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Is 1 Crore Enough To Retire? How to plan your retirement?

Hi friends, welcome to Yadnya investment academy. We are going to talk about a topic of financial planning on Friday. And today's topic is very interesting. Because this question is asked regularly on many social media channels and workshops. That people have an amount in their mind that is 1 crore rupees. We think that if we have 1 crore rupees, our life will be good. So this question remains in the mind that if I have 1 crore rupees, can I retire now? Am I financially free? I don't have any tension of retirement now. Now whatever work I am doing is extra. So that 1 crore rupees is enough. And if you have retired now and got EPF money and total is 1 crore is it enough for you? And if it is enough or not, how much can you spend in both questions, when is enough and when is not.

We will touch on all those things in this video. I will explain everything through a calculator. You can check that calculator on our website as well. We cover many topics of financial planning in this session. If you want to make your own financial plan, then go to website There are many products related to financial planning. There are 1 to 1 sessions as well. You can check that out. Now I am going to my website and I am sure you can see my screen. If you go to the tool and calculator, here you can see the retirement calculator.

I don't think you will get this anywhere else. Now the question is, suppose I have 1 crore rupees, is it enough for me to retire? First of all, I will be asked what is my age? I am just giving an example, 50. Suppose I am 50 years old, what is my life expectancy? It is important to know when you will be retiring. I think we should keep it around 90. I am keeping it at 90. How much is the expense now? If you are retiring and you have 1 crore rupees, how much do you want to spend? What is your monthly or annual expense? Suppose I am thinking that I have 6 lakh rupees. I have put 6 lakh rupees here. How much inflation are you assuming? How much will my expenses increase every year? If India's inflation is around 6-7%, then you can assume that. Suppose 7% inflation till the end of life. Current asset, how much money do I have? I will put 1 crore rupees here. I have 1 crore rupees here. I will put that here. How do you invest this 1 crore rupees? How much return will you be able to earn? This is a very important question.

What type of investment do you want to put? Do you want to put it in PPF? Do you want to put it in Senior Citizen Savings Scheme? Or do you want to put it in FDs? Or do you want to create a portfolio of Mutual Funds like Hybrid Equity Funds? This is very important. Let's take all the scenarios. Suppose I want to put it in FDs. I don't want to do anything special. I will get 7% return in FDs. Whatever is the post tax. Or whatever you think.

You get 7.5% but let's keep 7% for calculation. Let's keep 7.5%. Let's keep 8%. We have put it in bonds, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme. And there is some money in EPF. So, we have kept some money in equity. So, my 8% will earn 1 crore rupees corpus. Which is 1% over inflation. I have taken 7% inflation and 8% returns. I have to put these 6 fields first. If I submit this, My retirement corpus is in deficit of 1 crore. This means that I need 1 crore more to develop this scenario. If I am 50 years old and I have 6 lakhs per month. And 7% inflation. And 8% growth. I need 2 crores. 1 crore is not enough. Now, let's change the scenario. What should I do if I am not able to do it.

I can either reduce it. I don't spend Rs 50,000 per month. I can do 30,000. Then we can change the amount. We have done 36,000. And then we have put this change. So, 21 lakhs is still less. So, basically it will come to 3 lakhs. So, now our retirement corpus is only 67,000 less. So, I can spend 3 lakhs per year. If I can spend Rs 25,000 per month. And if I take 7% inflation. And 8% growth. Then 1 crore is enough in 50. If I spend 25,000. If I spend 50,000 with same scenario. Then I will need 1 crore. Now, you will say that I invest in mutual funds. I know investing well. And I think that my corpus can earn 10%. If 7% is inflation. Then I think that my corpus can earn 10% per annum. Like our approach. You must have seen many videos on retirement. If you want to understand anything. Then put it in the comment section.

If I think that I can do 10%. So, let's try it on 6% after spending 3 lakhs. So, now our corpus will be 47 lakhs. So, it means that I can spend 4 lakhs or 4.5 lakhs. So, 4.2 or 4.3. Means I can spend around Rs 35,000 per month. If I can earn 10% return. Now, you will say that I have already retired. I am 60 years old. And now tell me what is this scenario. So, in that I can spend 50,000 per month. So, in 60 years also if you are earning 10% return. Then there is a deficit of 24 lakhs. If this scenario plays. You say that I have inflation. I don't spend much. 50,000 per month. Next year, I will grow according to 5%. Then it is good. 5% inflation, 10% rate of return, 1 crore rupees. You have enough. You have just enough. So, you can spend 50,000 per month. If you are 60 years old, you will get that money for 90 years. Now, there is one more thing. Many people think that I have a pension. I have a house. He is giving rental.

Or I am getting pension. Suppose you are getting pension of Rs 10,000 per month. Means it comes more than that. But I think 10,000 per month. So, I am getting a pension of 1,20,000. And we will make it 7 again. Is there any growth of pension? It seems that 2-3% growth is there. So, let's grow it by 3%. Till when will the pension come? Will it come till 90? Will it come till life expectancy or will it come soon? Many times, for limited time, money is going to come. So, we sell those things. Rental is going to come. I have to sell that house after 10 years. So, you can put that also. So, I have to get pension till last. Till 90. So, then in 6 lakhs, 7% inflation, 1 crore, 10% and all. So, then almost I am there. Means 3 lakhs is the only deficit left. So, in this way, you can find out that the money you have, is it enough for your retirement? So, now you can change the amount.

If you have 2 crore, 3 crore or 50 lakhs, then you can change the amount. Accordingly, you can find out how much expense I will have after retirement, my work will go smoothly till life expectancy which I have planned. So, this will be very very helpful for you. So, if you like Calculator, then do share this video with everyone. I think this will be very helpful to many people in retirement planning. And from the perspective of financial freedom also. And if you want our financial plans and personalized approach, if you want to understand how to get 10% rate of return, or what all I can do after retirement, then you can go to our website and call our customer service, sales team or relationship team. You can WhatsApp or call or email. And then we will reach out to you and we will surely try to help you on those things. That is all I have. I hope, do subscribe more. Because the topics of financial planning are not going on much. So, do subscribe and like the video if you like it. Have a great time, friends.

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