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Mantra: How to Create Wealth Consciousness, Step 2 of 4

Now, the second step is working with the Mantra
Shreem Brzee. First of all, you have to know what a Mantra
is. There are so many definitions of Mantra. And it has almost become an English word. The one definition that I personally like,
there are several definitions I like. I’m not going to go into all of them, but
at least I will confine to one. Mantra is Man- tra. “Man-“ is “Mind.” “-Tra” is “to protect” in Sanskrit
— that which protects your Mind. Shreem Brzee is going to protect your Mind. Protect your Mind in two ways. Protect it with prosperity thoughts and protect
it also against confused, negative poverty-thinking. So that is what it is going to do. That’s why a Mantra is often conceived as
something extraordinary, something magical, something super-normal, something Divine.

It is Divine. A Mantra is of a Divine origin. And where did it originate from? It originated from the Space. And in this case, there is a prosperity galaxy. There are so many galaxies. And we cannot even go to Mars or Moon and
live there. But the Rishis were able to go there and live
everywhere. And then, this is one of the galaxies that
they have been able to reach in their meditation. And they brought this Mantra Shreem Brzee.

And initially, I have to tell you that Brzee
was the one that was revealed. And Brzee will remove karma and [it] will
give money. And Shreem is the Mantra for the Goddess of
Wealth. And how it works: As you begin to use this
Mantra, it will completely change not only your Mindset, but it will also change you
entire biological structure. And it will also change your aura. There are seven bands around your aura and
around your body. It will change even that too. Now we have proof that as soon as you use
the sound Shreem Brzee, there is a perfect geometrical structure.

We didn’t do the research. A person in Singapore who was benefited tremendously
by this Shreem Brzee, sent it to the lab in Japan, Emoto’s Lab, and then he put it out
[published research on it]. Now, this is what happens. That means it can go and change even your
atomic structure. And I am personally doing in my own small
lab in India, on how it can change the stem cells, your stem cells. So I am very committed. Maybe I am committed right now. Not before, because I know that you have to
really change it at the Soul level or life level. But those things don’t make much sense but
we talk about stem cells aka, and that’s what the research is going on. And fabulous research is coming out. This is not the time to talk about it.

So Shreem Brzee finally is the only way that
I know of to change your Mindset and change your consciousness, change your body, and
then bring you to wealth consciousness. Not only for you, but for the entire world,
but at the same time, I want to emphasize that I have said Shreem Brzee for a few times
and the money didn’t fall off the roof. It will never fall off the roof. If you want to join the program thinking that
there will be a magic because it’s a Mantra and the money will come and fall off the roof. It will never do that, I can guarantee. Then what will it do? It will change your consciousness. The miracle that it will do is the miracle
of changing your poverty consciousness, scarcity consciousness, your negativity, your confusion
about money, and then order your consciousness, and orient your consciousness, orient your
life breath to the Wealth Consciousness.

That is the miracle that you are going to
see happening. And what’s the requirement Commitment..

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