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Rethink Traditional Retirement: Our Top Tips For A Happier Retirement!

retirement actually killed my father his retirement lasted 15 years and his decline was like him jumping off a cliff now jod and I have spent the past 5 years doing the complete opposite we call it climbing a mountain it's the complete opposite of what my dad did and we want to share with you today some of the things you can do to have the same outcome that we have you know the past 5 years have really been miraculous for us and today we're going to share with you the holy Grail of a successful retirement our Holy Grail Y and you know what I think this is going to be our new thing might we might even Rebrand the channel the Holy Grail of retirement I'm pretty sure Holy Grail is probably already trademarked okay well we all make daily choices about how we want to spend our time right every day Jody and I do the same thing is it watching TV all day and being sedentary which could be okay which can be okay I actually did that on Saturday cuz I was having one of those days or is it thriving and growing and getting healthier so that we live different from the way my dad did for sure you know today we want you to listen and take a few notes and think of your life and what you want to do for the rest of the time you're here and Alive you need to think about this because this is really your final Act I turned 76 whoa 67 wo I flipped it 67 yesterday y 13 more years years I'm 80 right you know 23 years I'm 100 90 but I will tell you our kids age 39 and younger and their significant others said you're making 67 look easier than 39 well thank you for I liked that that was a good compliment it was a great compliment but here's the thing at 67 or whatever age you are how do you want to be remembered what impact are you going to make on your family and your community on the world what is going to be your legacy and you know we hear all the time things but yeah you know here they go again up on their Soap Box preaching the Good Life and you know what you bet we are or as our neighbors from Minnesota say you beta um you know we're dead serious about changing the way everyone approaches retirement or at least influencing it that I don't know if we can actually change it but we could influence it it's so much mindset and habits and routines and everything else that we talk about but really want to take all your doubts about retirement and put it aside and stay with us today as we share our seven key strategies that we've perfected for our retirement and if you're new here I'm Mark and this is my wife Jody and we don't focus on the financial aspects of retirement but rather your lifestyle your health your relationships and more so please hit the Subscribe button but more importantly if you're finding that this video is helping you share it with with other people that you love and care about that are on the same Journey that you are absolutely so last week jod and I were playing golf and we haven't played much this winter but we well I have you I mean together yeah together we haven't played you've been deep in the business in the book and everything else and now they've got a lot more free time so now we're spending more time playing golf but what I noticed last week was that I was completely in the moment and it wasn't like that during my career in my career I'm always thinking about the next thing the next project what do I have to do this afternoon what I have to do in 10 minutes what emails do I have to answer you know and I'm thinking weeks months and years ahead and it was just stressful right but now in retirement when we've been able to slow down a little bit and pause I'm finding myself that I'm in the moment all the time and that is so much different than it used to be and it can really help your golf game because you know all you need to think about right now is your next shot you don't need to you know start solving problems for later in the day the week the month or the year right but we've had to work at that right and the Seven strategies we're going to share today have allowed us to get to the point after being in retirement for five years it's taken a long time for us to get here it really has and the thing is we're trying to give you our secrets of success and what we hear from our clients and the comments we get on the YouTube channel so you know we're coaching in each other all the time on this and coaching others so I you know I just want you to pay attention today because you know I think back on my dad and the decisions that he made that ruined his retirement and we're not going to do that yeah my dad made so many bad decisions before retirement that he never really he never made it to retirement because of his lifestyle choices now part of retirement is having a good relationship with your partner wife husband whatever it is so there's a link below to to one of our free downloads the relationship toolkit that you can use with a husband or wife or a close friend or even a colleague really any significant relationship in your life you could use this toolkit for so download it and check it out all right so here are our Holy Grail of retirement strategies trademarked can we trademark them I don't think so n too bad all right the first thing the first thing you have to get right is your finances you need good financial management and Wellness within there how much money do you have how much money is coming in how much money is going out they seem like basic questions and a lot of people even people with enough money don't think they have enough money right when they retire so having you need to get some help in this area yeah absolutely and you know this is a good time to also mention and maybe we should link it below the new retirement platform that um that we have a partnership with and and it just is an easy planning tool for you to use to run scenarios in it's a dashboard that ties all your financial information together I honestly I forget what it cost $100 a year 150 I think something it's free for I don't know two weeks you could try it it's a great tool but really having a good idea on how much you have and there's all these scenarios everybody can run but realizing that you can control some things like you can decide that you know what this house even though it's paid off it's bigger right it's you know it's 5,000 square ft it's got four bedrooms we don't need four bedrooms even though it's paid off you have to heat it or cool it you have to paint it and take care of it put a new roof on it all that stuff costs a lot of money it does so things like downsizing going from two houses to one or a big house to a smaller house or even moving from the house concept to a condo Co-op you know apartment you know those are things to think about that really help in your financial planning and then once you get your plan what's coming in what's going out you know where are your expenses key expenses for the month and develop a plan and stick to it you know how often do you want to go out to dinner how many family vacations do you want you know what type of housing do you need I mean that's really what we're talking about with getting the basics for your financial plan number one right and if you get this right you're going to have Financial Independence all right now the second part of this is you know thinking to yourself you know does part-time work or Consulting maybe fit into your retirement plan you know you know for us this this uh YouTube channel and our business retirement transform gives us fulfillment it fills part of our day we know that we're serving others we're building a channel we're trying to learn new skills as we go sometimes we're climbing a mountain of learning that's for sure with YouTube and you know some of the social media platforms but I I want to say something here because we get a fair number of comments on our channel from people that watch it and they say these two are not retired they're working they're going on business trips they're doing this they're doing that that's they should just really retire we are retired from our first careers but part-time work or Consulting like you said Jody is gosh it gives us fulfillment it fills part of our day right I don't know sometimes like last this past Saturday I didn't feel like doing anything right and I didn't do anything I watched TV I read a little bit I took a nap you know there's people that do that every day in retirement it's really unhealthy so so this idea of part-time work or Consulting once you're in retirement you know I think it's important to assess your time assess your plan and figure out if that fits in and if it will be additive because if it's not additive then it doesn't fit into your retirement world and I think that's fine too yeah and there's nothing wrong with having some extra money come in to pay some of your expenses so you can go on vacation or pay for meals out nothing wrong with that in this phase of life especially if it gives you some purpose and you got passion around it and it gives you a reason to get up in the morning so that's the second bucket bucket strategy that we use for our what do we call this we trade the Holy Grail the Holy Grail the third strategy that we have is building Community this is so darn important and we've gotten really good at it and you have to change your mindset you know it just just made me think at at all major transitions in life whether you're going from grade school to middle school middle school to high school high school to College college to your working jobs or your careers or you move around if you're a military family you know you know every big transition in life you have to build community retirement is no different you know finding new friends keeping the old friends you know making sure you're reaching out and I think the really big part here is being intentional about it well yes that that is what we've learned in The Last 5 Years y you can't just come to Florida like we did and move in and expect people are going to ring your bell and say oh you're new in the neighborhood let's go out to dinner we've worked at it right and we've made some mistakes you know we've picked some wrong friends we just don't call them again but we've picked some really right ones and they've introduced us to other right friends so we have uh what are we doing in Wednesday night we're doing a a progressive appetizer and dessert dinner with nine couples nine couples yeah that would be really fun I mean it's I mean that's going to I I haven't done that Mar's a little worried that he's not going to get enough to eat but I promise you will well well I did that in my 30s you know when you meet meet new people but this is such a great time I mean we have F community at the gym we have community at our Golf League we do lunch groups a little while family is critical still we stay in touch with our family but if you can get this third strategy building Community right right your retirement will flourish 100% okay so the third bucket or the next bucket is um because I think this was the fourth bucket is physical activity and you guys know we're always on a platform pushing people to be active we have always been active but now we're in a whole new level of activity that took us again five years to kind of figure out what we wanted our physical activity to be and how it was going to translate to physical wellness you know right now we're both doing morning boot camps you know one hour 5 days a week Mark does five days I only do four because I have a golf day in the middle of the week and it was hard at first you know getting up early you know not knowing what you were doing you know getting a little anxious about different you know workouts I was I know you weren't anxious about it but you know me at almost 60 years old doing an army cwl across cross the floor is not a really good look but it took some courage and now we're addicted and you know what before that honestly our physical activity I'm going to call [ __ ] on both of us because we said we worked out we said we were active but it was walking a little bit and it was doing this we are now busting our butts for an hour 5 days a week four days a week to to feel good to look good to have the energy that we need and I'm not calling [ __ ] on my prior physical activity because my 90 minutes of hot Power Yoga would kick your ass every day that's true so calling [ __ ] call on himself yeah cuz I was in the garage doing it kind of jumping jacks yeah that's not really nice but we're getting stronger we're building muscle look at your arms I'm not going to flex my arms you you know we hit the golf ball longer we spend time walking Ruby physical activity without a doubt if you get this right in your retirement you're going to have Boundless Energy to carry you throughout the day and you know it's funny at any stage of the game so no matter where you are in pre-retirement just retired postretirement 10 years into retirement or any of our kids and I just had this conversation this morning with our 27 soon to be 28-year-old who just got a big promotion your physical wellness has to be a part of your day no matter where you are on the spectrum because if you're physic Ally Fit and Well and you've you know done your exercise everything else gets easier after that you know she said to me yesterday I need a morning routine like yours but I can't figure out how to do it and I'm like I'm 67 and I have a morning routine I wish that I was doing the morning routine I'm doing now at 27 at 27 I I don't regret it well you must have inspired her cuz she got up at 5: this morning she moved her body she ate a good breakfast and then off so that was a good so let's talk about another one nutrition which is big for both of us yeah it's big for both of us um you know uh we stopped eating junk food bad snacks fast food you stop wait a second you're talking about me you didn't do junk food you didn't do bad snacks or fast food but I did I just don't have the stomach for it I kind of wish I did you know when you're driving down the highway and someone says ooh there's a chickfila i i panic because I don't even know what to order I love chickf I know you do but you know we're doing things like more water and healthier snacks and really working hard on not cheating but if we do cheat we're mindful about it right right we're trying to watch our sugar we're doing more of a Mediterranean diet it's actually fun if you've got a little bit of interest in cooking even a little bit start googling Mediterranean chicken and a skillet or something you get these amazing recipes and they're fun you go shopping that takes a little bit of time to start getting creative my nights to cook though I always Google simple Mediterranean chicken in a pan simple Mediterranean chicken in a pan for you is have more cook dinner it's my favorite dish to cook by the way I got to do recipes um we're doing Less meat more fish some chicken a lot of vegetables we cook at home a lot more we do going out to eat is going to be unhealthy I don't care where you go well that's not true not all the time but most restaurants are cooking unhealthy too much butter salt sugar so if you can get this one right this strategy which we think we really are 5 years into it we're getting closer we couple nutrition with exercise your future is going to be different you're going to be filled with a positive attitude about how you look how you feel and your energy level all right all right so the next bucket is the Sleep bucket and again I you know we have videos on the channel about sleep about rest you know and the importance thereof exercise nutrition and sleep are the top three for us in that in that order I think yeah we track our sleep every single day might sound a little weird but we have our aura rings and what happens is if we eat late or eat meat or have some alcohol our sleep deteriorates so sometimes if that's going to happen we just have to know we're going to have poor sleep but that's rare yeah because we really do everything we need to do including getting ready ready for sleep making sure um the room is cold and quiet um no screen time before we sleep because it's critically important for us to get at least 7 hours of sleep I unfortunately get about 6 and a half 6 sometimes because I get up so darn early I get up at 4: and I just can't stop doing that so if I go to bed as late as 10 I'm only and I sleep till 4: at 6 hours including maybe tossing and turning but we're almost obssessed with sleep because it happens every day right so we have to really make sure we do it and I think our sleep schedule and habits really have been helpful I also think you know if you think about sleep it's one of those things that you can control right you can you know control the temperature like you said the the darkness in your room you know the sheets the covers the blankets I mean we we have a weighted blanket that we sleep with which Mark has really loved I kind of sleep hot so I'm in and out of the weighted blank well it feels like I'm being hugged all night long yeah you love you do love the weighted blanket but you know with a good sleep schedule and habits you kind of approach the day filled with like happiness and A Renewed strength and laughter and you know you're you're just you just feel better and on the days when you don't get sleep you know it's good to also jot down what may have caused that bad sleep okay so the next one managing our stress right and I think that you know everything we've talked about now up until now has really really helped us with the stress we didn't specifically talk about meditation but meditation for me over the Last 5 Years actually longer seven eight now because I started it just was on my 50th birthday after I sold yeah after I sold the company I started meditating I'm telling you so you're on nine years I'm about to be 59 yeah two weeks that's right big presents 60 next year no you get presents every decade every decade okay next year um managing your stress and retirement is important there are things that happen that will stress you out yeah less than work during your work years maybe but there's no need to have stress at this stage of our life I mean we've got kids who are sick struggling with this and that you have to manage it so meditation deep breathing exercises um phone and social media downtime I'm so close to just saying Sundays is no cell phone no texting no posting no scrolling at all I think that would really personally do me well for it why you laughing I believe it when I say it okay it's a challenge yeah yeah Mark's a little bit like a teenager with his phone he's constantly scrolling through all day long and why you picking on teenagers I love teenagers let's compare use time on our phone okay let's do that happy to do it right now or later we'll do it later all right well listen the the other thing is um managing your stress it's it's a election year there's war you know in the Middle East right now all of these things create stress yeah managing the news that you consume is really important wouldn't you say but I would say managing your stress if you get this right you will definitely flourish you know you'll begin to live kind of more in the moment and enjoy things in your life that you know otherwise may have been missing all right here's another one that I think it's our last one yeah this is the one that really is important for us in embracing lifelong learning so we've been retired for 5 years and we read like crazy about all sorts of things and we we learn a lot of things we learn from our kids but there are so many aspects of life where you can learn um you know it's it's kind of like we've made the decision that we've got and you've got I don't know 10 20 30 40 years left that's a lot of time to just stick with the knowledge that you've accumulated up till now you don't want your brain to go Dr dry and just stagnant I also think this this concept of embracing lifelong learning you know allows you to shed your old identity right so everything I knew up until I turned you know 53 not everything but a lot of what I learned came from the insurance industry I knew a lot about the insurance industry I knew a lot about distribution and claims and financial management and all that stuff but that does not serving me that well in retirement so embracing like new learning and life lifelong learning helps you shed that old identity it's like a good correlation I think well even new technologies whether it's just the phone but I'm sure by now you've all heard of artificial intelligence or chat gbt which is one of the platforms that you can download on your phone and I strongly recommend you do that it's like asking Google a question and instead of getting 30 different responses you need to scroll through chat gbt actually gives you a typed out answer that solves your problem it's more Consolidated it pulls from other resources the only thing I would say is just remember it's a two-year lag so you're not getting you're not getting the most current that's not true a lot of platforms now are they've updated yeah but lifelong learning using artificial intelligence it's just fun to experiment a little bit don't be afraid of learning anything because as as you said all of these strategies have really helped us and they are our trademark totally great Holy Grail of retirement strategies you heard it from us today that's right these this is where we focus our time and energy in these seven areas and you can too it takes time takes discipline habits and some effort yep use these seven strategies to launch a new phase of your life learn how to meditate learn how to journal learn how to sleep better and what are the key indicators that make you sleep better and what are the ones that you fail on when you have a poor night's sleep invest some time every day to build a a better version of yourself in retirement if you like this video this next one retirement planning for 2024 is a video that jod and I did in January of this year and we broke down all the areas of our life individually and as a couple and for the business that we wanted to focus on this year so you really will enjoy this one next

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