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Gold IRA rollover – Satori Traders

a gold ira rollover can protect your retirement savings from today's rising inflation americans are being assured that inflation is transitory but prices keep going up from 1963 to 1980 silver prices increased by 2700 percent and the price of gold increased by 1600 percent savvy individuals are recognizing that today's inflation could significantly reduce the value of their retirement savings they are concerned that inflation will make their desired retirement unaffordable so what's the solution how can americans protect and secure their retirement savings from the ravages of inflation the taxpayer relief act of 1997 provides one answer to that question this law allows investors to hold physical precious metals inside their ira accounts money in existing retirement savings accounts can be moved into physical precious metals using a gold ira rollover in fact all of these account types are eligible for a rollover or transfer keep these important ira facts in mind investors may have more than one ira open opening a gold ira does not affect existing retirement accounts investors are allowed to move funds from one tax advantaged account to another without penalty and only one rollover or transfer per year is permitted when funds are transferred from an existing ira to a precious metals ira the transaction must be completed within 60 days to avoid tax consequences there's a simple four-step process for opening a precious metals ira one open a self-directed ira account with an irs approved trustee two fund the account three choose a custodian to hold the physical precious metals and four pick which medals to hold in the account the account can be funded with either a rollover or a transfer there are two options for funding a new account in a rollover funds are wired from the current account trustee to the trustee for the new account in a transfer funds are first distributed to the investor and the investor then deposits all or some of the distribution into the gold ira account these tax rules apply to precious metals iras only irs approved metals can be held that means silver gold platinum and palladium distributions can be taken in cash or physical metal distributions are treated as ordinary income at the investor's tax rate and precious metals held inside an ira are not subject to the 28 tax rate for collectibles to protect and preserve your retirement savings with a gold ira rollover click the link below

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What is a precious metals IRA

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