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Hollywood Lifestyle | My Trip to LA | Watch Your Style Does Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and More!

So this is the second time that I’m out here in LA and let me tell you something, the first time that I came here, it was a little bit confusing because I felt like Hollywood had pulled a Hollywood on me. You’re used to seeing it on TV an you see it a certain way, you kind of perceive it as a certain type of look, but when you get there and you’re riding on the freeway from the airport, you’re kind of like, �This is it?� It kind of like took me the first couple of days to really understand it because it’s very spread out, not like Miami where I’m from where everything is more concentrated.

So for the first day, I was kind of let down, but then after the second and third day you kind of start getting the rhythm of things and realizing where all the dope stuff is and where everything really is in this place. Overall, I love LA. The views is sick man. When you’re in the Hills, I mean you kind have a lot more dimension to the view. There’s obviously different ones. There’s ones that overlook and you see like the whole see city and there’s other parts that see like the Hollywood sign. This particular view is nice. I mean, I got a little bit, but you got something, but overall, I think what I like better sometimes are the views of the other houses, the fact that you’re seeing the other houses up on the hill.

The particular location of this exact house is actually pretty cool. I mean, it’s got Runyon Canyon, the entrance is literally right there. Like it’s location, location. It’s actually perfect because it’s right next to Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset. I think it’s a perfect location overall. It’s very central. You can make it anywhere, clubs are not too far, Beverly Hills is right there. So it’s overall very central. So it’s pm. Just got ready. We’re gonna go to dinner first to have some sushi. And probably gonna go out tonight again, just for a little while. I mean, everything here in LA is actually very early.

So that’s a little bit of a change considering that I’m used to Miami where we kind of have dinner at 11:30, but here the clubs close at am. We’re gonna go out for a little while. I got things to do tomorrow, but overall I’m just really happy with the turnout of this actual house. I mean, Jesus Christ, shout out to Airbnb.

The first time I get something on Airbnb by the way. I thought it was a little bit sketchy. I don’t know. I just never done it before, but actually they came through and the house is really nice. It has…this is nothing I can complain about with this house. I see a lot more watches in Miami than in LA. I just haven’t seen as much concentration of Rolex and high end luxury watches as I would usually see in Miami. I just feel like here…I don’t know, maybe they just spread out more, you know, the city is more spread out, but I haven’t seen too many like high end luxury watches.

I mean, I walked into the boutiques over there in Rodeo and I kind of felt like the stock was so limited that it was like just women’s watches and ugly watches that nobody wants to buy. Alright, so I’m rocking tonight the Patek 5980, full rose gold. You know, something clean. I mean, I’ve seen believe it or not a couple of bust-downs last night. Last night I saw Playboi Carti with a bust-downs skeleton. I mean, it’s not my style but it looked hot.

Bryan, what are you wearing tonight. >> BRYAN: Tonight I’ll be wearing the all-gold Sky, chocolate dial. >> ERIC: Is a good one, I mean, one of my personal favorites. One of the things that I’m looking forward to doing in this trip is tomorrow is Saturday mid-day we’re gonna go to lunch at Nobu. Everybody tells me it’s a must do. Let’s see what the hype is all about.

I’ll be the judge of that. So I’m still looking for watches man. I haven’t seen any to tell you the truth. I’ve been out here there. This one watch that for one second at Starbucks I thought I had actually seen a guy with a good watch and then I realized it was actually a fake 5980. The sub-dial was actually silver and only the one on the leather strap has that, so. I don’t know man, every time I go somewhere and I travel I always try to do some type of like watch spotting. I’m always trying to see like if people are wearing watches or what type of caliber of watches, and obviously I mean LA has a lot of money, so there’s obviously a lot of watches. I just haven’t ran into them yet. Only thing I’ve ran into so far is a fake 5980 rose gold.

I’m here in Rodeo Drive. This is kind of what the Miami Design District aspires to be and I think at some point it will get there, but for right now it’s in the early beginning. I mean there just pretty much is anything in luxury brands here. It’s got everything, all the luxury good stores are here. I don’t know if it’s just me, but like one thing that I notice maybe it’s just the timing or I don’t know, maybe it’s just the timing or the day, but I noticed that in, for example, Miami, Bal Harbour and in the Design District there’s a lot more exotic cars, whereas here, I don’t know, I mean maybe it’s like I said.

It could be maybe just timing or placement, but I feel like in Miami there’s just a lot more, shiny and exotic cars everywhere around these areas. Alright so we’re out here in Venice Beach California. Actually, the first time that I came to LA I was out here, but I didn’t have enough time to actually walk the beach and we’re here at the famous Muscle Beach in the whole strip and let me tell you, it has like a Wynwood vibe.

It’s kind of just like Wynwood in Miami, but like on the water. Same thing, same chill vibe, a lot of hipsters, very laid back. So let me tell you something that I’ve noticed about California. There is some characters out here man! I mean, I know we got some weirdos over there in Miami, but let me tell you something, it’s like extra, extra, extra special people watching over here. I mean, I have not been bored a single moment in the people watching department while I’ve been on the West Coast trip. I mean, it’s unbelievable the things you see. Yeah Santa Monica here is nice man. It’s for sight seeing it’s perfect. Venice was intense though. Did you see that? >> BRYAN: Most people that I’ve ever seen together in my life.

>> ERIC: Whoa! Bro! That was intense. I haven’t seen that many people in like a concentrated area. It was like, it was crazy man! And like talk about the characters. What was up with that like sorcerer looking situation. >> BRYAN: A sorcerer in a Speedo. >> ERIC: I don’t know if it was horns or if there was like his hair was like gelled out, but it was crazy bro! The last three days in L.A. have been very productive. I got to see an important client of mine while I was here. I did a little bit of partying at nighttime. Went to a few clubs. I also got explore places that I didn’t get to go to the first time around and now I have more of a better idea of what Los Angeles is like. What’s my favorite part? I mean, look, it’s all very nice, but I would say that my favorite part of LA is gonna be either Hollywood, the whole Hills area, all of that is probably my favorite and Santa Monica, where I’m at right now.

I mean, Santa Monica is so nice man, super cool. I mean the weather is unbelievable. I feel like I’ve been in the sun all three days and I haven’t broken a sweat once. That’s the one factor that I can’t take that back home to Miami. The weather in Miami is humid and hot, whereas here it’s just cool and dry and that’s the one thing that’s gonna stick with me to the end. So one thing about the watch game in LA. I mean, there’s definitely, obviously some heavy, heavy hitters and they’re all over the place, but I guess I just didn’t see as many watches as you see in Miami. There’s just a lot more concentrated amounts of people wearing high end, luxury watches in Miami as opposed to California.

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