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How to Make $100 Per Month in Dividends #shorts

if you want to make a hundred bucks a 
month in dividends it is going to take   quite the investment to get to that point 
but if you want to know how much you need   invested i'm going to show you how to do the 
math because it is fairly straightforward   the first thing you need to do in your calculator 
is turn the monthly amount into a yearly amount   so if you want to make a hundred bucks a month 
just take a hundred and multiply that by 12   meaning 12 months in a year and you're going to 
get 1200 bucks which is the annual amount that   you want to be making in dividends now just look 
up any stock that pays out a dividend and find   their dividend yield so in this case coca-cola 
is paying out a current dividend yield of 2.59   now just go back into your calculator and 
take your yearly amount which was 1200   and divide that by .0259 in the calculator 
and that is going to give you 46 332 bucks   that you need to invest today in order to make 
100 bucks a month in dividends through coca-cola

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