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9 Ways SECURE 2 0 Will Change Retirement

hi my name is Jim as well as I was retired I'' m back. from a week down in Florida and I was able to load some sunshine in my overhead bags I.
brought it back for a Super Bowl weekend break go Eagles I'' ve read a whole lot about.
secure 2.0 that massive retirement costs that was consisted of in the Omnibus Bill passed.
at the last moments of the last Congress in this video clip I'' m mosting likely to examine nine means safe and secure.
2.0 will certainly transform your retired life as well as I'' m going to consist of three for individuals that are currently.
saving for retirement three for those coming close to retirement as well as 3 more for those like me.
who are in retirement stay tuned hi there before I begin will certainly you please like And also sign up for this.
network the a lot more suches as the more memberships the higher this will be in the search results as well as I.
intend to share several of the Instructions Found out in my very early retirement I'' m currently in year seven and also I'' m. a DIY retiree I'' m not marketing a book or trying to market you a strategy I'' m simply sharing advice so.
please like And subscribe thanks currently allow'' s begin with 3 changes that influence those.
who are currently in the workforce saving for retired life now these will certainly phase in over time.
as the regulation enters into effect and as plans transform now starting in 2025 employers need to include.
an automated enrollment for new employees in their retired life financial savings plans those are the.
401ks or 403bs it made use of to be when I was young you had to go as well as proactively sign up.
in those plans when you are eligible then they made it less complicated some plans to enroll and.
by 2025 plans should include this option this is the exemption for federal government strategies to stage in after.
that but mainly even more individuals will have an automated enrollment beginning at three percent as well as working.
its way up to 10 percent currently you can always unelect and also withdraw from the registration.
Beginning out staff members will certainly have to be immediately registered in the plans and also that.
suggests more individuals will certainly be saving for retirement the 2nd major adjustment for existing employees is.
there are lots of more Roth alternatives now 401K is a pre-tax dollars and you obtain a tax deduction if you.
satisfy particular limits Roth you pay tax obligations today for the guarantee of tax-free passion and also.
withdrawals later in life it'' s one of the ideal creations from a Delaware Legislator ever look him.
up Roth Last excellent Senator Delaware probably had so even more Roth options are embracing.
current workers those workers of little companies who are independent people.
will have simple and also SCP Roth choices additionally a lot more 401ks have Roth elements and also employees.
can choose either tire totally free Roth in the future by paying tax obligations currently or 401K pre-tax dollars it used.
to be that company payments the pair up to 3 percent in many cases would certainly enter into.
the pre-tax dollars and the brand-new legislation will certainly currently allow employers as well as employees to choose to have.
those contributions the suit payments from the company go into Roth accounts which.
suggests even more Roth dollars for your retired life and it lastly one modification for those.
that are still settling a trainee car loan companies will be allowed to match student.
funding payments by recognizing those as optional deferments into their plans currently once again.
that'' s as much as the employer as well as right currently trainee loan repayments are stopped by the governmental.
uh exec order as well as a court challenge so it might function out that in the future if you'' re paying.
back a pupil funding your company will match it right into your retirement financial savings speaking of those.
student finances and also university tuitions there'' s one various other modification right here in the new law and also it connects.
to 529 funds the brand-new law enables you to take those excess 529 funds as well as transfer them with restrictions.
into a Roth individual retirement account for the exact same beneficiary now the 529 must remain in presence for a minimum of 15 years.
contributions from the last five years are not qualified and the conversions are actually subject.
to the Roth contribution limitations so they'' re minimal every year as well as there'' s an optimum life time limit.
of thirty 5 thousand dollars yet once again it'' s a little method of moving anything that'' s parked into a.
529 right into your retirement Cost savings in a Roth account currently there'' s one more modification for current.
employees I intend to caution you regarding that I'' m not mosting likely to highlight as one of the.
great ways this legislation is altering which is you'' ll have the ability to take out from your retired life.
plan without a 10 charge for more reasons it used to be that you had to maintain it there.
up until you were age 59 and also a fifty percent and also there were a couple of exceptions yet that was it if you withdrew.
earlier you got a 10 fine and now there are extra factors for national all-natural calamities.
wellness issues terminal ailment domestic misuse individual economic emergency situations as much as a particular.
level currently you'' re allowed to take out all the money without the 10 charge for these cases however.
you'' ll still have to pay regular earnings tax obligations on those quantities a much better strategy is to build.
up a reserve of your very own and also put on'' t touch the retired life bucks for these emergencies.
now allow'' s proceed to 3 changes for those that are approaching retired life as well as there allow.
changes for these employees number 4 in the 9 ways is capture up payments for those age.
50 and also above will certainly now be indexed with rising cost of living starting in 2024 they were always raised.
ever so sporadically by Congress as well as if you consider a video clip that I made early in my channel I.
highlighted the payment quantities since I'' ve always thought that including in those payment.
degrees with catch-up contributions after your age 50 is really crucial pay down debt build up a cash.
pillow and max out retirement savings well currently that'' ll be simpler to do due to the fact that those contribution. restrictions for catch-up will certainly be indexed to inflation now for example a thousand dollar catch-up.
contribution is allowed on Individual retirement accounts which dollar figure will go up gradually in a 401k.
the catch-up payment is 7 500 as well as once again that will increase gradually to make sure that'' s a large plus for. those that are approaching retired life and also intend to max out their retired life financial savings currently starting.
in 2025 there will be an added layer of catch-up contribution for those that are in ages.
60 through 63 wear'' t ask me why those numbers in that 64 65 and 66 too however for those people in that.
brace they will be permitted to add with a catch-up contribution of ten thousand bucks or.
150 percent of the age 50 catch-up restriction as that rises with the index now there'' s a caution. right here and that ' s number 6 on the big modifications there'' s a requirement that the catch-up.
payments have to enter into a Roth account if your salary is more than 145 000 so you and also your.
tax consultant will certainly need to determine when those capture up payments make good sense and finally allow.
me highlight 3 final reasons of the nine why protected 2.0 will certainly alter your retired life and also these.
use to those people who are presently retired and also number 7 is that we will certainly see later rmd.
ages currently safeguard the original act in 2019 elevated the rmd age from 70 as well as a fifty percent to 72.

Well safe.
2.0 currently increases it further based on exactly how old you are for those of us birthed in the 50s the rmd age.
will certainly be 73. if you'' re birthed in 1960 or after the rmd age will be 75. to ensure that indicates.
there'' ll be much more wiggle room for intending Roth conversions and tax obligation preparation in between.
retired life and those rmd dates the rmds exist because it'' s Uncle Sam ' s means of making. sure tax obligation deferred bucks at some point obtain tired there'' s an additional little peculiarity in below around.
acquiring a pension from your spouse it used to be that if you had actually acquired an individual retirement account.
for circumstances from your partner it was rolled right into yours as well as now with these different rmd ages they.
added a little wrinkle if the more youthful partner passes away for instance as well as she had a r d age of 75 the.
older partner might choose to rather of rolling it into his Ira treat it as if the partner were.
still alive as well as start taking rmds at the age the partner would certainly have been 75.

It'' s a little Quirk and also.
I wear'' t know that stuck that in a costs but oh well number 8 on the changes is a lessening of.
the charge for missing an rmd it utilized to be if you forgot to make an rmd you were tired at 50.
percent of that rmd level and also it went to Uncle Sam since charge that excise tax on.
a missed out on rmd will go to 25 percent or 10 if you remedy it in a prompt way there'' s. still some regulations to specify what timely methods however total that means much less possibility of a very.
pricey error with your rmds even a 10 fine is not worth it just plan to take your rmds if.
they'' re required ultimately number 9 safe 2.0 eliminates rmds for Roth 401ks there was a.
trait in the old tax obligation code that an a Roth IRA had no rmds but a Roth 401k did now the majority of people is.
simply rolled over the Roth 401k right into a Roth IRA before that rmdh which'' s what I was preparing.
to do this regulation simply makes that unnecessary I'' ll most likely go in advance and do it anyway to simplify my.
accounting note that that change on Roth 401ks will certainly take place in 2024.

If you'' re due to. take an rmd for a Roth 401k this year you should probably roll it over before that rmd.
age so those are my nine manner ins which the safe 2.0 will transform your retired life currently there are.
a lots of various other changes in fact my eyes were going blurred attempting to read all of these points.
in the last month I think it'' s called safe because it'' s going to safeguard the tasks of.
economic coordinators tax accounting professionals and IRS agents for quite a long time yet I'' ll close with.
my conventional warning I am not a monetary coordinator I'' m simply a do it yourself retiree so please take these as.
enjoyable ideas from one educated customer to one more always do your own due persistance and also.
seek an expert if you need one many thanks.

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Success in Retirement…Are Retirees Happy? Find out!

throughout your Occupation Success was something that you might determine annual quarterly regular monthly also weekly generally with metrics or goals or positioning with business vision as well as definitely with your team or team wins in the process I understand from my firm we had sector standard dimensions roi sales earnings per staff member staff member retention we did affordable evaluation now that you'' re retired what are your steps of success we know what ours are are your procedures of success straightened with your spouse or companion are they lined up with your core worths do you deal with them enough or do you just allow your retired life days pass by it'' s truly an important number of inquiries you want to consider what is success in retirement you know as you think of these concerns you understand just how do you understand when you'' re doing well how do you measure it the ruler who is educating you that is assisting you how are you discovering just how around this for a concern what makes you seem like you had a fantastic day in your retirement at the end of the day when you place your head down on the cushion what are the important things you were doing doing throughout the day that just made you really feel terrific these are several of the points you might want to measure for your retirement as well as really do you ever before kick back and also assume what do you desire to boost term from our profession exactly how do you develop the saw that'' s Stephen covey ' s term I believe so isn ' t it I assume it is hone the track you hone the saw like we claimed previously where is your understanding originating from or are you simply letting life flow by naturally which some people like to do yes with no planning or any type of pressure simply taking daily as it comes you recognize success in retired life can take numerous types and also may vary for everyone individually yet there are some common components yeah and we understand some individuals we have a you could you possibly understand a great deal of people that are succeeding in retirement our friend Dan is thriving as a grandpa we see him regularly being like the very best Granddad ever before my good friend Elisa she'' s prospering in her third job which remains in national politics sustaining national politics as well as she simply absolutely loves it as well as our shared good friend George travels the globe and also he enjoys it yeah and also you know I lately linked with among my roommates from college as well as her name is Kim and she'' s gone back to institution to get yet an additional level in retired life our pal John is collaborating with his sons in their construction service helping them along the method and our friend Jeannie is composing a book right so all of these things are taking place in their retired life and also you possibly know people who succeeded in retired life as well and also possibly you'' re effective in retired life'if you are we ' d love to have you'leave remarks Listed below on what you ' re doing to make your retirement so effective so you can Inspire others comments are actually crucial to us however allow'' s take a minute and also locate several of the usual elements that may be the Cornerstone to what success can resemble for you okay so here are some of those common aspects that add to a successful retired life we'' d be remiss if we didn ' t start with the very first one which is economic Freedom you recognize accomplishing Financial Security as well as Independence is an indicator substantial measure of success in retired life and also it really suggests simply having enough financial savings Investments and also a lasting income stream to sustain your desired lifestyle with no Financial words and also we put on'' t do any kind of Economic work or any financial planning but it still is actually truly vital to make certain that again as for your objectives what you want your retirement to appear like your financial resources can support that yep if it doesn'' t you need to you know obtain your financial strategy or your accountant to assist with that yet the second location actually is personal gratification so where are you obtaining your fulfillment for in your retired life for us it'' s our youngsters it ' s our physical health program it ' s this business retired life transform that'' s where we obtain it from however where do you obtain it from is it from your hobbies are you are you doing some creative Undertakings or volunteering you need to find out what it is or where you'' re getting your individual gratification from since that'' s truly a crucial Foundation of an effective retired life and also a lot of client s pertain to us that'' s where they ' re really battling I would certainly claim because they have it throughout their career but they don'' t have it currently right the third one is healthiness as well as wellness keeping great physical as well as psychological wellness is crucial in retired life as well as you recognize success can be reflected in appreciating healthiness and even just taking care of wellness challenges effectively since health and wellness difficulties influence everyone and also prioritizing self-care with regular workout at balanced diet plan as well as also some stress monitoring methods yeah and the various other Foundation the 3rd one we'' re speaking about is strong partnerships constructing I assume it'' s the fourth one fourth one structure and nurturing solid partnerships is most likely among the most crucial facets of successful retirement we are people are social pets as well as we require good close links with friends and family as well as have brand-new Social Circles as well as actively participate in social tasks to actually feel involved as a human if that is doing not have from your retired life or your life right currently that'' s an area you might intend to concentrate on oops note simply broke his chair oh my God exactly how concerning that you might intend to concentrate on what do I do now do we relax okay the 5th one is no I feel in one’s bones international all ideal take two showing up we'' re back below'we are below ' s what happened appearance you ' ve people keep well individuals were telling me you befalled of your chair no well you mean the children due to the fact that you sent them the video Yeah it ripped appearance I'' ll finish it that ' s what happened so we had to get a new seat which we got for yours it'' s been concerning a week and also I also obtained various other ladies available can realize and also recognize I'' m just incredibly grateful it wasn'' t my chair that damaged since the remarks would be a flying we both have had haircuts uh we'' re using the same attire yet we'' re gon na complete this video come hell or high water not shed an earrings no so I we entrusted to strong connections as the ship went down as well as we'' re back and currently Jody what are you going to speak about work life balance right one more Common String is work-life equilibrium retired life success can include accomplishing a healthy and balanced balance and it implies having the ability to truly have the flexibility to designate time to activities you appreciate consisting of Leisure as well as traveling and also spending quality time with enjoyed ones pursuing personal rate of interest as well as leisure without the restraints of a full-time task and I assume we do rather well keeping that it'' s see our job like I believe I do better than you to be honest I I engage with like my yoga staff my ladies golf league like I'' m like truth be understood I spend more time on job you do Jody spends even more time on uh life equilibrium I do yeah but that'' s all right we work out magnum opus out fantastic so the other point that'' s truly vital for an effective retired life is hang out on individual development and knowing and we both love this we read a great deal of books um gosh we view a great deal of YouTube episodes we um we have brand-new skills also these video skills and also running a YouTube channel I mean this YouTube channel now is coming to be an actual offer for us and is looking for the best way to pick great titles pick thumbnails for you guys so you obtain a different advertising than either one of us ever yeah I offered insurance coverage for a living but the important things about it is when you'' re when you ' re expanding and also learning it ' s healthier for you your brain gets exercised your body obtains exercised you know learning how to ride a bike and also points like that so pickleball I suggest that'' s that ' s discovering yeah and the last typical component of success is actually just having assurance that inner sense of simply tranquility satisfaction and fulfillment in retired life as well as that is an useful I think a super useful measurement of success and every little thing we spoke about today hey so good idea I'' m fit because I can have gotten harmed when we fell that every little thing we spoke regarding I claimed when we fell I was still resting your earring diminished my jewelry did um you almost dropped I almost spoke what if I took you over with me I recognize that would have misbehaved each of these common threads is achievable for everyone you understand we wish to motivate you all to see to it you you recognize make some notes here today and you'' re as well as you ' re servicing some of this things for yourself and it takes preparation and also organization some self-reflection and also an excellent activity plan with a clear feeling of purpose Financial Protection good wellness and naturally your strong partnerships however you can do it now we understand you like this video clip because I fell yet if you did like the web content you'' re gon na love this next one secrets of successful retirees do these four points we'' re not going to tell you what they are below today yet it'' s still must see video so watch this next

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Become a Millionaire by 30 | How To Gear Your Life For Wealth

Becoming a millionaire and being able to live the life you want is a dream for most, and achieving this by the age of 30 can seem like a wild fantasy. While everyone has a different journey and there are no guarantees in life, utilizing these tips will go a long way toward helping you crack those seven figures. #1 Ditch the steady pay check. Wealthy people are typically self-employed and determine the size of their own pay check. It’s not that there aren’t superstars who punch a time clock, but for most, it’s the slowest path to wealth, promoted as the safest.

The great success stories know that self-employment is the fastest road to wealth. While the elite continue starting businesses and building fortunes, average people settle for steady pay checks and miss out on the opportunity to accumulate great wealth. The masses almost guarantee themselves a life of financial mediocrity by staying in a job with a modest salary and yearly pay rises. #2 Don’t show off—show up! True success and wealth aren’t represented by your latest gold watch or fancy sports car, especially if they’re leased or put you in debt. These things may create a superficial image that makes you feel good about yourself, but time will erode this when debt eats into your wealth and you cannot sustain the lifestyle you’ve tried to adopt too early. Many a millionaire has stated they’ve been driving an old rust box well past their first million, but have upgraded when they can pay cash. Be known for your work ethic, not the trinkets you buy! Show up, work hard, and be known for what you achieve; the money will follow. #3: Money doesn’t sleep. Money doesn’t know about clocks, schedules, or holidays, and you shouldn’t either.

Money loves people who have a great work ethic. If you want real success and wealth, you’re going to have to make sacrifices like foregoing some social events and putting in the hours. With the ability to utilize the internet for marketing and making money, time zones and geographic locations are no longer an issue for entrepreneurs with a dream anywhere. #4: Avoid debt that doesn’t pay you This is a shift in mindset in how you think about money and whether you buy luxury toys or utilize money to make money. Make it a rule to never use debt that won’t make you money. The wealthy use debt to leverage investments and grow their income streams.

Poor people use debt to buy things that make rich people richer! Get your money to do the heavy lifting for you. Investing is the ultimate road to becoming a millionaire and beyond! You should make more money off your investments than from your work. Many successful entrepreneurs outlay thousands of dollars in cash to get their start-ups off the ground and report making that money back each and every month for many years. Investing is the only reason to follow any of the other steps and make your money work for you, rather than you working for your money. #5 Focus on money and make it a priority. While it sounds superficial, it is a harsh reality.

To get rich and stay rich with metals, you will have to make money a priority. Ignore it, and it will ignore you. Rarely can you just focus elsewhere and hope the money will find you, as you need to be making decisions based on what is most beneficial to your business or situation. Without focusing on these decisions financially, you had better find fulfillment in other areas of what you do. You can still be ethical and conscious of your customers or the value you provide, but keep the money in focus if your aim is to be rich. #6. Invest in yourself. You don’t need a formal education to start your own business and make millions, but some form of education certainly helps to understand how to run your business! Even through self-education online, knowledge is power and helps you make better decisions, which in turn affects your wealth. Some form of education is a highly valuable investment in ourselves.

Statistics show a strong correlation between education and wealth, and it can open the door to many opportunities. Even if you can’t start your own business right now, being educated and working for someone else on a decent salary can help you build some capital to invest. Keep in mind that many entrepreneurs don’t even branch out on their own until later in life, so don’t feel like you’ve already set your path. But if you want to be a millionaire by 30, you really need to ditch the steady pay check and take that risk head-on.

Fortune favors the brave! And finally, #7 Don’t be poor! Fight for it! Work harder! A lot of us have been poor; it’s no way to live. Everyone has different circumstances and is dealt different cards, but don’t let an excuse be your defining legacy. Fight for it! Eliminate all ideas that a mediocre life is somehow okay! And to close out with an old expression: “It’s not your fault if you’re born in the gutter, but it is your fault if you die there”.

Now go out and get it!

Now go out and get it! .

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How to move 401K to Gold without penalty – Satori Traders

just how to relocate 401k to gold scot-free if you have a 401k holding supplies and bonds and also you wish to transfer money right into physical rare-earth elements this quick video will certainly reveal you just how to relocate your eligible 401k to gold without fine there are two methods to convert your 401k to gold initially you can take a circulation from your eligible 401k pay the early withdrawal charge pay tax obligations on the revenue and also after that make use of the money to buy gold bullion bars and also coins at your neighborhood coin shop obviously this is not the method for moving a 401k to gold scot-free the 2nd technique for converting your 401k to physical gold is to surrender or move funds from a qualified 401k into a priceless steels individual retirement account where physical gold is hung on your part there are 2 kinds of 401k accounts the initial is provided by a previous company and the second type is an energetic account supplied by a current company 401k funds from a previous employer can be moved to a gold ira while 401k funds at a present company are not qualified for transfer or rollover move 401k to gold the irs permits rollovers and transfers from a variety of account types whether your funds are currently in a qualified 401k or an individual retirement account you can move your retired life savings to gold scot-free there'' s a basic four-step process for converting your 401k to gold initially open up a self-directed ira account with an irs approved trustee 2nd fund the account third select a custodian to hold the physical valuable metals and also fourth pick which medals to keep in the account the account can be moneyed with either a rollover or a transfer there are two choices for funding a gold ira account in a rollover funds are wired from the bank account trustee to the trustee for the brand-new account in a transfer funds are very first distributed to the investor as well as the investor after that deposits all or a few of the circulation right into the gold ira account maintain these important gold individual retirement account facts in mind investors might have more than one individual retirement account open opening a gold individual retirement account does not influence existing pension investors are allowed to relocate funds from one tax advantaged account to an additional without charge and also only one rollover or transfer per year is allowed there are three crucial benefits of a gold individual retirement account first being able to buy physical rare-earth elements inside a tax advantaged savings account 2nd supplying diversification for a profile of stocks and also bonds as well as 3rd developing a bush versus rising cost of living can i buy silver with my 401 k after you open a rare-earth elements ira it is feasible to buy physical silver in fact the irs enables silver gold platinum as well as palladium inside gold individual retirement accounts relocate your 401k to gold today click the link below as well as you'' ll receive a gold individual retirement account investing package and also you'' ll have a possibility to link with a gold ira expert

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What is a precious metals IRA

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Retirement Planning Webinar – 28 March 2022 | Australian Catholic Superannuation

Who has incorporate Queensland? I know. I know. Ought to be versus the law. I believe my pet dog'' s trying to obtain in the door. you typically would be admitted, wouldn'' t he? Yes, he would. Excellent night anybody. We ' re just awaiting a min or two for everyone to come in to the webinar this evening and after that we ' ll obtain started. Just intend to make certain that everybody gets a possibility ahead in at the ground flooring as well as and see us begin off. Won'' t be a 2nd? Alright I believe that is our sign to start. Excellent night everyone. Invite to our Retirement Preparation Webinar this evening. Ah I'' m among your hosts this evening Costs Thompson. I am a relationship supervisor out of our Brisbane workplace as well as joining me this evening can I introduce you to Sonia White that'' s a member of our Financial Planning Team. Greet everybody. Excellent evening. Thanks for joining us. It'' s been a it ' s been it ' s been a while given that I ' ve done among these.I assume it ' s great to see that we got individuals from throughout the nation joining us this night.'Uh I believe we ' ve also obtained some people over from Western Australia. I ' m glad to see that the Premier ' s allow you out to to come and also sign up with the remainder of the nation for the very first time a bit and also it'' s been quite hot over there so ideally it'' s cooled as well as everybody'' s a little much more comfy. Um simply a a a couple of bits as well as pieces that we'' d like to do before we start. Uh first as well as leading I wish to recognize the standard custodians of the arrive at which I function and also live.

I'' d like to acknowledge continuing link to land, water as well as community and pay respects to seniors past, present and emerging. Um perhaps one of one of the most vital slides we will do this evening. I do need to allow you recognize that whatever that we talk about with you here this evening in today'' s discussion is of a general advice nature just because we'' re not taking into account your personal economic situations, your goals. Or or any of those details, please take that right into consideration when you make any kind of choices based on that details. If it'' s ideal, you can the item in this quick disclosure statement and also the target audience determination which is both offered on our web site or look for forgive me economic guidance if if you need that to assist you make that decision. Thank you really much everybody for joining us. Allow'' s enter into the discussion this evening. we are speaking about retirement so I I I think the very first came off the rank and and among the very first decisions you'' ll requirement to make is what your retired life goals are.Um currently noticeable what you wish to carry out in retirement is an extremely independent choice but it will certainly have a substantial influence on exactly how much money you may require to support that way of life in retirement. We'' ve obtained a couple of examples on the screen there in front of you. Um travel isn'' t necessarily something that ' s been available to us over the last pair of years as our WA buddies would be conscious that has also included internally however with things settling I think expect in terms of COVID traveling end up being available. Where you desire to go will determine how much that prices, exactly how long you want to go for, those sorts of points. Um several of you when you do retire might wish to spend a great deal even more time with family. Uh an instance that I often tend to use is is my mommy. My mother is a little nation woman. Expanded up within a very tiny span. Um relocated simply down the road as well as she'' s enjoyed in our little hometown down in Findlay ever since.Her concept comfortable retired life is to spend a long time in the garden, dealing with the grandchildren once in a while Um as well as doing short trips around the city doing some outdoor camping and those sorts of points. As you can visualize that ' s not something that'costs a a good deal of money. Um whereas if you want to do good cruises or travel overseas they'' re most definitely points that are going to set you back a bit a lot more. Not sure the number of people have an interest in doing cruises presently Sonia however the Ruby Pri anyhow. Not any kind of time earlier. We wouldn'' t have believed. Um but you know retirement objectives. What what kind of things will you go over with them as a coordinator? I assume that anything I do is significantly goal driven and also you'' re right. They ' re going mosting likely to have different costs

linked with them.And we'' re in the organization of helping people meet their goals in the very best possible method. Uh because if you have a a retired life pot that you'' re starting with. Uh exactly how do you make that last? You know you understand you have variety of years as well as and so the number of of your objectives are possible? Uh are they all feasible individuals obtain the convenience from recognizing that'' s an indeed or if it looks like things need tweaking you much better off to understand earlier instead of later. Yeah and also I believe life span has a little bit to do keeping that too. I'' m I ' m not anticipating to live to 1hundred. Um but I think that most definitely consider as well. I'' m not suggesting I won'' t yet I ' m I ' m leaning on the side of possibly not. I need the excellent Pass away Young Costs. Some individuals state they'' re busier in retired life than they ever were as well as they'' re working lives.

Yeah. So you know that that'' s vital for us to know. My goal is not to be as busy as I am currently in retired life Sonia. Um I must additionally state as well as we progress with this there'' s there is a whole lot of people participating in but we would love to make certain that you obtain the details that you desire out of tonight'' s session. So if you'' ve got a concern please see to it that you post it via the the questions as well as solutions tab on the on the leading well mine'' s on the left hand side the Q&A ah speech bubble. If we obtain the possibility and it'' s ideal we'' ll answer those throughout the discussion or at the end. If we obtain way too many concerns as well as we can'' t answer'those I ' ll simply allow you know that ah among our regional supervisors will be in touch throughout the week and we'' ll ensure that you obtain a solution to that question.So please send those via as we go on. I presume whether or not you have sufficient cash to live on in when you are in retirement. Once more depends upon what you intend to do. Ah and also exactly how much you contend your disposal. To provide you a bit of an instance of what that could look like from an earnings point of view ah over a year. We'' ve obtained ah the full age pension plan right here on this specific slide where you'' ve got the singles as well as the pairs at at twenty5 6 thousand. Twenty-five thousand six hundred and seventyseven. Apologies and simply over 3-eight, 000 for a couple.To provide you

a context about ah what that kind of ways. Uh the Association of Superannuation Finances Australia have done a whole lot of research study around what a comfortable or modest way of life resembles in retirement. And we'' ve included those figures for you too simply to offer you a little bit of a suggestion as to what kind of a an income you may need as a as a single or a couple in retired life to sustain those sorts of way of life. Um Sonia I know from a monetary preparation viewpoint we don'' t always think in revenue on a year by year basis in retirement. We go fine what does that appearance like from a balanced viewpoint? Can you drop any type of on what that looks like in these instances? Yes definitely. Uh so if you would like a comfortable lifestyle as well as assuming you retire at 65 and thinking price of return of 5% then a bachelor might retire on $545, 000 and have a comfortable way of life as well as a pair six hundred and forty thousand. Uh so there is a a little bit of a misconception I guess that you need one million bucks to retire comfortably.Uh that ' s not the

instance yet'offered you choose your financial investments wisely and also and get the technique. It ' s likewise presuming you ' ve paid off your mortgage Uh so there ' s no home loan payments and also there ' s no rental fee included in these expenses. It may be the instance that you require a little bit even more cash if you ' re in those scenarios. My my retirement does include winning lotto Sonia. So the million dollars need to be a buy option. Exceptional Costs. Looking ahead to becoming aware of that. You may not. I might just vanish on him for the sunset. Um now I mentioned Asper the Association of Superannuation Finances Australia and also the research study that they ' ve done into different kinds of way of livings in retired life. There ' s an actually great document that ' s offered on their internet site. Uh and if you look down the really lower of that if you seek out in Google the Organization of Superannuation funds Australia Retired life Standard. Um you ' ll have the ability to see a copy of this record as well as I think some of those details are in a handout that ' s readily available after this certain webinar yet if you have an appearance on the screen there you ' ve obtained a comfy way of life and also retired life on the left hand side and'what I like regarding this paper is it actually offers you some functional examples about what you may anticipate in retired life under those different lifestyles.And I ' ll emphasis on the comfortable one because I ' m visualizing that ' s where we ' re in all like

to be clearly. Um and I ' m mosting likely to go right to the lower one which is exclusive health insurance policy. I guess they ' re comfortable way of life permits you to have a good degree of private health and wellness cover. And as we age we recognize that our health and wellness slowly deteriorates as well as ah and also things can come to be a little bit extra pricey in because specific realm.But you understand other points on there Sonia like points like your your holidays. What types of vacations as well as exactly how usually you can go on a holiday. Those are additionally consider in this specific paper. Definitely. Consuming out repair services on your vehicle as well as home. Uh I do people once in a while that can handle to conserve a little bit of money if they ' re on the age pension.But it actually depends where they ' re living and you know how practical they are. however simply having a little bit extra actually for the moderate way of life can make a large distinction. And you put on ' t in fact need that much in super to have a small way of life. Um the when it comes to quantities of 70, 000 for a single person as well as a couple. Yeah. Uh so it ' s extremely simple to attain something a little greater than the age pension.Um simply a concern in there currently. Uh around the 545000. Whether that is an equilibrium at retirement to support a pair or a a single. As well as it ' s a single isn ' t it? And indeed and six 40, 40 thousand for a couple. shared expenses basically is is is the crucial factor for that being ah not a big discrepancy in between a couple as well as'a single.So certainly anything above that is a bit of a bonus. Yes. Because sense. Yet we really do modelling. We can fine song ah projections to take a look at your ah tolerance

for threat as well as ah customise ah the type of objectives that you have and reveal you the length of time your cash will last. fantastic one. And spending plans. Budgets Sonia. I know that ' s a preferred topic. Oh. For everyone. Sorry to bring it up. No. No it ' s essential because it does terrify a great deal of people away from the advice process. As well as I just wish to assure people that you wear ' t in fact have to have a spending plan. It it'' s an extremely valuable tool. I ' ve undergone the process myself. I know it can be uncomfortable but if you don'' t have one there ' s various other ways to skin a'feline. We wear ' t really drove down into the budget unless something looks a little bit askance We can really then state okay what do you require to live on and also function in reverse if that ' s your preference or we could look at what you ' re earning as well as does that accumulate or does does your cash balance go down? Um So it'' s it ' s quite possible not to have to go via the pain of a budget.Um we can begin with what individuals need as a modest lifestyle or a comfy way of life and job from that. certainly there ' s risks of of simply making use of presumptions and not utilizing your actual expense. I ' ve obtained a brilliant spending plan Sonia. My problem takes place when I really need to reveal the discipline to to to overcome that. Luckily I ' ve I ' ve obtained somebody that ' s taken control of that for me. She likes me. Nick. She likes me. Okay so I guess the various other thing that I that I encounter every now and then Sonia and also this'is something that'I understand you can assist people with. Superannuation is undoubtedly mosting likely to form up the largest component of of lots of people ' s retirement planning. yet I believe we tend to fail to remember that there are other elements that we can include right into that jigsaw challenge that can develop the more comprehensive picture. Which ' s something that I know you and as well as your coworkers within the group can additionally aid individuals with. For sure. Not every ah has had the possibility to obtain cash into incredibly or perhaps wish to. Ah due to the fact that of the preservation policies. They might have collected assets outside.

Ah every one of these ah properties can be a source of funds for retirement. We ' ll come back to the family members residence and how to release equity from that. Yet the primary point is that ah if you play with one of these ah you may influence the various other. Or there might be a a favored method to make use of these in retired life to reduce tax obligation ensure you get the very best end result for state preparation functions. I believe the all natural view makes feeling to to optimise your circumstance. Oh do you wish to touch base on the household house or would you such as to deal with that later Sonia? We ' re going to return to that. Okay outstanding. I recognize we ' d touch base on it a bit later. Now this is possibly fairly topical. Uh the the advantages of financial savings within superannuation.We ' ve clearly got the the big budget statement tomorrow night and afterwards it ' ll be very interesting to see what ' s appears of that a great deal of whispers and rumours and also as well as information short articles walking around I think predicting what ' s going to come out in the budget.

Um'but expenses of living pressures are are probably first. However in regards to superannuation I presume among one of the most substantial advantages is as opposed to pay your low tax obligation price within superannuation. Whatever that you put into superannuation concessionally is tax at only 15 percent.Um so there ' s real advantages there. Um if you in a placement where you can establish a transition to retired life. It ' s not as reliable as it was when it was first introduced since now any type of investment incomes within your shift to retirement pension are exhausted at 15% whereas previously they weren ' t.

Um however certainly once you ' re at a setting ah over 65 or over your preservation age as well as completely relinquished the labor force. Ah anything within an account based pension plan is free of tax. Lovely. Doesn ' t improve than that. No. It doesn ' t. Although they could bring that conservation aged onward would certainly be extremely extremely great. Which ' s an inquiry'that we ' ve actually had sent out through. just increase it and also I ' ll solution that for for our member. Your conservation age is a little bit dependent upon when you were born. We ' re going to attend to that and also I ' ll show you a slide in a little bit.Um that ' ll dictate where and when you can access your'retirement. There are different ways that you can do that. Um it wasn ' t necessarily a certainty yet in 2014 I assume it was the the government revealed that they were going to maintain the Superannuation Assurance Price increase that'had been postponed. Um so we saw the initial increase on one July in 2014. We ' ve obtained an additional one due on one July 2022 where the superannuation warranty is mosting likely to go from 10%to 10 as well as a half percent and also year on year it will proceed up until it gets out to 12 percent. You can see it ' s people beginning in the workplace in the below and also now for the initial time are going to be seriously advantaged in terms of their retirement planning.Um however it ' s additionally going to assist those of us that are that have been in the system for a while and also maybe looking at retiring in the near or in the midterm future. Um simply to place that little bit added in there and as well as benefit from that. Um but it'' s good regulation I believe Sonia. For certain. Yeah it ' s applied savings. Um accumulating your retirement balance is a great point. Uh we require to be careful. There ' s a concessional cap. If the extremely assurance goes up and also your wage ' s compromising you need to be careful your income sacrifice doesn ' t take you over the cap. You ' ll requirement to adjust for the rise in the extremely guarantee.That ' s the challenges of of'superannuation isn ' t it? It ' s a really'complex atmosphere. There ' s points you do need to be conscious of and also we are going to cover off on those caps in a couple of slides time. Close to your why would someone take into consideration income sacrificing? We understand that every little thing that comes right into superannuation is exhausted at 15 percent. However just how can you make salary sacrifice help you? Uh there are tax obligation advantages for people making greater than 18 thousand dollars.Um we recognize the the payment price'is 15 %. The financial savings are tiny until you get to 45, 000 and then they start to actually add up. Uh as well as obviously if you ' re on a higher earnings, one hundred 20 to 1 and also 80, or 1880 plus, that difference is over 20%. Even 19 and a half percent is starting to truly place cash in your retired life cost savings rather than the tax workplaces funds. It ' s an engaging factor to salary sacrifice and swap revenue tired at your limited tax obligation price over to the payment tax obligation price.

Obviously, a drawback is conservation for those young however even a percentage of wage sacrifice can worsen over the years as well as make a remarkable difference. For those closer to retirement, there ' s a far more a factor to to do the wage sacrifice. and those caps enter play undoubtedly too and also possibly as we ' ll touch base a little bit later. Change to retired life where you can take benefit of that if you aren ' t in a position to do so now. Yes. Um we ' ve got an instance for you of a an income sacrifice instance and to give you a bit of an idea as to what this is.This is based upon an individual whose salary is $ a 00 000 dollars each year. We ' ve damaged that down right into 4 for every night because I presume normally talking Sonia we tend to comprehend what our pay is on a biweekly basis but not necessarily the longer term implications to us. So if we take a look at this instance what highlights do you assume ideal promote income sacrifice as a method? This slide actually shows that it doesn ' t cost as high as you would certainly think. That that the net pay is not as affected as you would certainly believe by income sacrificing even 5 %or $192. It ' s only mosting likely to make$ 127 difference to the take-home pay. Due to the fact that you ' re getting the instant tax conserving. Obviously, if you, if you ' re salary compromising in the direction of completion of the year and you ' re having had time to take advantage of the approach, there are other means to obtain cash right into supers such as the concessional contribution as a little bit of a catch up or if you have revenue that ' s occasional due to the fact that you ' re delicately employed or you have your very own service, making a personal deductible payment can be a good means to top up your incredibly as well either in with in conjunction with the salary sacrifice or on its own.Yeah, excellent. I like I like the figures at the base as well as as well as those are certainly their broad view figures. However if you take a look at it over ten years if your salary ' s sacrificing 5'%of your earnings 100 K you ' re going to save$17, 000 on earnings tax. over that ten years period. And I think we can all value that the government requires much less of our cash to misspend than they presently obtain and and which just maintains things fascinating. Yeah. Instead of to pay.It ' s a great option to to consider the method forward longer term. Now going to review I guess the payment alternatives that you do have and also these are opening up in current times for a great deal more individuals which will certainly touch base on. But to touch base originally we ' re going to talk concerning concessional payments. Now concessional payments are anything that your employer contributes. Whether that be their superannuation guarantee or a voluntary amount that they add on top of that which takes place every so often. Um anything that your wage given up is considered a concessional contribution as well as by concessional it indicates that you ' re paying that concessional tax price of 15'percent.So the wage for sacrifice brings in that. The other one that Sonia mentioned on the previous slide is an individual insurance deductible contribution as well as that ' s where you make a contribution throughout an economic year or in the direction of completion of a financial year. And on component or all of that payment you can declare that as a tax reduction. . There are caps on exactly how much you can obtain right into superannuation. Presently for the present economic year, the rate rent out up this year. It ' s currently 27 and also a half thousand. You probably know that it was 25, 000 before that.

I'' m not suggesting I won'' t however I ' m I ' m leaning on the side of most likely not. It ' s likewise assuming you ' ve paid off your home loan Uh so there ' s no home loan repayments and also there ' s no lease consisted of in these costs. We wear ' t in fact drove down right into the budget plan unless something looks a bit askew We can really then state alright what do you require to live on as well as function in reverse if that ' s your preference or we could look at what you ' re earning as well as does that gather or does does your money balance go down? The good news is I ' ve I ' ve obtained a person that ' s taken control of that for me. Of training course, if you, if you ' re salary giving up in the direction of the end of the year as well as you ' re having had time to make the most of the strategy, there are other means to obtain money right into supers such as the concessional payment as a bit of a catch up or if you have income that ' s occasional due to the fact that you ' re casually used or you have your own service, making an individual deductible contribution can be an excellent way to cover up your extremely as well either in with in combination with the salary sacrifice or on its own.Yeah, excellent.Um there are likewise some other ways that you can contribute or boost your superannuation.Um I think you ' ve currently discussed that their spousal splitting where you can move money that ' s contributed concessionally into your account right into your partner ' s account. Uh that might just be resting in the financial institution under old policies yet now we ' re able to utilize the downsizer regulations offered you ' ve had the building for 10 years or even more as well as it is partially or completely excluded from resources gains tax which it will be if you ' ve lived in it as well as for the year up to 30th of June 2022 you require to be over 65 to make a downsizer payment. It ' s it ' s beneficial considering your insurance needs and also and just how those can be fulfilled most efficiently yet potentially if if there ' s no need for an insurance policy concern on on on your part there may be benefits in consolidating.Um so that ' s the other option.

Um there are also some other methods that you can contribute or increase your superannuation.Um I assume you ' ve already stated that their spousal splitting where you can relocate cash that ' s added concessionally into your account right into your spouse ' s account. Uh that can just be resting in the bank under old guidelines but now we ' re able to use the downsizer policies offered you ' ve possessed the residential or commercial property for 10 years or more and also it is partially or completely exempt from funding gains tax which it will certainly be if you ' ve lived in it and also for the year up to 30th of June 2022 you require to be over 65 to make a downsizer contribution. It ' s it ' s worthwhile considering your insurance policy needs as well as as well as how those can be satisfied most efficiently yet possibly if if there ' s no demand for an insurance policy problem on on on your behalf there might be benefits in consolidating.Um so that ' s the various other choice. Um so you kind of it it ' s it ' s much better it ' s much better than what individuals assume it is.You might take that out and go down as well as place it back on black at the gambling establishment if you wanted to. Um you know one of the silver cellular linings to COVID is that individuals that wear ' t want or require this money to come out can can still obtain the tax obligation totally free incomes but attract less as well as maybe live on their cash while there ' s periods of volatility a transition to retired life pension is still a helpful product and also where we ' re using it is is for individuals that desire an income sacrifice a bit much more.Um you can take the entire lot and also put it on the black chip costs however just remember it'' s harder to get money back into incredibly as a result of the caps so take treatment with what you extract but yes it'' s your cash if'it ' s unrestricted. Uh simply again I desire to guarantee you that that is not reliable economic advice. I have actually never advised that. Certainly, you would certainly place it on red, Sonia. Um currently, there'' s a number of ah pension plan choices at our fund and also Sonia I ' ll obtain you to run with these due to the fact that I know that you recognize them intimately and as well as the various options that are available. If we start off with our retired choice designated pension.And some of the functions that are included in that. Ah as the name recommends retire selection gives you selection with your financial investments. Um so it is a revenue stream like our other product. This time you you can select which financial investment options from this variety. Uh so varied choices left wing. Single properties on the right. Single possessions can be valuable to develop your own profile. But if you want a diversified mix after that we can find an alternative that fits any type of degree of danger cravings. There ' s the socially responsible option too. Uh they ' re not in any kind of order of risk'in the way that they ' re provided there.Um Shares its'varied.

Uh it ' s because listing since it ' s a mix of worldwide as well as Australian shares. Uh but all the various other choices have a mixture of defence of as well as development assets. Thank you. Um just keep those inquiries coming by the method as I as I move via to this this following slide. If you have anything whether it have to do with the products or anything that we'' ve claimed through at the presentation so far Um please just send those inquiries via. We'' ll make certain that you obtain a solution as well as get the most out of the the occasion this evening. however in the meantime our other pension plan items are an award-winning product I may include is our Retire Smart Product Sonia.Absolutely Expense this product has a distinction in that rather of choosing the financial investments there ' s 2 choices in there'as well as it ' s called well they ' re made use of for a pail method Uh you have about two years worth of pension settlements resting in a cash choice and the rest remains in a growth alternative that does the the heavy lifting as well as if there are incomes they can be made use of to cover up the cash bucket when it runs reduced if the cash pail gets as well full you can spend the money back right into the growth bucket.Uh so this is developed to minimize the impact of volatility on your pension draw downs. And it really does fit some individuals to have this in place. Uh however it won ' t match everybody due to the fact that of the growth nature of the'growth pail. Uh taking a bit much more threats than some people fit with. So we can replicate this technique in the retired option product by hand. We can have your two years worth of pension plan repayments or whatever searches, the technique and and do that to fit any kind of degree of risk resistance. Uh we we do have it on the want list to make this item readily available for all degrees of danger tolerance since it it is prominent for those that utilize it. And as you stated Bill, honor winning. Yeah, probably not always mosting likely to satisfy that wishlist offered as everybody ' s possibly conscious we ' re checking out combining with Uni Super and there ' s a great deal of that up'airborne presently but if this approach does passion you it it ' s absolutely something that I would certainly advise somebody inquire on to make certain that you completely'recognize I guess the threats connected with the product which you ' re comfortable with that and also if you do comprehend exactly how little works that ' s definitely going to'assist you make a more educated decision For sure.Um so I think that'covers off the superannuation and also the pension plan item that are available with the fund and we ' ve discussed the contributions. Um various other component of that jigsaw puzzle that we described at the beginning the Sonia which all natural strategy to our old age pension does form a a piece of those of those problems so just desire to start with laying out how does somebody satisfy the problems for age pension and as well as what kind of cash is readily available with that Uh sure Bill. Uh many thanks. You require to reach age pension plan age. Um in the future it will be sixty-seven for everybody but currently there ' s still some more youthful age fulfilling that requirement.Um you after that need to have actually been a local for one decade unless you from a nation with'a contract such as New Zealand, yet ten years as a guideline.

Uh after that if you tick those boxes, we take a look at the property test and also revenue test simultaneously and whichever one provides the lowest outcome is the one that Centrelink will utilize for your age pension settlement Uh there ' s a reason they call it means testing because it ' s mean.Uh and also there are limits that have shown up at the lower end, boil down at the top end. Uh so, it'' s you recognize, I less individuals are eligible at the leading end however if you if

you are eligible it ' s way to obtain your tax obligation several of your tax obligation money back and make your very own retirement savings last much longer. constantly an excellent option. Um so this is the age that you can access the age pension in as it currently stands and also Sonia ' s kind of highlighted that currently it ' s in it ' s procedure of leaving to a 67 however anybody signed up with anyone birthed between an in the past sorry the thirty-1st of December 19 fifty-six. Uh it ' s presently 66 years and also 6 months of age. Uh yet after that the rest of us are going to be experiencing until sixty-seven. We won ' t requirement this slide in 18 months. That ' s a I won ' t require it after my lottery win Sonia.Um so exactly how do they exactly how do they gauge just how much someone is qualified for under the age pension plan Sonia. I understand there are a couple of examinations and we ' re mosting likely to begin with the properties examinations that I ' ve hopped on the display for everyone presently. Uh simply know this is for a solitary person presently. Uh single person who ' s a homeowner will have various thresholds to a non-home owner. You can see the lower limit in the mauve colour. Uh if you ' re assets are under that reduced limit after that you'will obtain the complete age pension. This is provided you ' re under the asset examination not earnings test and after that the top threshold'is the cut-off point for getting no pension in any way and also then if you ' re in the blue section between you'will certainly obtain a partial pension plan Um the the non-homeowner obviously is able to have even more properties since it ' s shouldn ' t not have lease as well as more costs. Yet the crucial thing is that you know recognizing these thresholds because Centrelink ' s not going to come knocking at your door when you ' re eligible. As well as even if you ' re not eligible at the beginning after a period of self financing in retired life your possessions may be consumed to the factor you ' re you'' re then eligible. So at any kind of factor we can assist assess individuals ' s eligibility to save them the headache of loading in documents unnecessarily or to provide comfort that indeed that ' s an advantage to do. and I ' m just going to bring up the couple ' s screen for you Sonia to to experience some of those thresholds'. One of the inquiries that ' s actually been asked as well as it might be worthwhile covering some of the other things that are developed in within the possession test yet is superannuation thought about an asset under the age pension plan test? As a private, if your age pension plan age, after that your superannuation will certainly be an obtainable property. Uh whether it ' s a build-up phase or pension plan stage. Uh there is something to keep in mind. If you ' re a participant of a couple and also right here are the pair ' s limits, if you have an age differential as well as the older spouse is age pension age however the more youthful partner is not.Uh anything a buildup stage for the more youthful partner won ' t be an easily accessible asset. So it ' s really hidden from the property examination.

Uh there are strategies then, naturally, moving superannuation or'properties from the older spouse to the more youthful spouse ' s name to effectively boost eligibility for age pension for the older spouse but we do take care with that because with any kind of positive there ' s likewise a danger or an expense. So ah we ' re constantly making certain that the advantages exceed the expenses. Yet the strategies there ah for those that that want to get not only the aged pension plan but you get the ah giving in card with it. Which people ah love. I trust my spouse as well Sonia. What ' s yours is hers anyhow? That ' s what I ' ve been told. Um the other component, okay, is the income examination. Now, that is the flip side.So, how does this get determined as well as how do both interact, Sonia? Excellent'inquiry'. Uh whilst the majority of people will certainly drop under the property test in retirement, the income test

does come right into play for those those who have federal government pension plans or investment homes, this might be the riding test that identifies their age pension plan. And also the reason for that is that if you ' re not functioning then your income may only be regarded income on your financial investments.And the regarding rates have come down. Thanks to Covid. The the greatest steaming price ' s just 2. 25%. Uh so lots of people won ' t have this income examination use. Ah you can see the thresholds there

. Ah an additional crucial thing to note is if you ' re doing some work the first 300 dollars won ' t matter Ah towards the earnings test ah many thanks to the work incentive. And also there ' s some great policies around the work incentive if you ah wear ' t use all of it in one fortnight. You can carry it onward as much as $6, 000. Ah so you can bank some up there. Ah there ' s also ah once again advantages to having money in accumulation stage for a younger spouse If you ' re a member of a pair. Uh simply go through some various other points that individuals might not realize are excluded possessions as well as aren ' t regarded to make earnings. Among them is a funeral bond as much as the centrelink limit of 13 and also a half thousand bucks. And there are annuities style of items that are concessionally treated for Centrelink under both tests.Uh so they'can be made use of for people remaining on that top limit to get them under and obtain that little bit of age pension plan as well as as well as the concession card. Really one more truly excellent concern in concerns to the age pension plan Sonia. Um a a gentleman started an alloted pension in 2thousand and10. Is that balance included under the assets examinations? So we ' re extremely mindful to have a look at people ' s pension plans the where they ' ve been in presence for some time. Um they can be among the old grandfathered pension plans. You would claim in the major many individuals ' s pensions will be counted in the direction of the possession examination as well as will be regarded to make income.Some of the old grandfathered pensions have a various kind of revenue and a various type of screening. So as an example an account established prior to 2015 where you were already getting the age pension. Correct. Is that the one? Yes.

So yet potentially I suppose it it is included. It might be included in different ways to pensions established up much more current times but if that was your concern could I just advise you possibly reach out and also get some more specific information and possibly some economic suggestions if that ' s going to help you do that. There are some some individuals that can take advantage of quiting as well as rebooting an older style of pension. They might be eligible for more Centrelink. But that ' s not always the instance. We do take excellent treatment with that. Yeah we ' ve just obtained ta be a little cautious I suppose.Not to guide any person down the wrong path if we most likely to the pale hearted. That scenario. That ' s how that ' s how Sonia makes ah makes the the cost for any kind of guidance. So allow ' s think that you ' ve experienced both of those tests obviously and also they ' ve determined one way or the other which one you '

re mosting likely to be determined on your Sonya. Um this slide dictates okay exactly how much you could be qualified'to as well as I know there ' s three ah little circles on the screen there before you'. Could you explain to us what they imply and also exactly how that kind of Works. Probably the last one particularly. Yes. Uh these are the yearly repayments. Um if you ' re solitary after that an easy means to function out what that is for fortnight is just to to round it to twenty-six. It ' s virtually a 000 dollarsper fortnight. Um after that for a pair thirty-eight thousand it ' s mosting likely to I think indeed it it ' s going to provide you a considerable lift to'your revenue. yet if you ' re a component as a participant of a pair you go back to the single price.

Um'some people will ask if this belonging as a result of illness is where you ' re fed up with each various other'. Uh no that does not count. You have to there are different policies around that splitting up to obtain the complete age for the single price of pension. but the the center bubble really shows after that what one participant of a pair will get which ' s important if the older individual in the pair age pension plan age but the more youthful one isn ' t. It ' s specifically half the pair rates. Not too bad. I indicate as you can see over time as soon as you ' ve reached retirement age as well as you require to money yourself for particularly 20 years.This this can create a significant part of of that technique. Exactly. Um so alright allow ' s assume that you ' ve you ' ve undergone the age pension plan situation you'' ve obtained that. Um whether or not you receive the age pension or not you might

still be eligible for the Republic Seniors Wellness Card Sonia. Uh this is for people that put on'' t have the'age pension concession card. It ' ll be individuals that for one'reason or an additional are above the thresholds yet this is an examination for this card it ' s an income examination only and you can see that those income tests are higher than what is applied to the age pension.Uh as a harsh regulation of thumb if you ' ve obtained under 3 million in economic properties after that you can be likely to or be pretty sure you ' ll be eligible for this Republic Seniors Health And Wellness Card. Offered you satisfy the residency guidelines and you are aged pension plan age already. Uh so the earnings examination includes deemed revenue on your financial investments, any kind of work revenue, rental building, returns, it doesn ' t consist of the real money you ' re drawing out of your incredibly. Um so that ' s essential to note. It ' s simply a regarded income on your balance.Cheaper medicine is a win for mine. Oh most definitely. Uh screw invoicing at the medical professional if your medical professional supplies it. Uh lower rates and also bills. It will certainly depend on the council or the energy'service provider and also who you'obtain on the phone often. Um not not everybody on the with the Commonwealth Seniors Wellness Card will certainly get the price cuts on their utilities. Many are telling me they do. And and that can make countless dollars different. Yeah. state preparation. Estate preparation. I presume this is something that is also misinterpreted and also I ' m just trying to relocate via these slides a little bit quicker because I comprehend we ' re going a little over it. I apologise for that.Um estate preparation though is very extremely crucial. It ' s something that we touch base on several lot of times however a great deal of people don ' t recognize Sonia that superannuation is not instantly moved to the will. It ' s really treated under different legislation. That ' s right. you can direct your incredibly to be part of your estate but unless you do that,

it ' s actually mosting likely to be sent to your chosen recipients or if you wear ' t have actually nominated beneficiaries, then it ' s a fairly complex procedure. Um so, I I presume having the documents in position make certain it'satisfies your wishes is extremely important to ensure the right possessions end up with the right individuals at the correct time and also you can reduce tax and also those kinds of ah so we'do ah assist individuals take a look at ah the problems with leaving cash straight or leaving it through the estate.But ah I believe if you if you wish to consider firstly who can you nominate? Ah that ' s something ah that ah we can assist with as well as also ah what type of election. Bill do you get people ask concerns around those binding nominations? Yeah definitely. I assume when people are are choosing a beneficiary, there are basically three various choices available to them and I begin at the at the reduced end of the scale. There ' s what ' s called a non-binding recipient election which is essentially you ' re offering the superannuation fund with support as to where you would certainly like the cashes to head to yet it isn ' t bonding on the fund. The trustees still have to make a decision on where the best area is for that cash to go to based on your situations at the time of your death.So while you might give that support there ' s a possibility that your wishes aren ' t fulfilled. Um at'at the time of your death. If you do want to make sure that your dreams are met after that you ' ve obtained 2 options. It can superannuation account and also pension. You can do a binding nomination. Which is just that it ' s attacking on the fund. Yet there are minimal people that you are able to leave it to. As long as you leave it to somebody that ' s qualified under the regulation then you can denomination as well as the fund should pay as per your wishes.Ah and also the various other choice if you ' ve got a pension account is a reversionary beneficiary which is likewise binding on the fund. But once more there ' s very limited options in regards to that you can leave those monies to. Yet those are your options. And also if you ' re doing a buyer election as well as you wish to leave it to your estate that ' s the possibility which ' s see to it that that dream will certainly be met at the time of your passing away

. Right and also the good information is that if your ah beneficiaries aren ' t altering and also you ' re coming near the 3 year expiry date we currently have a a kind that'making the process simple simply to refresh that nomination. Doesn ' t demand seeing. Uh simply just the account holder can authorize that form.Correct As well as in interesting times just recently it ' s been allowed so if you ' ve your Biden nomination does need to be renewed every 3 years and also every 3 years you no more have to do the the complete process. We ' re currently doing a shortened'process where if you'' re simply validating your existing nomination then you ' ll absolutely be able to simply that record on your own as well as send that back. As well as we do undoubtedly ah let you understand when those those due dates are

turning up. Just be aware of that. I ' m just going to discuss that. I will just briefly claim in this instance that and Sonia as well as our other planners are able to aid anyone that has a demand to do for recommendations in concerns to aged care whether that be for yourselves or your your elderly parents.Um it ' s very really intricate environment and also it ' s beneficial seeking professional help. Someone that does it day in, day out, Sonia. Uh real. Uh it ' s so intricate. We do in fact do seminars as well as webinars on this topic alone'. Remain tuned Yeah, most definitely. Um so, just keep an eye on our web site clearly. If there is anything from an aged treatment, it will be displayed on there as well as marketed. Uh in a similar way, we experienced a lot of the Centrelink things a little bit previously. Um there is an extremely details webinar'in regards to Centrelink that will be offered on our web site quickly. Simply keep an eye on that.Now, we ' re wrapping up in the direction of the end of this yet simply desire to touch base with you as to how you may be able to access some more details once you leave this evening. Um beginning with general information you can call our get in touch with centre and their prize-winning personnel can help you with any of your general superannuation inquiries, types or account details as can any of your local managers like myself simply provide a telephone call and also call one 3 hundred 6 5 8 dual seven 6. We ' ll be able to assist you out or if you ' re in in schools or anywhere else out there and also you see among us within your workplace please turn up touch base and also ask any type of that you could have. There ' s likewise a restricted advice option.So, you might not need a full monetary strategy as well as you ' ve obtained really certain needs whether they be contributions, your investment choices, insurance policies, or in certain, transition to retirement complying with on from that today. then, there ' s our limited guidance option. Now, I don ' t like the time the term restricted suggestions. Sonia, they, it ' s basically limited those products. That ' s why it ' s called that. Um yet are usually a phone discussion. There are no added expenses to you since they create a component of your membership cost'. So, there ' s something that you can capitalize on at any time you'want. Um as a member of the fund. The the pesto resistants is coming and also having a chat with somebody like Sonia or one of our various other financial advisers that are throughout the country.' Um as well as Sonia you can assist with such a wide variety of things.It ' s not just superannuation anymore is it? No.

Um so this is the age that you can access the age pension in as it currently stands as well as Sonia ' s kind of highlighted that at the moment it ' s in it ' s procedure of moving out to a 67 however any person joined any person born in between a before sorry the thirty-1st of December 19 fifty-six. If you ' re a participant of a couple as well as here are the couple ' s thresholds, if you have an age differential and also the senior spouse is age pension plan age however the younger partner is not.Uh anything a build-up stage for the more youthful spouse won ' t be an accessible asset. We ' re extremely mindful to have a look at individuals ' s pension plans the where they ' ve been in presence for a while. It ' ll be people that for one'reason or another are over the limits yet this is an examination for this card it ' s an earnings examination only as well as you can see that those income tests are greater than what is used to the age pension.Uh as a rough regulation of thumb if you ' ve obtained under 3 million in financial assets after that you can be most likely to or be quite sure you ' ll be eligible for this Commonwealth Seniors Health And Wellness Card. There ' s what ' s called a non-binding beneficiary nomination which is basically you ' re giving the superannuation fund with support as to where you would like the moneys to go to but it isn ' t bonding on the fund.No the fund'' s extremely supportive in seeing to it that we'' re right here to assist people understand the effect on their whole monetary scenario. We'' re not just able to help members of the fund yet partners and non-members. Uh we can take a look at investments inside as well as outside incredibly insurance policy is within as well as outdoors incredibly redundancies taking leave payments at the end of your career. Um all a very approaches certainly. Matured care, Centreling it'' s unlimited. Um anything at any kind of other consultant can do out there in suggestions globe. and also I trust you Sonia greater than anything. Um I I like to tell individuals when I'' m doing these presentations that I'' ve functioned very closely in the office with Sonia and our various other advisor in there is Tom. I see exactly how difficult they work. I see individuals can be found in that they they handle and also I enjoy them leave delighted. So hand on hard. I have outright confidence that you'' re going to get a good plan at an extremely extremely practical rate compared to a few of our market competition.Um and I that Sonia and also our other organizers are mosting likely to be working in your ideal practices as well as your ideal requirements. So your Sonia will certainly be on. We are well acted. Wow. Indeed primarily. some other choices for you. There'' s a couple of points that I ' d love for everyone that ' s on this phone call with us today to to do. Um if you sanctuary ' t after that please take place and also sign up to access the member site. There'' s lots of points that you can do on there presently. Um those were simply a photo of a pair of the pages that are readily available but you must understand that you can get the the information that you need to make a payment. Certainly your equilibrium details therein. You can watch or change your investment alternative and approach if and also as well as whenever you intend to do that that'' s likewise available.

Um it details undoubtedly any insurances that you have with the fund and should you require to make any modifications to those insurance policy setups. That'' s also something that you can do online so please do examine that out. If you wished to do a non-binding beneficiary election you have the ability to do that online however anything binding or a versionary then that clearly does need you to fill in a form due to the fact that we do require trademarks and witnesses in the in the very first instance. Um a few of you might understand if you'' ve already retired and you'' ve obtained accounts and also you have access to money you can really make withdrawals approximately $20, 000 a day on there as well. If you did wish to take some money along and also put it on red at the gambling establishment like Sonya suggested. Extremely convenient. Extremely hassle-free. Besides them. Again not a monetary technique. Um you likewise not be conscious that we actually have an app available as well. So if you intended to keep a closer eye on there and if you you might have some info offered on your phone then please of course download and install the app from your Application Shop or if you'' ve got a an Android from I wear'' t know what they call it yet you can pick that a person as well.Speak to your local RM following this. If you ' ve asked the question forgive me and we have an answered I ensure you we will certainly get to out to you throughout the week with your regional to ensure that you do obtain a solution to that and we can go from there. And obviously if you wanted to to make an economic advice visit that ' s always offered. Should you need it as well? As well as just to allow people recognize there ' s on the house for that conference. Uh'it ' s merely a number of hrs of'your time and if we can ' t aid you we ' ll be sincere or'if we assume you understand come back in a year or 2 would certainly be better. We'' ll be honest. Um we need to make sure that advice is greater than likely to place you in a far better position.So it is a beneficial process though simply to identify those areas and disregard the sound. There ' s so several guidelines. There'' s most definitely a great deal of policies. There are just a couple of inquiries that I think are are basic sufficient to simply address promptly and also they may benefit the broader group. Um the the very first one I'' ll I ' ll message to you Sonia. Should someone be fully retired to transform over to an assigned pension or could they retire and afterwards return to work and be reemployed down the track. Great question. Uh so you need to meet a problem of release and that needs to be sustained with a statutory affirmation which is either that you'' ve ceased a rewarding work plan when you'' re over 60 or or that you then in time wear ' t plan to ever before work 10 hours or more once more per week.Uh so when that cash is unrestricted and got you can have an alloted pension. Uh if you go back to work though and since you ' ve changed your mind. Um that ' s that ' s an opportunity.'Keep in mind that legal document has to has actually to be signed and also you have to be able to you understand put your hand on your heart and also claim yes that'' s the reality at that time. As a Justice of the Tranquility as a it'' s a really complicated process yet it for extensive purposes yes you can. Um the other concern is simply around in relation to the procedure. Do a monetary preparation meeting online or does it have to be face to face or over the phone or what are the choices Sonia? Phone, Zoom or one-on-one? I I do some respectable drawings if if you are available in one-on-one however Zoom'' s really practical and I can share a screen with individuals and reveal you some advantages also.

Whatever matches individuals in these Covid times and also with floods and also what have you. Yeah. I do circumnavigate the state. I go down to Lismore up to Cairns and we have other advisers in various other states. Uh with the very same alternatives. I enjoy in person too. I have to confess I'' m a little bit old-fashioned in that regards however I simulate having the ability to check out individuals'' s body movement and as well as those type of things and also I believe it it does offer an excellent possibility to just I guess scale somebody'' s comprehending as well as passion as well as as well as and dig a bit further but all options are basically on the table. Um one last question for you Sonia and I do apologise. There are some questions that I'' m not mosting likely to have the ability to address this evening. Please I I I assure you someone will certainly be in touch with you by the end of this week to make certain that you obtain solutions to those inquiries.

They are great inquiries. we just put on'' t have time due to the fact that we ' ve gone a little bit over. One last one I I think is is possibly an extremely good inquiry. If you recognize what age you'' re thinking about retiring Sonia. Um when when would you recommend a person I guess examine their retirement. For how long prior to that time as well as is there an exists a sort of a magic number or? There'' s no I suggest the faster the far better is possibly the response. It'' s never ever also late to make adjustments yet also it'' s never ever too early. I I do see people you know youngsters come in.

I'' m mentioning about me. Uh get to people in their 20s that know that they desire to retire at 65 and also desire to make that take place. I believe there'' s an extremely crucial approach from 60 onwards since of program you cash out of very tax obligation free so we can actually increase the method after that. Yeah definitely. I believe also the other thing that individuals aren'' t always knowledgeable about is preparing for retirement. Um does have the advantages of possible tax savings too which are something that can take place right away for you. Specifically right. Yeah. Well there'' s investments outside super. We can do points keeping that as well as as well as construct a portfolio that behind might end up in incredibly or be maintained outdoors. Yep. Perfect. I do apologise everybody. That'' s constantly'we ' ve got ah this night. I understand there ' s a number of other inquiries that have actually even popped via simply as we'' ve experienced there.Um thank you for asking those concerns. Thanks for sticking with us for the period. It ' s been a pleasure'having you all with us this evening. Um I hope you got some helpful information out of that. Please realize that we will clearly be in touch with you if you ' ve asked a concern and also we sanctuary ' t answered it as well as they asked them there are some good concerns on there. we desire to make certain that you get that details so we will certainly get to out and also do that. as well as have a look at the details pack that ' ll come out when we when we'send out studies out so that you can allow us know if there ' s anything that you ' d like to see us improve via our presentation this evening. So thank you really much for coming. We wish you have a good evening, a risk-free week for those of you who are in in New South Wales or South East Queensland. Uh try and also remain completely dry As well as and also protect any place you are because it ' s an intriguing world right now.And thank you Sonia for your time this evening. Thanks also Costs.

It ' s been good speaking to everybody. Stay well. Many thanks.

There'' s a couple of points that I ' d love for everybody that ' s on this call with us today to to do. Um the the very first one I'' ll I ' ll blog post to you Sonia. Uh so you need to meet a condition of launch as well as that has to be sustained with a statutory declaration which is either that you'' ve ceased a rewarding employment plan when you'' re over 60 or or that you at that factor in time wear ' t plan to ever function 10 hours or more again per week.Uh so as soon as that money is unlimited and also obtained you can have an allocated pension plan. Please be conscious that we will clearly be in touch with you if you ' ve asked a question and also we sanctuary ' t addressed it as well as they asked them there are some good concerns on there. Um and have a look at the info pack that ' ll come out when we when we'send surveys out so that you can allow us know if there ' s anything that you ' d like to see us boost on through our presentation this evening.

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Transitioning to Retirement Part 2 (1 to 5 years before retirement)

yeah hobbies is a huge point since a great deal of individuals claim i don'' t recognize what i ' m going to perform in retired life since i have no hobbies but they ' ll claim i put on ' t play i have no pastimes so you need to you ' ve obtained five years to start to believe regarding that a great deal of people wait till it ' s too late as well as there ' s so much stress and anxiety on'them they have no leisure activities they put on ' t know where they wish to live they ' re not speaking to'their partner we wish to protect against every one of that today we ' re chatting concerning transitioning right into retirement as well as this is sequel of our three-part series if you bear in mind and also if you enjoyed it the very first component is five to ten years out today we'' re going to concentrate on your preparation and points you require to do one to five years out prior to you leave your organization and also enter this third stage you recognize this is mosting likely to be a difficult change in your life if you aren'' t prepared and also if you put on ' t plan when we entered this stage we tried to find assistance we looked anywhere however the only point we can find was economic planning aid which'' s not what we required which'' s why we started this company since we realized we were struggling a bit and needed to determine how to pivot to make this time around of our life just as good as maybe so here we are retired life transformed partly one which was 5 to 10 years out we provided you 4 approaches to function on the very first was intending the secondly was recognizing dangers and also when we speak regarding dangers in retirement it'' s points like your loss of identity as well as developing a new identity your loss of area and producing a new area and those 40 hours of cost-free time that everybody returns the various other point was constructing a vision for your retirement five to 10 years out you desire to begin believing what is it going to appear like and also you also the 4th point is start assuming regarding practices as well as routines what are some excellent habits you intend to advance what are some bad ones you require to quit we wish to make sure you return as well as view that episode the web link is pasted below in the notes so we'' re going to build on those approaches today as we look at the one to 5 years out you know as well as in this amount of time by currently one to 5 years from your retired life day you do require to have a financial coordinator in place therefore you have the economic organizer your vision ought to start being clear and assuming it'' s your choice to retire you have a period as well as a day you know you have to start obtaining comfortable with the idea and getting more total quality time is mosting likely to pass truly quickly now you know we both retired a great deal earlier than we assumed and also because of that we weren'' t prepared you recognize i was at the peak of my occupation as well as i made a decision to offer my firm i was 55 years of ages as well as i intended on working one more 10.

Everybody wants to function to 65 right however i just helped five as well as you understand all at once my firm was offered to a rival and i remained during the assimilation for 3 complete years however i found that it wasn'' t going to benefit me anymore so with each other in december of 2018 we left together as well as our access into retired life was rough you know we we invested a year traveling the world we mosted likely to italy uh florence uh where else are we london london bora bora bora bora was terrific however we did that we captivated friends and family for a summer that seemed like a year we recognized we didn'' t truly have a function and also someday we looked in the mirror and also neither of us liked what we saw no we didn'' t we didn'' t we didn'' t we didn ' t appearance good and also we didn ' t feel good as well as the important things is we put on ' t desire that for you this shift is difficult as well as the extra ready you are the better opportunity of success you ' ll have so here ' s some added actions that you should be taking one to 5 years out prior to retirement currently this originates from our experience our success and our failures but also from most of the clients that we collaborate with you understand the initial point we'' re mosting likely to ask you to do and also you may roll your eyes is to buy a journal aligned or unlined journal an economical journal just something to begin creating in something you can start recording your thoughts and we'' re mosting likely to offer you a little structure on that however composing is much better than online typing it start recording your thoughts your sensations your struggles and also your successes you recognize the reason that composing is far better than digital is it compels you to actually reduce you can'' t obtain words out quickly enough so you have to really assume of the words as well as create them and you preserve it better when it'' s electronic also if you'' re an excellent typist you can simply bang them all out'you ' re not actually permitting your mind to decrease and also focus so journaling and also composing is truly crucial it'' s funny when you claimed bang them all out due to the fact that you'' re a one finger typer 2 fingers this set which one anyhow be a location for you to gather your ideas however even more significantly to damage up your journal right into containers as well as i'' ll inform you among the buckets can include our 5 pillars physical health mental health connections that you want to strengthen or release your spouse companion alignment or imbalance anywhere it could be and also the last pail is wisdom sharing you want to start thinking of what is it you'' re going to do after your profession ends to obtain fulfillment to profit all of your skills as well as your experiences to to to serve others in a way like what jody as well as i are doing with this service and also you desire to start listening to your voice and also creating it down and also we'' re really mosting likely to go deeper on wisdom sharing today since that'' s for the next five years you really wish to start considering exactly how that'' s mosting likely to fit right into your life so this journal is mosting likely to include sort of where you are now and also you'' re going to put some reaching declarations in to identify where you'' d like to be and after that you ' re going to have the ability to do some research and also arrange your thoughts right and also a few other locations to place in the journal to start believing about is itinerary if you intend to travel compose it down and figure it out and also begin thinking of it we have the best traveling agent by the way that assists us figure some points out however you additionally may desire a villa right and also you additionally may desire to think where do you desire to stay in the next 30 years right as well as how'' s that going to effect or impact or include your youngsters and family just how does that where you live just how does your location effect your pastimes yeah leisure activities is a huge point because a great deal of individuals state i don'' t know what i ' m mosting likely to perform in retired life due to the fact that i have no pastimes or they ' ll claim i put on ' t play i have no hobbies so you have to you ' ve obtained five years to begin to consider that a whole lot of individuals wait till it ' s too late as well as there ' s so much stress on them they have no leisure activities they put on ' t understand where they wish to live they ' re not speaking to their partner we want to prevent all of that we likewise wish to provide you an area where you can take down some aspirational hobbies yeah maybe discovering a language or going to an art studio or getting a new sport start repainting start paint yeah mark'' s making fun of me since i want to start painting i simply place'' t had the time four years ago i provided you the entire paint kit the easel and also all of things as well as they'' re still in the wardrobe perhaps i'' ll go now alright okay there you go great 2nd thing to do we'' re mosting likely to focus the rest so the very first is the journal that was all the large journals get a journal and start writing right as well as you understand compose and afterwards put it away take it back out once more put some tabs in there on these various sections i believe you'' ll really appreciate it but allow ' s talk regarding knowledge sharon since this is actually a core element of your retired life changed and also among things that we did ourselves as well as we finish with our clients as well as we show this in a very deep method in our on-line training course is to find out some aspects of on your own so we desire you obtain a blank notepad and also we want you to put five columns in there going entrusted to best and the very first column actually is to detail all of the tasks and the functions you'' ve repeated your entire career or your life in the last 30 or 40 years and also sometimes it'' s simple to damage it right into buckets the last 10 the previous 10 whatever it may be sales function ceo and you wish to go back as far as you'' re comfy with i know for me i went back two decades i understand for mark he returned to his first work out of intermediate school which was reducing yards paper boi oh paper boi paper boi when did you cut grass after that because you copulated back i wasn'' t permitted to utilize lawnmower it was inadequate so you pick the moment frame that helps you but in that first column you want to provide all those jobs that you had and after that put the day since the day the second column the date just so you type of have a recommendation yet truly where it obtains intriguing is the third column we desire you to jot down what did you enjoy regarding that job what what delighted you regarding it why did you like it a lot what feeling comes to mind when you consider being a paper kid or cutting yards or appropriate i occur to be the globe'' s biggest waitress which aids me helps me be a good mama of 6 youngsters lugging plates the fourth column is possibly what did you dislike concerning that role since if you didn'' t like it you plainly do not intend to take up that kind of task right or that that solution in your retirement if you put on'' t like it and afterwards the collaborators of enemy is what has this work or role instructed you and after that to sum it up you intend to experience those sheets and also do an entire lot of them select your top 5 it'' s crucial it ' s all we desire you to do is what were the top 5 jobs or duties that you played in the last 30 years so that'' s probably a pretty large as well as a rather active sheet for the majority of people the second thing we desire you to do is list your staminas and values as they speak with you go via and note them and also get a top 5 for each stamina or value and once you have that combine that with your top 5 tasks and also see where you land and also start covering it you'' re gon na begin obtaining a little quality on what it is you believe you might wish to do the other thing to do as you'' re writing and also thinking of it you'' ve obtained you understand one to 5 years left of work start paying focus to your to your days now so you reversed now moving forward if you have actually determined sales leadership as something you such as really listen when you'' re doing it now you'recognize if you ' re a finance person and you love servicing spread sheets is that truly what you see on your own doing after so it'' s actually crucial it makes makes me think of that what was that book that uh we read um wisdom at the office by chip conley yeah we'' ll put those take down listed below wisdom at job by chip conley the making of a contemporary senior an awesome read it'' s a truly intriguing publication concerning his function in airbnb and also the various other point to do throughout this stage if you'' re not already is start offering in any type of means form or form you understand maybe at the food bank maybe anything but you intend to find a means to volunteer board service well i'' ll tell you it makes it much easier to discover your volunteering niche after you'' ve gone back and you'' ve considered what inspires you in various functions and also what your core values and also proficiencies and also where you get your juice from and afterwards you find out just how much time you have currently with the one to 5 years still working and afterwards you determine how to launch into a volunteering duty as well as every neighborhood requires you currently look these next 5 years are going to be a tough time they'' re going to go quick we don'' t desire you simply to coastline as well as all of an abrupt end up believing oh my god i'' m leaving in year the next video is regarding the last one year however we want you to do whatever we spoke about in the initial video clip and this to get you all set for that which method you'' ll land in this phase totally prepared and pay attention if you enjoyed this please share with your friends as well as likewise please subscribe by clicking the subscribe button below and also put on'' t forget to join our free facebook community the link remains in the notes too it'' s a great area to begin to develop an area for your retired life stage many thanks a lot for listening and also we expect being with you once again quickly you

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The simplest retirement plan ever.

there are a lot of complex strategies out there when it comes to withdrawing your money in retirement we've already gone over some of them such as the Guyton clinger rule but not all strategies have to be that complicated to work well sometimes the simplest strategy is the most brilliant of all and today that's what we're gonna talk about we're gonna be talking about two of the simplest retirement spending strategies out there we're gonna discuss their pros and cons as well as who should be using them let's get started but before we get going be sure to LIKE this video if you haven't already as it really does help out the channel a lot and subscribe with notifications on for more money related videos like this one every single week so the strategies that we're gonna be covering today are very similar to one another in that they are both known as fixed withdrawal strategies they are the fixed dollar withdrawal strategy and the fixed percentage withdrawal strategy let's start with the simpler of the two the fixed dollar withdrawal strategy the fixed dollar withdrawal strategy is exactly what it sounds like you begin by withdrawing a certain dollar amount from your nest egg every single month and keep that amount constant throughout your entire retirement it literally doesn't get any simpler than that say if John were living on this strategy in retirement he has a 1 million dollar nest egg and wants to be able to live on $40,000 a year he withdraws $40,000 in that first year of retirement does the same thing in the second and so on and so forth in other words there are no adjustments for inflation using this method to analyze this strategy let's look at the four factors of retirement which for those who are new to this channel our income risk stability and buying power income measures how much money is coming in the door each month as well as when that money is coming in its measured this way because not all retirement spending strategies are systematic and linear with their income growth and none of us know how long we're gonna be in retirement so we tend to put more of a priority in having abnormally high income years in the earliest portion of our retirements since we don't know if we'll ever get to the later portions risk is the likelihood of outliving your money stability is graded by how often you experienced anything that would be considered an undesirable change in your income from one year to another this could come in the form of a freeze on the growth of your income or just a decline in your income from near to the next and buying power is defined like it always is it's a measure of how much your money can actually get you at any given time and is largely tied to inflation the fixed dollar strategy is generally considered to be a little stronger on income and risk in comparison to other popular strategies like the 4% rule but it does suffer in terms of stability and buying power the reason for this is simple as long as your initial withdrawals aren't too high you're relatively unlikely to outlive your money using this strategy and you may actually be able to live at a higher standard of living at least initially than you would have in other similar strategies like the 4% rule in fact going all the way back to 1950 if John had had that one million dollar nest egg invested in something like the S&P 500 he would not actually outlive his money during any 20 30 40 or 50 year retirement as long as he would true no more than fifty four thousand dollars a year or forty five hundred a month so even things like the housing crisis in dot-com crash didn't cause him to run out of money so this does grant John a higher standard of living initially than the 4% rule would have because of course with a 1 million dollar nest egg the 4% rule would only allow him to draw $40,000 a year to live on though eventually like I said the inflation effect would catch up with him using the fixed dollar approach and that's where this strategy does tend to fall short it's not meant for longer retirements because while John may be able to handle living on $54,000 a year particularly if he's retiring debt free with a paid off home it becomes increasingly difficult to do that as the years go on due to the inflation effect historically speaking inflation has averaged somewhere between 2 and 3% per year in the United States if we assume that our personal average inflation rate in retirement is nearer the top of that scale well at 3 percent per year then John's $54,000 a year income will get him the equivalent of what $40,000 would buy him today in just 10 years time in 20 years his money would only be able to buy him about what twenty nine thousand nine hundred dollars would buy him today and his money would be worth the equivalent of twenty two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars sixteen thousand five hundred and fifty dollars and twelve thousand three dollars a year in 30 40 and 50 years respectively just because of the effect of inflation so just for a minute let's imagine that John had decided to follow the financially independent retire early movement but instead of using the 4% rule which helps to protect your buying power over longer term retirements like those in the fire community are aiming for John decides to use the fixed dollar withdrawal method assuming everything else stayed the same John would retire at the age of 30 with a $54,000 a year income and a 1 million dollar nest egg again at the age of 30 that would be perfectly fine for him however the average life expectancy for people living in the u.s.

Is about 79 years old as of 2019 and it's possible that that number will continue to grow as technology and medicine continues to advance so assuming he doesn't die young it isn't out of the question that he would have a near 50-year retirement and be living on the equivalent of about $1,000 a month when he's aging and his medical costs are at their highest as you can imagine that wouldn't be an ideal situation for John and that's why this strategy generally isn't the best idea for longer term retirements but for the right person in terms of the four factors of retirement the fixed dollar strategy is above average and income and risk but below average instability and buying power in comparison to the 4% rule the fixed percentage method works very similarly to the fixed dollar method except that you're withdrawing a certain percentage of your nest egg every year as opposed to a certain dollar value this strategy also doesn't adjust for inflation but it does at least adjust with the value of your portfolio and depending on what you're invested in and what initial percentages you choose this method may work out all right say John just wanted to withdraw a 4% of his investments each year in retirement since the value of his investments were $1,000,000 when he retired he would withdraw $40,000 in his first year that would leave him with nine hundred and sixty thousand dollars left over if his investments went up by 10 percent that year the value of his portfolio would be somewhere in the neighborhood of a million and fifty six thousand dollars at the start of his second year of retirement since he's withdrawing four percent of that he would live on forty two thousand two hundred and forty dollars in that second year assuming inflation was three percent during that first year of his retirement his buying power would have actually gone up if he had merely adjusted his withdrawals for inflation like he would have if he were using the actual 4% rule he would have withdrawn 40 1200 dollars in his second year or about a thousand and $40 less than he did using the fixed percentage withdrawal method in this scenario the downside that I'm sure a lot of you already see is that the reverse can also happen say that the following year john's investments fell by 20% bringing the value of his nest egg down to about eight hundred and eleven thousand dollars and forcing him to withdraw thirty two thousand four hundred and forty dollars in the third year of his retirement that would be significantly less than the forty two thousand four hundred dollars that John would have withdrew in that third year using the actual four percent rule so as you can see depending on the situation stability is something that this strategy could have a very low score in given that the value of a nest egg especially if it's invested in something like stocks can grow or shrink by 20 30 or even 40 percent from one year to the next the bright side of course is that you have a very low risk of running out of money theoretically it's actually zero if you're able to follow this strategy to a tee and I specifically say theoretically because like many things it's only gonna be true up to a certain point if we take it to a logical extreme we can break this down say if John had $10,000 in his nest egg and he wanted to live on fifty percent of that nest egg for the next five years in theory he'd be fine and he'd never run out of money because he'd always be withdrawing fifty percent of whatever that nest egg is but how many of us are gonna be able to live on five thousand dollars a year that would be what he'd be withdrawing that first year and of course it would be even less the second year if his investments stayed flat his second years withdrawals would be half of five thousand dollars or twenty five hundred dollars and I don't know many people that are living on two hundred dollars a month but the point is if you're willing to take the hit to the stability of your income in retirement you can usually safely squeeze out a little more than four percent of your nest egg each year in a typical retirement using this strategy you just have to be prepared to see the average raw dollar income that you receive shrink as you go further into your retirement to illustrate this let's say that John withdrew 10% of his nest egg each year assuming he had that one million-dollar nest egg he would start out with a six-figure income however if he ended up living longer than he planned on he could eventually find himself living on what would only be generously described as a shoestring budget for example in the simulations I ran covering the various retirement lengths starting from 1950 onward assuming John had invested in the S&P 500 he would have had a median monthly income of about $6,500 a month in 20 and 30 year retirements which when adjusting for inflation would be about $3,600 a month in 20 years scenarios and twenty seven hundred dollars a month in thirty-year scenarios but that number did shrink a lot as the retirements got longer for example in 50 year retirements his average median monthly income was about forty four hundred dollars which again doesn't sound bad but when we look at the final few years worth of his monthly withdrawals we find that it's actually about $2,300 a month on average which is considerably less than the six-figure income he started with and of course that $2,300 a month was what he was actually withdrawing almost 50 years from now once we adjust for inflation over that time it may not even buy John what $1,000 a month would buy him today so similar to the fixed dollar withdrawals your buying power could be taking a significant hit if the initial percentages you set in this strategy are too high in summation the fixed percentage method scores reasonably well though not elite when it comes to income particularly when used in early retirements it does great in terms of risk again assuming you're not too aggressive with your initial percentages but is questionable with stability and below average in terms of buying power so in the end who should use these strategies now I'll admit I am personally biased here I believe there's very few people who should realistically be using these strategies as their primary method it's mainly limited to those with very short expected retirements so that their buying power doesn't become too damaged over time and even then ideally only by those who are also approaching that same retirement with little to no debt because especially with the fixed percentage method you'll often need to be pretty flexible with your spending from your year but for those who aren't retiring early and will have no more than nine or ten years that they expect to be retired they have little debt to speak of and want something very simple to follow when figuring out how much of their money they should withdraw each year one of these strategies could work out well it gives you some advantages in terms of income without significant increases in risk but what are your thoughts do you agree with my assessment of the strategy or do you think that I'm missing something do you think another strategy would work better for people in that situation let me know in the comments section below but that'll do it for me today once again if you haven't already be sure to LIKE the video as it really helps the channel a lot and if you want to learn more about various retirement planning strategies be sure to check the links on the screen for my videos on how to safely spend money in retirement as well as protect your nest egg and as always thanks for watching

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How To Retire Early Through Property Investing | A Retirement Planning Pension Strategy

Most people will likely consider it impossible when they come across this video’s thumbnail. However, I want to demonstrate how it is feasible to retire in two years by investing in a specific type of property, simply by taking action. My name is Tony Law from Your First Four Houses, and I coach individuals on how to construct a small property portfolio that produces a substantial income stream, enabling them to become financially independent and leave their regular jobs if they choose to. For 21 years, I worked in a kitchen business where I traded my time for money, but in under two years, I managed to substitute that kitchen income with a passive or relatively passive rental income. In this video, I’ll demonstrate how you can accomplish the same.

Now, let’s assume that you do not require 10,000 pounds per month to retire and live comfortably. The average household income in the UK appears to be between 28,000 to 35,000 pounds per year, depending on where you live, although living comfortably on that amount might be challenging for some. To keep things simple, let’s round it up to 42,000 pounds per year, which equates to 3,500 pounds per month in passive rental income. While some may think that figure is low, I believe most people could retire and live comfortably on that amount if they had no other expenses. So, we now have a clear objective to work towards.

When looking to earn a passive income of 3,500 pounds per month, the first step is to determine how many rental units are needed to achieve this goal. The number of properties required will depend on the deals and strategies employed, but for the purposes of this exercise, let’s assume an average cash flow of 500 pounds per month after all expenses. With this in mind, seven properties would be needed to generate 3,500 pounds per month. While this may seem daunting, it is achievable within a two-year timeframe with the right approach and effort.

Achieving a passive income of 3,500 pounds per month may seem like an impossible feat, but let me show you how it can be done. As a property investment coach, my goal is to help people build a small property portfolio that generates a great income, allowing them to achieve financial freedom.

To start, we need to break down the numbers. 3,500 pounds per month can be achieved with a portfolio of seven properties, each generating an average cashflow of 500 pounds per month. While this may seem daunting, I believe it can be accomplished in just two years with a ton of effort and action.

In the first year, you may acquire two to three properties, with the remaining four to five acquired in the second year as your experience and confidence grow. Although it won’t be easy, with hard work and dedication, you can achieve this target.

If you’re interested in learning about the 15 tasks you can do in the next seven days to help achieve your goals, check out my video. Property investing may require hard work, but the rewards are worth it. In just a couple of years, you can replace your income entirely.

To assist you on your journey, I have updated my 50 point checklist for buying investment properties. If you’re interested in receiving a copy, click the link provided or see the description box below. My goal is to help you achieve financial freedom through property investment.

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The Retirement Planning Steps

have you ever wondered what does it look like if I were to go and work with a financial planner and how would that whole process work well today we're talking about implementation of the financial planning process in particular the one that we use and our goal is this by the end of the video you're going to have a very clear understanding of what it looks like to work with an advisor like with like us and how you would put all that into practice we hope you enjoy this episode to learn more about how to secure your retirement and all the different elements you need to know please subscribe to our Channel and hit the Bell so you'll be notified when we release episodes every Monday we have helped hundreds of our clients gain Clarity and get on the path to a great retirement now it's your turn let's dive in welcome to secure your retirement podcast we are excited today we are going to continue a conversation that we had last month we have our guests back with us we have Nick heimensen and Taylor Wolverton and we are going to break down the financial planning process part two so Morgan can you kind of bring us up to speed with where what what our episode today is going to be about sure so just to recap our last episode on the retirement planning process which if you didn't catch it it's episode 199 if you want to go back to watch it or you can also read it on the blog page but first of all we we talked about how to prepare for an introduction meeting with our team how you would uh gather the data and the accounts that you'd be submitting in regards to your assets your income information and your expense information to the extent that you're comfortable whatever you're comfortable submitting and that we're able to submit that securely and then in between that first visit and the second visit it's all us we do all the work so we prepare for the second meeting and then there we present you we walk through each step of retirement planning process and at the end of that meeting we can give you that information we can either print it out for you or send it over to you and then on the third visit that would be considered the strategy meeting we take some at the time and we come back for the third meeting which is all about the strategy we talked about the bucket sheet on the last episode and it really breaks everything down into three different buckets cash which is the amount that you that you're going to be holding some people that's going to be on a different Comfort level some people want to have a lot of cash and others don't then there's also the safety bucket which includes a few different products that will include safe and reliable income during retirement and then finally the third bucket is growth money that's in the growth buckets will grow during retirement due just what it says and then the funds in this bucket will be liquid but the goal is to avoid touching this money as much as possible so that will all be discussed during the third visit or the strategy meeting and then at this point of course when you decide to become a client how do we move forward after that Merce yeah so there's there's already been some time spent on both sides of the table the team has done some work to present uh the the client has taken some time out of their schedule to get to know us so now they know everything about us how we operate how do we take care of our clients a uh some form of a recommendation has been met made and now the client says guys I love everything I want to work with you and so Nick um there's obviously there's a bunch of different steps that we Implement especially in the first year to get everything transitioned and transferred over in a comfortable manner so what it what is Step number one after a client says yes I want to work with you guys yeah so step number one for us is is really getting together and figuring out what information do we have and what information white might we need to get all the paperwork together and all the data um to be able to fill in everything that we need to be able to open an account um the first step is putting together beneficiary information dates of birth um addresses phone numbers contact information making sure we have all of that information that pertains to the specific person and um getting that all that information together and creating an account so that process looks like basically us filling in this documentation with your personal information Charles Schwab requires all of the information that we ask for to be able to open that account in in the client's name um so from there once a lot of that paperwork is signed well typically that's when our team will take that paperwork and submit it to Charles Schwab um that process for them to open the account takes typically uh one to three business days depending on um depending on the type of account and how many accounts we're opening up and that's when transfers will take place that's when I will reach out on um on accounts being opened and making sure that everyone is easily able to access the account and figuring out making sure that they have the actual access on the website on the Charles Schwab app and making sure it's all set in stone so that you're comfortable and able to access the new account and what if your account is already with Charles Schwab what if you're already there if you're already with Charles Schwab that makes it um a whole lot easier so in the case that there um there's an already account at Charles Schwab it's a lot less documentation so they already have all that personal information so it's really one form to add peace of mind as being able to access the account um I'm sorry I just wanted to mention here real quick just so everybody who's listening because obviously there's there's people that might have Accounts at multiple locations just so they understand the structure of of this idea of Charles Schwab so Charles Schwab just everyone knows for us and for many people uh many advisors we don't work for Charles Schwab we're not connected to Charles Schwab when it comes to any kind of financial relationship they don't pay us we're not dictated by them they are simply a custodian and a custodian could be Fidelity it could be TD Ameritrade not very much longer because Charles Schwab bought them it could be Charles Schwab it could be Vanguard any place that you have your accounts our relationship though for us to have our custodian is with Charles Schwab so that's why Nick is saying we're going to get the accounts open there uh one other little caveat though that if you could just speak on uh Nick as far as what if somebody says hey I've got all these things do you have to sell everything that I've got over at Vanguard or sell everything I have over at Fidelity to get it to Charles Schwab mm-hmm so if someone asks that question the answer is no we don't have to sell anything um what happens is um that during the transfer process it's called in kind so all of the Securities all of the holding stocks bonds mutual funds or everything that is held at the other firm whether that be a TD Ameritrade a Fidelity a Vanguard that is all going to transfer in kind so exactly what it's currently in over to Charles Schwab and then Charles Schwab will hold those exact funds um over in the new account so nothing there changes until we come up with a strategy around the Investments and so that occurs afterwards yeah and I think that's important uh particularly on uh non-ira accounts where where a sale can result in a taxable impact so it makes it nice and easy for us as the advisor to bring the asset over without any taxable type of impact and then have a good conversation to evaluate a strategy around a potential liquidation strategy or a hold strategy or something like that so um because sometimes people worry about well do I have to sell everything and that's not the case uh Nick another common question that we do get is someone says hey I'm over at Vanguard and I want to work with you guys but I have you know I have a monthly distribution that's set up for a thousand dollars a month every single month or are you guys going to be able to replicate that for me yeah so in that case really it's just one additional form we can do the same exact thing over at Charles Schwab um and what it is is linking the bank account to the new Charles Schwab account um and so one additional form there will be able to have the your bank account linked to your Schwab account and then we'll also be able to set up recurring withdrawals or recurring distributions to your bank account um from your new Schwab account so exactly like it was at the other firm or at the other custodian it can be replicated right at Charles Schwab yeah so we've talked in in this is right here now so far Nick you've kind of explained this idea of somebody moving a brokerage account to a brokerage account meaning same account to same account or moving an IRA or a Roth IRA or anything like that a trust account we're moving all of those things and we talked about being able just to move that money electronically but the steps are just a little bit different for something that is what is called a a company plan make like a 401k 403 b 457 any of those kind of plans how how is that process just a little bit different than moving Ira to Ira yeah so in that scenario um we will have one less form so it won't be a transfer in this case if it's from a 401k what's going on is really we're calling over likely together to the 401K company and they are required they can't send anything electronically so they're required to um cut a check um for the benefit of um Charles Schwab or for two Charles Schwab for the benefit of you as the person who's the account owner um and so that check after the phone call is made is usually cut and sent either to your address um the person's address who's the account owner or we can send it straight to straw Schwab for them to deposit it right into your account and so the process is a little different there and it depends on typically how fast that that 401k company cuts the check um but in that case it's not electronic it's more of a physical check that's going either to your address or as the account owner or straight to Charles Schwab and I think something that's uh important to point out here is that anytime someone hears the word I'm getting a check uh and a lot of times it's 401K money that we're talking about 403b money that's talking we're talking about which is all pre-tax dollars and if it's done right which we always do it right if we're working together it's done as a trustee to trustee transfer transfer which is similar to a rollover all that to say it's that it's not a taxable event so even though there is a physical check that is mailed from your 401k plan if it's done properly it's not a taxable event so I think that's important to point out too so we've covered a lot there as far as the getting the accounts kind of set up and then we understand there's going to be more steps there as well but that process like you gave us a nice timeline there but there's another aspect of things than just the accounts there's kind of the things that we're going to help folks with on tax planning uh so so I'm gonna ask Taylor Taylor could you kind of walk us through what we're going to try to accomplish at least in the first few months uh when and what would be the steps for us to be able to do that analysis when it comes to taxes yeah so we'll want to start by collecting your most recent tax return that you have filed and we'll take a copy of that tax return and look over it for opportunities to do things like potentially Roth conversions if that's beneficial for your situation we'll do an analysis on that and we can have a conversation about the possibility of doing Roth conversions with you if it makes sense and then there's other tax planning strategies that we could use like if you qualify for qualified charitable distributions we can talk about that and help you set those types of transfers up and then also we could talk about in the way of charitable donations we could also set up a donor advice fund if that's something that you're interested in and something that would benefit your situation just looking for any opportunity to lower your taxable income and consequently lower the amount of taxes that you're going to pay in future years as part of your holistic financial plan in retirement yeah I think what's really nice about this this tax um scenario that we run through is that it gives us the ability to start playing around with your your your overall tax situation and and Taylor can go and manipulate the numbers and say Hey what if we did do a Roth conversion of 20 000 this year what's it really going to cost us or even as simple as sometimes and I think it when when we're talking about people that are withdrawing on their their IRAs and having cash flow coming in the door a lot of times we are using withholdings federal and state withholdings uh to start paying the taxes as we take those withdrawals and sometimes we're way off on our guess as to well how much should I withhold I think a lot of times when I'm talking to someone on the phone and setting this up they say well I have no idea just withhold something well with what what Taylor can do in this software is that we can actually kind of look at where are you falling in your tax bracket and then as some and and it gives us a much better idea rather than just taking a you know a guess in the dark as far as how much should I withhold we have numbers behind that again a simple conversation but it's a really nice um uh part of one of the tools that we have in place here yeah and just could you speak a little bit too about the idea because we talked about moving things in kind whether or not we would sell something that maybe had a gain or do a Roth conversion um of of how you look at this idea of especially for somebody who might be affected with any kind of Irma problems and explain what that means I'll let you handle the Irma part yeah so for our clients who are paying medicare premiums currently over the age of 65 or about to be eligible for Medicare that's something that we want to look at because once you're adjusting gross income goes over a certain level then there's possibilities where your medicare premiums can start increasing and so that's something that we're definitely looking for as well you can kind of look at it as an extra tax that you have to pay or extra medicare premiums so when we're looking at using these strategies especially Roth conversions where we're adding in taxable income in a certain year we want to make sure we're not pushing your income into a space where your medicare premiums are going to go up and it's going to negate the benefits of the Roth conversion so we're definitely looking at it's Irma irmaa which stands for income related monthly adjustment amount and that's related to medicare premiums so and I was really hoping I was like I said man if Morgan asked us what Irma stands for I said I'm going to be so nervous I was going to make up something really good but I'm glad you had the right answer there hey real quick uh oh go ahead go ahead sorry I was gonna say another thing I was going to add too just in the way of tax planning is that for our clients who work with us for our tax preparation services then we'll make sure you're onboarded with one of our CPAs that we work with and we can also help you gather the tax forms that you have for the accounts that we manage for you so making sure you're getting all of your 1099s that you need and not leaving out any of those documents so that you can get those over to your CPA and make sure that your return is filed on time so lots of moving parts that I'm just sitting here listening to it and um and it just makes me go wow this is a lot now I'm on this side and I can imagine a client who's on the other side and they're thinking man all this stuff is happening it's their life savings so Nick what is it that you try to do so that the client is not having to sit and worry has this been done yet is this moving where's this at in the whole process like what do you do to make sure that the client is completely understanding everything yeah so um what I try to do is is communicate as much as I can so whenever I have an update whether that's um an account has opened um I'm usually I'm typically sending out an email letting you know that um or giving you a call um so I'm making sure that you have access to that account and then after that I'm also what Charles Schwab does is they give us an estimated completion date for the transfer um and this is when it's going from another custodian to Charles Schwab um so in that case I will let you know when that is uh that transfer is expected to be completed and then when it's actually has been completed sometimes it's a day or two off and so I will let you know that either by phone or email and then answer any questions along the way whether that's personal information that you'd like to get added to the account getting logged in Where to view your accounts um where to see when the funds come in where to look for it um and then from the 401K process it looks a little different because we don't have an estimated completion date for that um but we do see if it the check has been sent straight to Charles Schwab we do see when they deposit it into the account and then I will be basically letting you know exactly when that happens um or if the check is going straight to your address we're typically communicating just to make sure that that gets put straight into your account so during the whole entire process from account opening from really signing the documentation to account opening to getting the funds moved we're communicating pretty frequently just to make sure that everything's in place set up and really helping you go through the process and then answering any questions for you hey merge could you I thank you so much Nick for explaining that and Taylor but so now here we are we've kind of gotten this this process started where the client is pretty much you know we've gotten the counts open we've gotten some tax information that we're looking at and analyzing and then our our next step once we've kind of are moving along this because we're trying to do piece by piece as we have what we have called because it typically works out that we can do it in this time frame we call it a 45-day meeting can you kind of just like maybe take a little bit Mercer and talk a little bit about that 45-day meeting and what that's designed for yeah so the 45-day meeting is ideally by then all the assets have transferred uh and we've got everything back in in-house in the sense of we've we have everything done from the moving part perspective and now we're getting back together for a couple different reasons one uh to answer any questions so just double take uh take a step and take some time to check in and say hey have you been able to log into Schwab are you able to see everything there have you gotten any mail from Schwab that you have questions on and just take some time to answer questions because it's for a lot of our clients it's a new custodian they use Fidelity for years they use Vanguard for years they were very comfortable with that setup and now they're looking at a different one while they are all very similar they all have their tiny little nuances so it's getting used to something different so we take time to do that the other part of what we're going to do is uh finalize if if there has is anything left to talk about on the investment strategy or deliver the rest of the investment strategy to them so Morgan mentioned the uh what we talked about in the last podcast around this topic was a bucket sheet it's not a technical technical term but we call it a little a bucket sheet that breaks down how we have allocated the accounts to cash safety and growth and so we're finalizing that and giving that to the client so they have a nice one-page document that says hey here's how things are laid out and and going over any questions around that another important piece that we do in this visit is at this point we know a lot about you and we know a lot about things that may or may not need to be updated one that is very common in this visit is we're starting the process for updating that estate Plan a state plan typically means we're either going down the path of setting up a brand new will which which comes with power of attorney documents HIPAA documents and and other important pieces there or we could be going down the route of setting up a trust for our clients all just depends on the conversations that we're having there and that that process we set it up uh because of our relationship with the partner firm we actually have the ability to take care of the cost of that for our clients and um and so that I would say is the next big step in a in a year-long process of getting things fully aligned as far as goals go as far as desires go that that setting up the estate plan is the next big step that we talk about in that 45-day meeting yeah so I think that uh you know at this point uh we've spent uh you know 20 minutes or so just kind of walking through all these different events that occur um but what we want to really have come across here is that uh the client the person that's that's doing this they don't they're not having to worry are these things being taken care of we have a great team here that's just really making sure all of these different things all these different moving parts are taken care of now I will tell you kind of as we close out just so you kind of know we understand this is a lot so the first year we're going to meet quite a bit more but then even ongoing we meet with our clients uh in the first part of the year uh we are going to meet uh all the to make sure that the financial plan is working properly that there if there's any tweaks that need to be done second part of the year is all about taxes and making sure that we're making that we are on the tax planning part of things so we want you to know that this process while it sounds a little bit daunting maybe uh it's not that bad it actually works very very smooth but you also get a sense of all the work that's going on behind the scenes so we hope this has been helpful just to kind of help you see how this whole process works um Morgan you did a great job of the opening and I was hoping you would have a lot of questions you guys are so good at explaining things thank you again Taylor and Nick for coming on and then and walking through all the things you do for us again we hope this has been helpful we know we went through a lot there's a Blog that's written on this that kind of lays all of these steps out so you can just go to our website which is pomwealth.net go to the blog page you'll see it all there uh super easy to be able to navigate thank you very much have a great day we'll talk to you again next Monday we hope this video has given you some confidence and clarity as you plan for a worry-free life in retirement but what else do you need we have created a complimentary video course called three keys to secure your retirement this video walks you through step by step what you need to do to get ready for retirement you can also check out our podcast called secure your retirement you can subscribe below for more retirement tips check out these videos also if you find them valuable please subscribe to our YouTube channel and give us a like

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Retirement Planning Home

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Living longer / RETIREMENT – IELTS writing task 2 – Band 7.0+ essay

What are you going to do when you retire ? Now, I recognize many of you individuals.
are possibly rather young and you'' re probably not also believing.
regarding retired life at this phase. Yet retirement'' s a pretty vital point, since when you stop
. functioning and also as you grow older, you have to determine what.
you'' re going to do with your life. Very good concern. And both you and I need to start assuming now since we are going to require our pension plan soon. When you retire, you are completing work. When you stop functioning and also you claim a pension. So, what are the problems of individuals living longer? This is a question that took place in the.
current creating task two component of the test.So Jay, would

you'' d like to review this recent question? Absolutely. The inquiry goes: Nowadays, individuals are living.
longer after they retire. What are the issues triggered by this? And also what actions can be taken.
I assume this is a difficult concern. Keep tuned, we'' re going to come back and give you some suggestions.
inquiry. Correct, Chris? It'' s right, and it'' s among the possibly 4 types.
of question you'' ll get in the examination. As well as you do require to respond to.
What'' s the initial component of the inquiry, Jay? Exactly.And the second part of the concern: What procedures can be taken?
like supplying a service. What options might you assume.
of to resolve this trouble? Currently, my recommendation to you is: When it'' s a two-part concern, you need to have a minimum of 2 body paragraphs, since you possibly need to be.
considering topics for every. We are mosting likely to check out the troubles initially, there are a couple of various issues.
that we can think about, as well as after that we'' ll speak about the options. Nowadays, Jay, people are living till 85, 100, 90, 95 Exactly, and the retired life.
age hasn'' t changed very much. No, I believe it'' s sixty-five, approximately around … Sixty-five. It depends upon your nation. Tell us which nation you''
re. from, and also what is your old age? It'' d interest learn. Now, because the retired life age has not transformed, and people are living longer, that suggests individuals currently live a lot more during their retirement.What various other problems brought on by this? Well, since they are not bringing in earnings. from their work, from their career, it could
potentially trigger. economic strain on a country, due to the fact that the country, the federal government is offering economic help for people. who go to retirement age. To ensure that ' s one significant huge trouble.
That ' s a great concept, and also I just wanted to discuss that word.Economic strain.'Pressure is a wonderful word, which means stress.

You might state economic. stress or financial pressure. They ' re both truly great ways to explain that. I was'assuming of an additional issue, in addition to the economic strain. would certainly be the stress on … Excuse me, stress on healthcare, Definitely. Stress on healthcare. What would be the issues there? Well, of course, as you age, you have a greater percentage or a.
greater possibility of having health issue. When you'' re younger you are healthy, you really feel great. As you get older, there are much more opportunities to. obtain ill, to establish condition, obtain harmed. Older people often tend to trigger extra.
pressure on the healthcare system, and it depends on the country. As well as this is a truly intriguing.
subject between myself as well as Jay, since I'' m from the UK and also Jay is from America. Why exists such a large distinction.
and also what'' s the distinction? Well, in America, the federal government truly doesn'' t. give way too much aid monetarily or in health and wellness care for.
people, whether their young or old.So, if you'' re overcoming all your life, you are anticipated to conserve cash, and also buy, and see to it that you have sufficient.
cash to survive as soon as you retire. Whereas in the UK, we have a complimentary medical care system where.
you can make use of the medical care system. Basically, whenever you want, currently, that can cause some issues. Because people might overuse the medical care system. They may use it, although they wear'' t require it. Living much longer, may have various effects in different countries.So in America,

what happens if people live longer and.
Well, they will certainly still obtain treated. It goes against the vow that they take.
will then enter into severe economic financial obligation. That the quantity of money that.
they need to pay for their health care will certainly go on to their monetary records, and also they will be expected to try to pay that off. OK, so these are 2 huge problems. The financial strain on the.
system and also the medical care stress, the stress on the medical care system. What do you believe could be some solutions? Well, the first option is something.
that my nation does is due to the fact that the government type of go back and doesn'' t take an active. role in aiding its people, there is no stress on the economic climate after that, since individuals that are.
expected to …

When you grow older, you are accountable for your very own.
well being and also your very own wellness treatment. OK, so I was thinking that in a place like the UK, where you can use the system as long as you want, perhaps we require to consider placing.
some stress on the young individuals currently to pay more tax. Yep. To prepare them for the future. Now, both Jay and I live in Australia. As well as Australia is a nation where.
we have a private pension system. As well as both Jay and also I pay into.
a private pension system, and also we know just how much money.
we will certainly have in the future.And that might

be can be a system that took on to make certain that youngsters pay into a system, so they know exactly how much they.
That'' s one means. That people need to work longer. I know there'' s a lot of resistance to this by individuals in their late fifties, early sixties.
near the end of their life time, complete of job as well as recognizing that they are close, so that they can see the.
light at the end of the tunnel is probably quite pleasurable for them, and supply them with a sense of alleviation as well.And after that to be told, no, I ' m sorry, you are mosting likely to need to function 10 more years. That'' s why people could.
In the IELTS examination, this was a recent concern.
subject for you to think of. Simply be prepared to create.
one topic in a paragraph. Make sure you explain your ideas as well as.
please usage examples from your own individual experience and also expertise. Maybe tell the examiner about.
the situation in your nation, whether you assume that'' s a good system, or whether you think there can.
be some adjustments to that system.And one even more

point, constantly bear in mind to have a look at the inquiry, and also invest just a brief amount of time recognizing what sort of question it is. In this instance we have a two-part question, as well as making sure that you answer both.
Thank you, Jay. Make certain you hear, you come and also join us on our IELTS daily application. The application is an extremely, very great means of improving your IELTS talking Your writing.
Jay, you are terrific today. Take care, everybody.

Retired life'' s a pretty important thing, since as soon as you quit
. Remain tuned, we'' re going to come back and give you some suggestions. What'' s the very first part of the inquiry, Jay? That'' s one method. I know there'' s a whole lot of resistance to this by individuals in their late fifties, very early sixties.

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