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Family Wealth Killer 2: Bad Investments

Family Wealth Killer #2: Bad Investments All investments look good the first time you see them…right? I met a guy with millions of dollars. He could really accumulate capital, but he couldn’t pick a good investment if his life depended on it. He would only see what he wanted to see and commit precious capital to things he couldn’t control with little possibility of producing a return worth the risks. A good investment policy changed all that. Sticking with our investment policy we always know how to deploy capital because we know what we're trying to accomplish. The deeper we dig with due diligence, the more we understand an opportunity and how it lines up with our values and goals. Picking winners is easier and more fun this way. Building capital is like building anything else— the better the quality of the parts and how they all fit together for us, the better it will perform..

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