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I Turned This Cash-Only Savings Hack Into An $850K Business

I just remember, like,
wondering how I was going to make it through the
next month. Like had a degree, no
job, student loan debt hanging over my head,
credit card debt hanging over my head. And
January 1st came and I was like, I will never
be in this position again. And that's when I
started researching ways to budget and I found
cash budgeting. I started budgeting at
the beginning of the year and started throwing it
on social media to keep myself accountable. I started the business
after my tiktoks went viral. I was like, okay,
well, people are actually interested in this
because finances come off really boring to me and
for some reason people were engaging.

internet will be receiving $20. My name is Jasmine
Taylor. I'm 31 from Amarillo, Texas, and my
business brought in over $800,000 last year. You implement cash
stuffing with it by budgeting the money
literally and physically with the cash. So that
means you start to budget with whatever your
paycheck number is and you give every dollar a
place down to zero. The first product we
sold was just a simple budget binder so you
could buy a binder, pick your cover, add your
name, and then choose six categories. And then we
moved on to adding in different savings
challenges. This one's pretty cute with the
piggies and the wallets, and I also like fries
before guys, we are out of stock a lot and out
of stock on our website doesn't mean that we're
out of stock in our warehouse. We stock enough items
that we can pack and ship out that same week. People are literally
waiting on the site at midnight on Saturday
night like waiting for the restock. Last week,
our $1,500 savings challenge sold out in
like six minutes.

I honestly didn't have
any expectations. I just went into it
hoping that I would make my money back. But I had
no idea. Even to this day,
sometimes I wake up and I'm like, What is
happening? I believe that my mindset changed in
December of 2020. I had just got through
Christmas and my sister died probably four years
previous, so I've been full time taking care of
my niece that works with me now. I was working at
the freestanding emergency room and then
I lost that job actually over the holidays. When you finally get
access to money, at least in my circumstance,
everything I wanted, I wanted to buy it. I have
bipolar disorder. So at the beginning of
my journey, I understood that a lot of my impulse
spending was tied to that.

I started tracking my
expenses and being really diligent about budgeting
and cash stuffing. I was not only able to
change my finances, but I was able to change my
mindset and my relationship with money. I have a bill checking
account. Right? So in that
checking account, there's already next month's
bills. So when you see me cash
stuffing on camera, that's for the next
month. So the first day of the
month, I go and deposit everything I've cashed
up into the bill account. And as the month goes
on, everything is direct deposited. The first
time I had been able to save $1,000, like I'd
never been able to hold on to $1,000. It really empowered me
more than anything else was. Okay, well, you did
that. What else can we do? It went crazy viral. And I was like, well,
I'll be back tomorrow with another one. I knew the stimulus
check was coming and I literally just went for
it. And so I went and bought
me a cricut and I bought the supplies for the
cricut, the mats and stuff like that.

And I
put the rest into inventory, into
purchasing my Shopify plan for the next couple
of months, some shipping supplies and that's it. It was pretty much gone. So in February of 2022,
I realized we needed help. We were working
like 18, 19 hour days trying to get custom
orders out, and we were burnt out. And it got to
the point where I couldn't hardly restock
the site because we couldn't keep up with
the orders. Right now I have three
contracted employees and they do crafting, so
they help me make envelopes. They help
make savings challenges as well as one of the
ladies comes here and she helps me pack orders
because we're now packing 700 – 800 orders a week
and it is pretty tedious. For example, our
customers can pick the cover that they want and
then they customize the envelopes inside to fit
their needs. So different people
choose different titles. You can pick the color,
the font on the envelopes. Monday
through Friday I pretty much come in admin,
catch up on anything that's happening that's
crazy that I need to fix.

We go to the back pack
orders, unbox inventory and we do that until 8
or 9 and then I come up here and if I'm going to
do lives or whatever, I do those if I need to
film YouTube content, I'll do that. Saturdays
and Sundays we all come in and we heavily pack
orders. A lot of the income that
I was making. I was very diligent
about throwing it towards debt. I invest some in
my future and the form of a 401K, pay my bills
with it, give myself spending money and put
some towards savings challenges.

So the same
stuff that I teach my audience I still use in
my daily life. We don't have an issue
bringing in customers. Our issue is honestly
that we can't fulfill more orders. We are shooting for $1
million at the end of 2023 and we are going to
get it. I'm believing that we're
going to get there. I've never had a problem
betting on myself.

You've got to be willing
to bet on yourself. If you don't how can you
expect anybody else to?.

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