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Brett Lee – What I Eat in a Day | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla

Hi it’s Brett Lee here And today i’m going to tell you or try to tell you everything that I eat during the day and what my fitness plan is Coffee Coffee to me is very important in the morning because we generally work late nights But now I try to have a balanced diet. I don’t do Dieting I don’t do any sort of fed different diets that you see around the world I just I’ve tried a balanced diet and what I mean by that is, you know meat and vegetables and Just heaps of fruit try to keep things nice and balanced but I reckon with with eating too Hydration is the key. You know if you can stay well hydrated these Hunger cravings can can can go away because you yeah, you are hydrated. Yes I had a masala dosa which was a lot of fun, but normally just eggs whether it’s an omelette, maybe some fruit salad And you know once again coffee because coffee is very important in morning for lunch and dinner.

It could be a salad with some chicken You know could be some lamb and then I I do eat a lot of curries back in Australia But I also love a lot of Western food. I love Japanese food You know, I love Thai food. So I’m pretty multi-culture when it comes to different foods We do a lot of barbecues back in Australia where we put some lamb on the barbeque and some chicken So yeah, look it changes everyday But also fish I enjoy eating fish if you ask my wife she would say that so I’m definitely not an early riser Because we work as I mentioned, you know different hours to most people we might be You know on television until midnight one o’clock each each day when we are working So yeah, I probably get up.

You know, it’s to me whatever time you go to bed you need 8 hours sleep and that’s gotta live my life on because sleep is the most important thing obviously to keep Keep a balanced life also to keep your weight at a balanced level sleep is very very important Well, oral hygiene if you ask my friends, they reckon I am What would they say that they’d say that my oral hygiene is a hundred over 100 because I floss probably five times a day Brush my teeth at least three times a day and you know making sure that you see the right people We’re down here today at dents, which is a wonderful place. I’ve just discovered the hygiene. The cleanliness is first-class world-class Definitely come back here again a favorite meal of the day. I think it’s probably dinner because that’s when as a family, you know us For unuse we obviously eat ate our meals a lot earlier than the traditional Indian culture So we will provide dinner in about 6 o’clock latest when I’m back in Australia and us it’s a really good chance Where we all come together as a family and share a beautiful meal probably would have to be Japanese food Yeah, it’s you know with whether it’s sushi sashimi.

I love all the fresh produce and the fresh fish And and also some salad too the healthiest alcoholic drink that’s probably oxymoron probably doesn’t even exist If you are gonna have a spirit have it with water thanda pani with it are there’s there’s there’s all these different diets going around But what happens with with diets in some people is that they you know, they will lose weight So they’ll go purely on a full fat diet They might go purely on a vegetarian diet And what actually happens is that? When they go on a fad or they go through this diet and they might last for six weeks or six months as soon as they go off it, you know, they put all the weight back on so consistency Keeping a balanced diet a balanced lifestyle. We all know that abs are made in the kitchen 80 percent of You know weight loss is definitely made for the kitchen and if you can substitute that with it with a nice You know training each day 45 minutes of training is all that you need You do that you tick that box and you should have a healthy life.

Oh, there are few fit guys in the world Kol is obviously a guy that looks after himself and he’s very fit You know if you think about the AVI play someone like a Mitchell stark He’s got a beautiful rap. You know, you don’t have to be the next cricketer You don’t have to be the next Bollywood star as long as you’re looking after your body and you’re comfortable in your own skin That’s the most important thing well I try to pride myself on being the fittest and we used to have competitions among the team who was the fittest But I think fast bowlers are definitely the fittest of all athletes.

I think throughout the world They’re smile. Anyone that’s on the Bollywood screen. I’ve got a good smile I mentioned a few before the Shah Rukh Khan Preity Zinta two friends of mine that that owned Kings XI and KKR so probably go this day just to keep things consistent and if you if you tick off Something every single day in order to to make you feel good So in other words get up in the morning achieve something whether it’s making your bed Whether it’s getting up taking out the rubbish Whether you go to the gym in the morning If you start the day knowing that you’ve actually achieved something so I like to get up feel fresh plenty of water You know making sure you’re drinking three to five liters of water a day. So that’s definitely the key Hi, this is Brett Lee.

Hopefully you have enjoyed my interview .

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