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Steve Beller of Appreciation Financial Shares Ways to Minimize Risk in Retirement

foreign [Music] welcome back this is retirement News online so the longer the time spent in retirement the harder it becomes to be certain about a retiree's financial outcome so in planning for retirement or living in retirement you have to understand the risks that lie ahead and how they could impact your financial security and joining me is Steve Beller with appreciation Financial so Steve one strategy for managing risk with Investments is diversification so talk about what you see with new clients in your practice would you say that a lot of people think that they are Diversified but really aren't well well Scott that is absolutely great question I hear that a lot in terms of diversification a lot of my clients that I've worked with basically tell me that they have either you know some mutual funds stocks and their 401ks their IRAs and so on but a lot of the time basically it's really the same stocks right so if you are not completely Diversified whether it be with cash value life insurance or a fixed index strategy that provides the upside with no downside when the market uh essentially has a downturn so you don't wake up one morning and basically 20 22 percent of your account has been wiped out due to Market uh downside down downturns and and losses in the market like it's basically had over the last few years can you talk about the difference between a client's risk tolerance and risk capacity sure that's another great question Scott so risk tolerance I look at it as more of a more emotional right it's what can you what are you willing to accept in the market in terms of how much money do you actually need when you retire so that risk tolerance is really emotional what are you willing to do what accounts do you want your money in where they can grow and so on risk capacity is more along the lines of what can you afford how much money do you actually need to put into your account on a monthly yearly basis whether it be an indexing strategy mutual fund stocks cash value life insurance that's going to provide you an income stream for the rest of your life when you retire and then Steve how should Market risk in a portfolio adjust as someone gets closer to retirement well I can really get that question uh all the time so when someone gets closer to retirement you are dealing with a Time Horizon right so where are you today and how many more years do you have left to retirement so for instance you have five years left can you really afford to have all your eggs in one basket and if there's a downturn in the market and you've been wiped out 20 percent 22 percent and now you have to go back to work for five years seven years because you cannot afford to retire so that really is a great question I get that a lot finally what are some other risks to consider retirement planning one of the big ones is outliving your wealth and Investments that is one of the biggest risks I see that people do not plan appropriately based on having a diversified portfolio to make sure that their money is protected and they've been investing for a long enough period of time based on their time Horizon on when they have left to retire that making sure that they have enough wealth and an income stream to last them for the rest of their life my guess has been Steve Beller with appreciation Financial thanks for watching retirement News online foreign [Music]

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