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I Found Saddam Hussein’s Abandoned Palace (Iraq)

(eerie songs).
– This is actually one of the creepiest locations I'' ve ever been. I ' m like looking over my shoulder due to the fact that I'' m waiting on like a carcass to drop on me or something. – Saddam made use of to sit on.
this massive golden throne. – Exactly. That'' s where he utilized to hang. out and speak with his family and also friends and also loved ones. (man speaking in foreign language) It'' s like Nazi (beep). It'' s like Hitler (beep). Shukran. What'' s up, everyone? My name is Drew Binsky. Today, I am in Babylon in.
the central component of Iraq, and also I am exploring Saddam.
Hussein'' s former palace. It is mind blowing. I spent the last hr and also a fifty percent right here, as well as I'' m gon na take you men all.
around this deserted place, which was when an attractive.
royal residence, not as well long earlier. (remarkable music) – [Drew Voiceover] After a.
couple of days of checking out Baghdad, which was absolutely nothing short of incredible, the actual Iraqi journey has actually simply started. Our trip continued southbound to Babylon, an area I first found out about in my grade school classroom. Ends up it'' s among the most magnificent.
locations I'' ve ever gone to on world earth.Babylonian history that dates. back to the 19th century BC. And also, at one point, it was.
the biggest city on the planet with 200,000 locals. Today, just ruins remain, but they continue lots of.
tales of the Bible, the world'' s initially known civil code, and the death location of.
Alexander the Great. I'' m saving the rest of Babylon for next Sunday'' s video clip, where I stray deep into.
the ancient walls as well as ruins. The story you'' re gon na. find out about right currently takes a bit of a left turn and is most likely as weird as.
any tale I'' ve ever before informed you.- Regarding to head inside of.
Saddam Hussein'' s previous royal residence, which is now a huge, empty.
structure, yet a brand-new structure, since it was just built.
a pair decades back. Wow. I'' d be lying to you if I didn'' t say it was a little bit terrifying strolling around this palace since there ' s dark rooms almost everywhere.
I feel like a body is. gon na be hanging someplace or someone ' s gon na jump.
out at you or something. I have that instinct.
His policy was a repressive dictatorship and also was noted by costly.
as well as not successful wars versus surrounding countries, along with genocides.
against minority groups, like the Kurdish. The overall variety of Iraqis.
eliminated during Saddam'' s regimen is estimated at over a quarter million. As well as rightfully so, he was publicly performed in 2006, after being convicted of.
criminal offenses against humankind by the Iraqi court. In various other words, the exact same individuals who chose.
him right into power are the ones that eliminated him. Throughout his years in power, Saddam was notorious for.
building substantial palaces across Iraq as an indicator of supremacy and also as a means to leave his legacy.One of those

ignored the old damages of Babylon and also we essentially discovered it as we drove into the region. – It'' s really, truly grand. This area is impressive, majestic. Currently all vandalized, of program, because after Saddam'' s autumn as well as fatality, individuals just took whatever of value and simply vandalized the area, paint on the wall surfaces, broke the windows. – [Drew] You can.
really feel how huge it as soon as was. – Super majestic.
– What, just thirty years earlier? 40 years back?
For anybody who enjoys to check out locations, this is like a play area. Everything is just complete cleaned, old. I was informed by residents that Saddam Hussein invested.
10s of countless dollars building this titan, as well as I indicate giant, complicated that rests on top of.
an artificially-made hillside with the most effective views of Babylon. – Wow, take a look at this. This project was not only patriotic, but likewise narcissistic, as you can see by the many.
faces of him at the entryway. In significance, Saddam.
tried to reconstruct Babylon and he desired every Iraqi to know it.

– This is crazy. Wow. – [Drew Voiceover] Now, 18 years after Saddam'' s fall from power, his palace has come to be completely abandoned. All the rooms are still undamaged, however damaged glass and also graffiti.
are found everywhere. The truth that we were the just.
ones there made it scary to experience and also I truthfully.
There'' s an insane. I'' m not going in there. Why do you assume that'' s. the method to obtain upstairs?
– Careful, it'' s complete of. You have to be actually. And also clearly, this place, I visualize is full of rats '' reason all this darkness and filth.
– Hidden chamber. Surprise chamber? Whoa, guy.
A concealed.
chamber in Saddam'' s royal residence.- We ' re essentially in a tiny hidden chamber walking on water bottles. (canteen crunching) This place just shrieks.
Unusual. We'' re going up once again. Check out the rooms there?
– Yeah, allow'' s go. Pitch black. Do you wan na go in?
– It'' s possibly simply like. Attempting to get on the top, on the rooftop. We had to go with all.
of these insane little windows and doors to obtain up right here. I believe this is the spot, male. Are we gon na get shouted.
How (beep) cool is this area? I'' m really impressed. If you like dark tourist, this place is one of the 10 finest things I'' ve ever done.
Monrovia, we traveled. What'' s insane is all the.
over the last couple of years, people coming here and also simply creating stuff. I put on'' t know what it claims,.
'' reason it'' s all in Arabic, however it ' s truly fascinating exactly how artistic this place has ended up being. Love deserted places. Whenever I obtain the chance to discover them, constantly do it. – [Drew Voiceover] What a crazy experience the last 2 hrs of my life has been.My adrenaline is still pumping and also I wear ' t recognize if I ' ll. ever before witness something this unusual ever before again.- This is probably the coolest abandoned. building I ' ve ever remained in. And also I did this video clip quickly. It ' s actually just a sneak peek. There ' s a lot even more to see,. a great deal more areas to go in, yet truth be told I have actually a. lot more of Babylon to explore as well as the sun is going down. I wanted to simply make a, simply a story separately on. Saddam Hussein ' s palace. Definitely mind blowing area. Hope you men appreciated this video. Stay tuned for even more content all around Iraq on Instagram, @drewbinsky. Send me a message there. Would certainly enjoy to hear from you men and also relocating onwards to the following. Later on, Saddam. Tranquility. Promptly, prior to you go. If you ' re trying to connect with me and I haven ' t responded. the most effective way to do so is by in fact texting my. phone,( 310 )349-3854.
I am going one by one as well as replying to all. your messages on there.

And I additionally have an actually.
trendy e-mail e-newsletter. If you click the web link in.
As well as I likewise give a lot of.
business that I function with. With that being stated,.
have a fantastic day individuals, and also I ' ll see you following.
week for even more Iraq video clips.( soft songs) Okay.
The final checkpoint, which I failed to, I believed we ' d currently had the final one. It was a little bit a lot more extreme.'They held us for regarding five mins, asked a lot of questions,. show the ticket, reveal the COVID examination. And after that all the smiles came when
they saw his passport.Oh, he ' s from Spain. Oh, Barcelona or Madrid, every time.- Each and every single time. It

' s a blessing, guy.- You ' re so fortunate. – I ' m truly blessed.
(beep) concerning football, as any kind of American'doesn ' t. This person. If he'' s a Barcelona fan, I toss him off, saying.
that kinda solution so. – No, yet it still eases the discussion since it'' s extremely stressful. when you first draw over. And after that all of an unexpected you'' re Habibi and smiling and laughing.I ' m Drew Binsky, and also if. you like my traveling videos,
please click subscribe. and ring that little bell so you can obtain alerted. on all my approaching video clips as I take you to every. single country on the planet.

I'' d be lying to you if I didn'' t state it was a little bit terrifying strolling around this palace because there ' s dark rooms all over.
' reason it'' s all in Arabic, yet it ' s really interesting how artsy this area has become. What a crazy experience the last two hours of my life has been.My adrenaline is still pumping as well as I wear ' t understand if I ' ll. If you ' re trying to get in touch with me and I place ' t responded. As well as then all of a sudden you'' re Habibi as well as grinning as well as laughing.I ' m Drew Binsky, as well as if.

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