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Our Biggest Retirement Mistake! How to avoid this in your retirement.

our last day of work was December 29th 2018 and the next week we began this journey with little or no guidance and we've had some fits and starts and honestly we've made some serious mistakes along the way but we finally got on track and we thought we were doing well you know last December we're four years into retirement thinking we're doing okay right but our big mistake created so much stress and anxiety and we knew we needed to change it and that mistake was setting the wrong priorities in our life see we started this business just before we retired and we made it a priority we made it the priority all of our planning was based around doing everything we needed to do to build this company and you know this com company retirement transformed is really important to us we get a lot out of it and we know we're helping others and at the same time we're actually helping ourselves by actually formulating a plan and we know we need to keep it going and we want to keep it going right but this it just got overwhelming well here's the thing we scheduled Monday through Friday Friday we've always taken off but Monday through Friday we've put work in first because it was important to us and we put in research that we would do for YouTube scripts we would put in time to write YouTube scripts we had to carve out time to shoot video like we're doing today and then we had the business side of things weekly team and marketing meetings but we planned all of that and then we said well we also want to do some fun stuff right we would agree then you know after all of that was planned that we should you know keep keep playing golf and maybe take on pickleball and maybe find some personal time to do activities alone which is really important and then time with our individual friends and couple friends and time to work out and you know before you knew it we were exhausted and here's what happened and here's why we made this pivot Because by the time we got through all the work stuff every day because we made that first and priority there was really no time for the personal retirement life that we dreamed about like Jody said we were tired we were uninspired we made excuses you know when you write YouTube scripts for three hours or you shoot video for three hours you're exhausted after that so we needed to put some fun back in our life right and make the business second to all of that so and still do a good job so if you're entering into retirement or if you're in retirement building a business this is some just advice for you we made the big pivot right this past December 2022 and we began to flip our calendar and that's what we're going to talk about today you know we scheduled everything that was missing you know travel to see our kids you know dinner with Friends golf pickleball exercise our alone time we had to Anchor all that into our calendar before we started peppering in the business and the change has been incredible and eye-opening for us and we want to guide you through doing the same thing now you don't necessarily have to have started a business but clearly we hope that part of your retirement includes some wisdom sharing which could be volunteering helping others writing a book whatever it might be because that is a big part of what we do but now that we made this pivot and it's only been two months actually six weeks yeah we're happier we're more excited we're more energized and we're more inspired it really is helping us a lot and I think the work that we're doing around retirement transformed actually not only fits in but it actually gets better because we are living a retirement life while we're building the business and sharing some things with you guys so it just took our retirement to a whole new level of satisfaction so let's welcome let's welcome through what we did yeah because I think it would be helpful it's really really important to do this you know the first thing we did was we made a list because you know we're listing planners but we made a list of what was most important to us besides the business you know our retirement transform business is our wisdom sharing bucket so we knew that would stay right where it was but it's only one of the Five Pillars it is it is so we made a list from the other pillars physical wellness mental Wellness relationship and spouse partner relationship and started to fill in around that and here's is what we came up with golf was really important to us we wanted to schedule in golf so that we did it pickleball we wanted to try once we got to Florida I need alone time I mean I probably need alone time more than you do so I needed to schedule that and I need time with guy friends I need to be with some guy friends to talk about the things that guys talk about what is that I don't know I'm not a guy a lot to do a YouTube on it we also needed to squeeze in some weekend trips because you know we've had friends ask us to do things or family members ask us to go places so quit squeezing that in made us say yes a little bit so we had our list of things we wanted to make you know a priority in our life then we got a calendar for January blank and we started to say so how's this going to work what what days are we going to do what and we both get up early so I'm up at five Jody's up at six I have certain things I do every morning from five to six I get up I exercise I meditate I journal and then Jody gets up at six and we have an hour together which is great is our coffee time and and this is not optional this is pretty much seven days a week yeah I would say I mean there are some mornings that were off kilter but I get up at six and for the past five years I send a text to my girls just something for them to think about to in the day depending on what's happening in their lives I send it as a group so we've got a little fun group text going on I do Wordle I need the brain Wordle stimulation and I do that with a I can't do Wordle um I check in with friends if you know someone's been sick or not feeling well or whatever then we do our coffee together you know at at that point and then I'm off to yoga and so you know that to me you know kind of can't change we couldn't deviate from that so as silly as it sounds in our calendar five to eight o'clock no five till seven two hours every morning we're together in one way shape or former or another and we just know we're gonna do that we have it's we look forward to it and then we go off and running don't make a girlfriend so that so we have that in the calendar so now we filled in other things pickleball so what we did we're down here in Florida we joined the YMCA on a Sunday we took a pickleball clinic clinic on Monday and then Tuesday Thursday from 8 to 10 they have beginner intermediate um round Robins so we've been going to that that's in the calendar and we don't deviate from that that's so important for us to have that and we hate to miss it it is really fun and it's a huge part of our retirement now so that's yeah and that that really takes us till about 10 o'clock right and then from 10 to noon we will do some errands or personal time or you know laundry Car Wash I mean you need time to do that kind of gather up things that we might need for lunch but then the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays we're working at retirement transforms that's what we're doing right now so we're working you know from one to three from one to four that's when we post our calls that's where you know that's when we're more productive because our energy level is high because we had done our morning routines so really Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty set yeah and Wednesday mornings when we play golf and we get up we get up early so we have a standing 7 15 T time 20 minutes from here we're done by 11 we come back home and again we work from one to three so we get two days of pickleball in and one day of golf and work wraps around that and it feels just awesome doesn't it yeah the only thing I'd like to add to Wednesday there is a great farmer's market in Marco Islands on Wednesdays and I'd love to do that right after golf so we'll do that next week I might add that get fresh fruits and vegetables that would be great now Monday is a day that is all day work and that we just have to have that so we do some heavy stuff in the morning from nine to twelve script writing um research research you know marketing whatever we need to do and then we break for lunch and in the afternoon was when we do our one-on-one coaching we have our marketing meeting our team meeting so it's our toughest day Monday but it gets so much out of the way and that leaves Tuesday Wednesday Thursday afternoons to do some of the fun things and then Friday you know Friday's always been one of my favorite days it's really a personal day for each of us you know we may or may not do some things together we may do things with other people individually or together as couples but you know really it's when we go practice golf you know we do pickleball with a smaller group we go maybe shopping maybe out to lunch maybe we have guests coming in on a Friday we run up to the airport but we really try to keep Friday open and maybe we just go our separate ways yeah I mean I don't know what Jody's doing she doesn't know what I'm doing it's just kind of a relaxing day which slides us into weekends that we don't schedule anything yeah that's just like during our career it's wide open and you know we can do do a bike ride we can go to the beach we can play Pickleball if we want we just do what we want but it's no work but maybe some house chores I think the difference is you know when we got into this business people would say to us isn't every day like a Saturday and and you know that's just not a mentality we wanted to take and as we looked for a plan and I mentioned earlier that we couldn't find one and we started to develop our own and then developed the company it overwhelmed us a bit right so putting these kind of barriers in place around fun and things that energized US helped the business a lot right now because of this scheduling here's a couple other things that have really helped our life and why we are so excited about the way we're doing things now because our work day ends at three o'clock we cook home a lot more we have time to do it it's healthier we do it together and it saves US money yeah and the other thing is we're saying yes to more things so if you're out there and you're inviting us somewhere don't invite because you think you need to because we'll probably say yes you know spur of the moment dinners out or you know watching the sunset with ourselves or another couple a late night bike ride or even you know picking a movie and not having dinner and eating popcorn for dinner we're trying to put that air of flexibility and fun in retirement as we build the business it just feels better what we're doing right now which is great you know our five pillars are core to our retirement making time for all of them is really critical to us but we found when we put wisdom sharing first so much of what we dreamed about in retirement was just not happening yeah and this pivot was so needed for us and we're having such a good time with it changing our priorities it's given us Newfound energy and freedom to do what we've always wanted to do but we never really made time for it now we hope you enjoyed this video and if you did this next one the five things you should never ignore in retirement you're going to love that we talk about health relationships creating community and also the importance of financial planning so watch this one next

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