for them, I am a mother, I would give anything to my son if there was a problem, but as I said they need to learn their independent 
life and you need to look after your needs as well.   19.

Don't withdraw from your retirement 
plan unless you really have to. Every single dollar withdrawn from your retirement plan as an extra above what you really need, will reduce longevity of your savings It is not only the actual value withdrawn, but also loss of all future income and capital growth that those funds could have earned over the years. So just to put it into context, if today, at the age of 60 for example, you withdraw $20,000 to buy a better car, because the one that you have although is it 
is in a good condition, well it bored you a little bit  and you need a change you have just depleted 
your future interest earned on that withdrawal by  $60,775 based on 7% compound interest return
over the period of 20 years   So bottom line is that 
should you kept that $20,000 in your pension fund, at the age of 80 you would have had additional 
$80,775 in your retirement fund. This amount of money can go a very long way 20. Plan for your long-term care   We have not been talking in detail about any 
expenses that you should consider in your old age,   when you might require additional medical or 
even personal assistance.

Whether it is provided at the Aged Care facility or at your home 
you cannot disregard those costs. If you need any assistance in this area, either for your 
parent, or for your partner check out my website article Aged Care Planning with Ease, but I will be 
devoting more time and more videos to this subject. and if the matter is urgent please just contact me 
immediately. 21. Rebalancing portfolio   This one strategy can assist your portfolio performance more than you could ever expect Rebalancing portfolio at the right time to its original asset allocation setup in your investment plan can be very financially rewarding. So you should implement doing this annually or when the opportune time of
market condition is presenting itself.

22. Check the performance of your investments
or your super at least annually I have been talking about 
this extensively in many of my videos.  Don't make rush decisions based on one year performance of your investment or your super or your pension fund. Even if that one year was disappointing. But annual checks are essential and if underperformance continues over a couple of years   then reassess if this is the right fund for you. Having said that, make sure that your expectations are met with the type of the portfolio, taking into account the investment risk.   And what I mean by that is if 
your portfolio has a conservative asset allocation   don't expect returns of a balance or growth fund 
or returns of the overall share portfolio   This is unfair comparison and you will end up being 
always very disappointed, So make sure you compare apples
with apples and not with oranges for more information watch my video 11 steps to check your superannuation statement. 23. Check fees and charges included
in your investment or your super.  Government has been on the hand for super and 
pension funds that have been overcharging members for their accounts for couple of years now for now, this new legislation applies to MySuper products so what we call default funds but that will be extended to
more superannuation products in coming years.

Please watch my video "Fees you pay in super" to have full clarity as to what type of fees most superannuation funds charge. 24. Review charges and cover for insurance in or outside of superannuation.  I have not really been discussing 
insurance in any great length on this channel   as this has never been requested but also as we 
progress in life the need for insurance reduces   But if you still have insurance you really need to understand the cover provided as opposed to the cover required cost payable as opposed to your affordability. If you require insurance should it be within super or outside? There are many things that need to be taken into consideration before you apply or cancel your insurance, so if insurance is what you need feel free to reach out so we can review what you have and what you need 25.

Have a realistic expectation for your retirement. Well what can I say unfortunately we love to believe in miracles   Well for example I cannot save today but I will make it out next year or the year after, well that never happens. or my money will last me 
forever because my super fund is the best  and has always been provided the best returns.
Well, good luck with this one. Nobody can predict  the market so please start being realistic with your calculations, with your budget that you set up  with the amount of money that you spend and 
how much you actually will need in the future   Once the money is gone it is gone and your 
retirement might take a completely different turn   26. Always include inflation in 
your retirement calculator   When using any calculators, please ensure that CPI (Consumer Price Index) is included.

This will ensure that whatever financial outcome the calculator gives you will be subject to inflation meaning a real value of money in the future. 27. Age Pension is a bonus, not certainty, don't rely on it, but do what you can to get the most out of it. This is my work’s bread and butter, on daily basis, I try to find ways how I can improve my clients Age Pension  Why? Well not because I want our government to pay for your lifestyle,   but because I know very well that this is a guaranteed portion of your income once you are eligible. The more you receive from 
the government the less of your own money you have to spend, hence you are protected with your savings for longer. But Age Pension should be a bonus, don't sacrifice all your savings, all your assets, just to get it It is still better to own and control your 
$2mil portfolio with no Age Pension then to give the 2mil to your kids just to
get Age Pension of $25K. That is just a ridiculous exchange in my book.  28.

Utilise every single benefit you can 
that is available to you from the government   There are many ways how you can benefit from our 
government's policies.  strategies that can reduce your tax, boost your superannuation savings, and support you financially for longer.  Watch my video "Improve your super and reduce tax" as well as "End of Financial Year Zero Risk 50% Return" Easy strategies and yet, so many don't do it.   29. Understand the importance of Estate Planning this is another area that is a huge topic to discuss, I have only scratched the surface with couple of videos  but they're still worth watching.

"Wills, are they really necessary?" and
"Super Death Nomination gone terribly wrong".  The second video will tell you exactly why Estate 
Planning is so very important but obviously, it is  not limited to creating a Will or providing Death
Benefit nomination to your superannuation trustee   The more complicated your life has been, the more 
you should pay attention to estate planning and employ specialists to assist you, if you wish your 
assets to be distributed to right beneficiaries in the right way.

30. Do not forget about Aged Care costs
in your retirement planning   I have mentioned Age Care before. We tend to live longer and longer, medical progress keeps us alive for much longer than we might anticipate. But what if you run out of money? What if you need to use services of Age Care facility but you don't have any savings to pay 
for it. This is a big drama for many,   this is why I stress greatly to save aggressively before you retire and spend modestly once you no longer
have a job related income There are many ways to 
assist you in reducing ongoing Aged Care fees,   so if this is your problem, please contact me,
but the fact remains that you do need to include Aged Care expenses
in your planning as well.

31. Always, always work with professionals – accountant, lawyer, financial planner, mortgage broker. Google is just not enough This has always been my motto, I save where I can on things that don't matter or are all of less importance. But I never try to cut down on expenses on any professional service that I need. Good advice, service and support are blessing. Not only you will have things done correctly from 
day one, so no fixing, updating, explaining.   It will be done for your best benefit. There is no trial
and error situation. A good financial planner will  help you to improve your income, capital growth, avoid costly mistakes improve asset security, peace of mind, very often can help you to have access to government benefits that otherwise, you may not be able to access.

So always use the best professional that really has your best interest in heart. So voila! This is the list of
31 ways to improve your retirement planning   As I said before this list could be extended 
to many many more points but some of them I have already discussed in my previous videos, hence the links and others we will discuss in more details in the future.  If there is a topic that you believe is really important and somehow i missed it.

Please let me know in the comments below the video, I would really love to hear your opinion and ideas on that topic as well So please don't be shy and let's have an open conversation.  Many people watching this channel are very 
likely in a similar situation to yours   So by answering your question this might help 
another person as well If you enjoy this video, please like it, share it,
and subscribe to my channel. So you know when my next video is arriving If you want to find more information just jump on my website where you can find all my video,  lots of articles all related to the issue of retirement, investing,
Age Pension, Aged Care and lots more And now as usual, please continue watching those informative videos   Fist recommendation is previously mentioned  "Improve your super and reduce tax" to know how to benefit from those government provided strategies for super.

The second recommendation are videos about estate planning: "Wills, are they really necessary?" and the answer of course is: yes but listen to the reasons why. I will be speaking with you in the next video, see you soon. .

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31 ways to Improve Retirement Planning – Part 1 #SavingForRetirement

It is constantly a fantastic suggestion to begin a brand-new year.
on the favorable note. As I stated in my previous video “” Suggested Changes in 2022″” I truly want all people to have this New Year 2022.
among the most effective years ever before, financially, psychologically, emotionally, and also literally,.
however all those elements collaborate. I know from experience that if my finances are not in order,.
if I really feel financially drained and unconfident, there is no chance I will really feel.
mentally pleased, satisfied and pleased. Whether we like it or not, money plays a huge part.
in our lives and in our health, in addition to our choices and also capabilities.
to do something excellent and also positive in the world.So as I claimed, I really desire to begin this New 2022 Year on a positive note,.
and what is a better method than going over actions exactly how you can improve your retired life planning.
or any financial preparation for that matter. Originally this video clip began with just 9 actions,.
As soon as I began assuming concerning it, all those suggestions and also pointers came.
hurrying via my head and I assumed well, what a great means to slowly enhance step-by-step.
your planning system. Some of those listed suggestions, I have actually currently covered in parts.
in my previous videos, so I will certainly link them all for you, others could be just brief details, yet some could be.
I ' m a Certified Financial Coordinator, and also'you are watching Regarding Retired life Television,. As I said previously, today I will
cover 15 stepsActions Conserve enough.
you plan to retire. Absolutely nothing is embeded in rock but you need to make a strong start.
as well as an excellent beginning factor are my video clips: Just how much do I need to retire “and also. “What Earnings is Required in Retired life”. 2. Comprehend your longevity and do”not ignore for how long you are mosting likely to live This is most likely the most significant fear for many retirees with lots of thinking about means how you can make. your cash works harder. If you think that at the age of 90 you will need a lower earnings. or lower property base, well assume
once again. Simply enjoy this video” How long will you reside in retired life “. This is one of my older videos, so please be gentle As I had no video presenting experience, however the. details is still valid and also existing as of today. 3. Believe that it is never ever as well late to begin preparing or saving. Some may believe that when you retire there is nothing you can do. to boost your retired life earnings as well as to make your cash last much longer. Well, this is an inaccurate presumption. Unless you have no assets conserved at all,. your scenario can constantly be enhanced.
I have an entire series of videos associated to Age Pension plan and how you can boost the government advantage or arrange your income streams. Really feel totally free to binge-watch the whole series of 14 videos. We could believe that all our decisions are made logically and
well thought through viaHowever let ' s be honest,.
Good planning and adhering to establish steps specified. in your plan can assist to remove the emotional distress, and permit you to make your choice. calmer as well as to your real financial advantage. If you are incapable to remove your emotions from. your financial decisions just please confess this to yourself and also ask for professional help to manage your cash,. arrange your plan, and also inspect your progression. You are always associated with. the decision process
however the emotional drama can be taken away as well as the monetary planner can. cool off your nerves, by getting rid of any type of unpredictabilities, by clarifying problems providing you with information research. that will logically support your choices. That can bring you a good deal of assurance while improving your investment profile. performance at the very same time. 5. Prioritise your very own requirements and your own retired life. prior to aiding your kids to construct their riches.
I see this all the time when moms and dads compromise their own lifestyle,. Well, if. If you do this out of adult love, sense of guilt,.
the various other parents are aiding with home deposit, and you really feel obligated to do the same
. Well, I professionally disagree you have actually done your task as a moms and dad, you have actually elevated your kids to be.
a considerate as well as accountable participants of the culture, you have actually sustained

them throughout their. childhood as well as their young adulthood.
Now it is their turn to take their responsibility as well as.
6. Don ' t leave money in a financial institution Well, this is the most typical blunder people make. If you marketed an asset and also you park your cash in money,. as it will be needed for your following purchase
that ' s what money is for.Short-term holding. Another reason to have funds in a financial institution in cash money, it is for your” stormy day and also safety and security account” as an emergency fund. Yet many people who keep majority of their cost savings in cash money in the bank,. do this because of fear. We are going back to the. previous problem talked about in No. 4 choices need to be made reasonably. as well as not based on your mood. There are so numerous negatives of keeping excessive money in money.

as well as I would require to prepare a separate video clip to go via all those factors, so we will certainly return. to this topic again in one of my future videos. 7. Don ' t carry also much financial obligation right into retired life, especially high-interest financial debt Well, life is life, occasionally there are reasons.
you would still have financial debt impressive when retired. When aiding clients, we
do try to have all that ' s repaid prior to the large day of retired life shows up.
but often it is not possible.If this holds true, after that we attempt to discover an additional option. to assist customers with the degree of earnings, as whatever payments you need to meet,. they will certainly minimize your earnings considerably However one of the worst debts you might have in. retirement or really any various other period of your life, is a bank card debt or any high-interest financial debt, such as individual car loans,. shop car loans, all those fast car loans facilities marketed frequently on television that. apparently can be accepted within 5 mins. Absolutely nothing, as well as I mean nothing is as urgent to purchase to also consider those lendings. as a few of them carry interest as close as 50%. But many people don ' t truly bother checking contracts all they desire is that new TV, that new phone, or an additional holiday.
Just enjoy my video clip:” Exactly how Banks keep you poor- stunning truth” and also you will certainly be surprised. by my estimations as well as my searchings for 8.
Don ' t retire also early. Layoff indicates early costs on their savings. If you do this then you might run out of money. while you are still very healthy and balanced and energetic. You may not have sufficient savings to spend for your clinical treatment. at the time when you are much older.

So please speak to a monetary. coordinator or financial advisor that can help you to find out when is one of the most advantageous. time for you to commence your retirement. 9. Invest well in growth assets. Of course many individuals in retired life are much as well. conventional with their investing, which'for the most part comes again from anxiety and also. lack of understanding of financial investment options yet an excellent recommendations can go a long way. to improve not only your recurring retirement income but the worth of your possessions. backing you up for the rest of your retired life, or
as your tradition you want to. leave behind for your recipients either to your partner to your youngsters or any kind of various other individual. or organization you wish to leave your estate too I have actually created a video clip:.” Investing for Revenue and Growth in Retired life” that explains the advantages of spending right into growth properties however as this subject has been asked for by lots of,. I will certainly produce new video clips regarding different kinds of investing. 10. Do not chop and change your financial investment method This is a sure method of continuously shedding cash,. when individuals are trying to keep changing their investments based upon some information listened to on. the radio, or on television, reviewed in the paper or spoken with a neighbor. Spending based upon such recommendations is a sure. method to keep shedding money it is not based on any kind of solid info, it is not based on any kind of research that you may have done.
“Please stay away from, maintain on. leaping from financial investment to financial investment you really need to develop a proper approach for your requirements,. stick to it, yet with annual and even semi-annual evaluations.11. Do not join panic withdrawals Oh my god put on ' t also get me started on this one. This is common expertise. I ' m certain every individual paying attention to me right now. will concur with me and also yet each year, I see the same blunders being made. I fulfill many individuals that are telling me exactly how much cash they lost, for instance throughout GFC Global Financial Situation. that took place in between 2007 as well as 2009 or the current
drop in March 2020 due to COVID.t Those individuals blame the economy, the marketplace, yet the what’s what is that once the market goes down,. it is too late to market any type of investments
. Whoever patiently awaited the marketplace recuperation,. got their refund and extra. It took two years after GFC for the marketplace to recoup. and it took only a number of months

after COVID crash.Nobody likes market collisions and volatility. yet it is component of investing and also you require to accept it if you wish to see any kind of resources growth of your cost savings. If you are a person that panics when markets doubt you truly require expert solution to. aid you with your investments as well as just how to deal psychologically with those market adjustments. and also that ' s where an excellent monetary planner can assist.
12. Don ' t attempt to chase historic efficiency. Don ' t spend into in 2015 victors more than likely this asset or this fund supervisor. will certainly not be a champion in the list below year.
Markets live, they transform daily, there are. many pressures that affect performance of assets in one year and decline in the year after. If you keep trying to switch between in 2014 winners your deal price will certainly skyrocket. and you will certainly go on paying the highest rate to acquire new investments.This is a certain means to be going backwards. It is not about timing the market but rather concerning time in the market. When we begin speaking concerning shares as I guaranteed,. I will go much deeper into description of this subject 14.
Or possibly just merely you take pleasure in. Please consist of some fun in your budget plan.
Next week we will continue discussing even more 16 ways. to enhance your economic preparation journey I question if you'can develop few ideas yourself. Please let me understand in the summary below this video.
what would certainly you think are important methods to improve your retired life planning?. Please share your ideas with us.
As well as now I wish to invite you to watch a few of. today ' s pointed out video clips: the very first one,” How much do I require to retire “extremely essential information if you are intending your retired life soon. The 2nd is the collection of retired life income. video clips: Age Pension & Your Retired life So do not hesitate to leap onto those advised video clips as well as I will be'speaking with you soon.

See you then.

I ' m a Certified Financial Organizer, and also'you are enjoying Concerning Retired life TV,. “What Income is Required in Retired life”. Just watch this video clip” Exactly how long will you live in retirement “. Prioritise your own requirements as well as your very own retirement. Of course several people in retirement are far too.

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