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Retirement Struggles: 2 Things I Struggled With When I Retired

what's going on everyone welcome back to the show 
so as you guys can see now I'm on the road and   I am on my way to Las Vegas there's a convention 
the National Association of broadcasters   convention and so I'm gonna go to that see what's 
going on when it comes to the new technology comes   the cameras and audio equipment things like that 
but I wanted to talk a little bit about retirement   and I just want to add on to the video that 
I posted a couple of days ago and if you guys   can do me a favor like I've I've stated in 
previous videos actually I stated only in   one video the last video that I posted about 
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friends and that helps with the algorithm as well   so I'm almost I'm actually almost to Vegas I've 
been driving for the last two and a half hours and   I just thought about something I wanted to talk 
a little bit about when it comes to retirement   so as you guys know if you don't know 
I retired about it's been a year in   a year and six months no not 
a year a year and four months   and one thing that I did not anticipate and this 
is I talked about some of the things in a previous   video and I'll post a link to that video so you 
can check it out but one of the things that I   didn't expect and this is more of a negative when 
it comes to retiring is that a lot of the people   that you work with so your friends at work and I 
consider friends at work and your friends that you   grew up with they're kind of in different banks 
right they're not the same because your friends   you grew up with I have friends that I grew up 
with and they've been my friends for for years   and years but when you start working somewhere 
of course you're going to develop friendships   but it's kind of a situation where I don't 
want to say it's a forced relationship   but you do have to spend a lot of time with 
those people anyway and sometimes that develops   into a relationship where you might go out 
to lunch together and you might even spend   time outside of work with them and so one of 
the things that I didn't anticipate is those   people that you do have relationships with at 
work and you go to lunch and things like that   some of those people will not be around when you 
retire so they might continue working and you   retire and you don't hear from them anymore and so 
that's one of the things that I didn't anticipate   I was thinking you know what some of these friends 
we've had a friendship for years let's say five   ten years and it was okay when we were working 
together because we saw each other a lot and   we spent time and talked about different things 
and all that but when you retire it's different   now you're not a part of of the company anymore 
you're not a part of the the the the the workforce   um and so you don't see that person very often and 
you might not have even talked to them that much   on the phone or text with them that much when 
you were working because you saw them all the   time but now that you're retired it's totally 
different because now you don't text them and   you really don't hear from them so that was 
a big thing that I had to kind of adjust to   and there are some people that I still talk with 
there are some people that I work with that I   still talk to on a regular basis that I go out 
to lunch with even now that I'm retired I still   got to go out to lunch with them and spend time 
with them but some of those people I was already   doing that before I mean that it was already it 
was already established like I met them at work   but we already had a friendship outside of work 
and so that friendship was able to continue   where is there some other people that I had 
relationships with didn't really spend too   much time outside of work with them and those 
are the people that you you really don't hear   from maybe I'll hear from them once in a blue moon 
if someone got fired and they wanted to share this   information with me for whatever reason that that 
kind of stuff where something happened that was   drastic at work where they want to share that with 
you and so I think it's just something that you   should think about when you retire who's still 
going to be around as your friends and who is   not going to talk to you anymore or pretty 
much they're going about their business and   you're not a part of their life anymore and like I 
stated I've had I have friends that I grew up with   and they're still my friends today and I spend 
time with them so this is not anything for me   it's not a big deal but it's just an observation 
it's something that I didn't really anticipate I   was thinking that some of the people that I 
spent a lot of time with at work I probably   still be in touch with them after I stop working 
there but it is it it's not that's not the case   and so I just wanted to mention them now there 
are some other things when it comes to retirement   that are were Shockers to me things that aren't 
really you know positive and I wanted I talked   about in the previous video I talked about all 
the the positives of retirement and they're   the positives far outweigh the negatives when it 
comes to retiring and so I just wanted to mention   this and I'm really when it comes down to it 
if you are in a situation where you have the   opportunity to retire especially if you have 
the opportunity to retire when you're younger   and you can afford to do that I highly highly 
recommend taking taking that that uh that leap   because there are so many things that you can 
benefit from if you retire and what some people do   is they will especially if you work 
where you're receiving a pension   what a lot of people will do is they'll go ahead 
and retire and start pulling that tension in and   then go somewhere else and get another 
job in in the law enforcement community   this is very common you see this a lot because 
you're working in law enforcement you're working   for the government you're usually going to receive 
a pension and they will take that pension and then   go and they can do the same job go to another 
agency that has a different Retirement System   and then they can collect their pension 
after they've retired from the the first   uh the first law enforcement job and then go 
to another law enforcement job and double dip   and so that's very very common and not you know 
I'm not talking about just police officers and   things like that I'm talking about people 
who work for a government in general so it   doesn't even have to be just law enforcement most 
government jobs they have pension plans set up   and so they will do that exact same thing 
they'll leave they'll go somewhere else and   they'll they'll be able to collect a pension 
as well as work another job and and double dip   and so that's another option but I I highly 
recommend as soon as you can if you can retire   do it there are a lot of people out there that 
are struggling at work and they might not ever   be able to retire and that's really sad and 
there's some people that are doing fine at work   and they can retire but they don't know 
what they're going to do when they retire   and so they just continue to work and just my 
opinion that's the wrong the wrong way to do   things not everybody I mean some people they 
love their job and that's why they stay there   and they they don't know what they would do 
without their job and I completely understand   that one of the other negatives when it comes to 
retiring is now you're no longer on a schedule   whereas when I was working I had a schedule 
got up at a certain time in the morning Monday   through Friday eight at a certain time 
in the morning got to work ate lunch at   a certain time everything was was structured 
whereas when you retire that structure is gone   and that's one thing that I had to to learn really 
fast was I need to have a structure so if that   means me creating my own structure or something 
working a part-time job or doing something I need   to have that structure because if not then I end 
up not doing anything for days on end where it's   like okay I I plan to do something and then I 
just keep putting it off because I don't have   that structure and so that's something that's 
really important and something that I've learned   just in this year and a half that I've been 
been retired I've learned the importance of   I need to be on a on a schedule and I need to 
stick to that schedule so I can get things done   and so I just wanted to share that with you 
guys and those are the two main things there   when it comes to retirement that I've noticed 
just in this last a little over a year   the fact that some of your friends at work you're 
probably not going to hear from when you retire   and the schedule aspect you need to be on the 
schedule and I say that I shouldn't say you   need I need to be on a schedule in order to get 
things done when I retire because that's just the   way way I am and I've been working for the vast 
majority of my adult life on a schedule and so   it's hard to be off the schedule when you retire 
and so I just wanted to share that now I want   you guys in the comments below if you guys can do 
me a favor let me know some of the the struggles   that you found in retirement so let me know that 
in the comments below and if you like this video   please give me a thumbs up please subscribe for 
more next time you guys see me I'm going to be   in Las Vegas and I will continue to post videos 
every day so that's not going to change but I   just wanted to give you guys a quick update and 
yes I'm on my way to Vegas next time you see me   it'll probably be me shooting a video out of the 
hotel so it'll be a little different environment   and I might even show you some some stuff from 
the the actual uh the conference that I'm going to   so that's all I have like the video 
subscribe for more please share like   I said please share this video with others and 
I will talk to you guys in the next one goodbye

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