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Tips for Retirement Planning

This morning, we are talking about the word everybody loves to hear: retirement. Here to Help Us Make It All Possible Is Jeffrey. It’s Great To Have You Here Today. People go to work every day, and it’s something that they think about all the time, and you say there are several stages to retirement. In layman’s terms, there are Begogo Years, Slow-Go Years, and They Won’t-Goy Years.For many, it seems like a daunting task. How can people make this possible? Starting early is always beneficial, so even if you have not started planning yet, you will get started. Possibly a Certified Financial Planning Professional Go to the website and you can find one. The Planning Is Important, Especially For That Going Phase, Is That The Point Where You Are Just Starting Out And People Asked The Question, Do I Have Enough To Retire With? Am I Going to Be Ok? And then it’s all about the excitement and the planning. When we get closer to that point and I announce my intention to retire, one of my first thoughts is, “Where do you go?”What Is The First Thing You’re Going To Do? I Want Them To Be Thinking About The Fun Things.

Once we know our finances will be fine, we can start planning fun activities.We develop some plans where people have more money to travel with for the first five to 10 years, and after that, people tend to pull back a little bit. That Is The Slow-Go Years And The Final Phase When More People Are Focused On, What Do I Do With The Money I’m Not Going To Use? How Do I Transition To My Family In The Most Tax-Efficient Manner Possible? And I talk about that in my book.

The book has 30 years of information and is a nice, simple read. Because everybody works so hard all of their lives to get to the goal of retirement. In Retirement Is Supposed To Be Fun. You’re supposed to enjoy your life. Everybody Has A Different Perspective As To What That Is. Some guys want to go fishing every day. Some might want to do different things. Golfing, Whatever It Might Be Whatever is important. The most successful retirees we work with have a large circle of friends and a variety of hobbies to keep them busy.If you’ve been working 40 hours, that’s a lot of time. I’ve got another story about that. Lots of togetherness It Really Is the Dream for So Many People. If I’m Coming To See You, How Do You Put People’s Minds At Ease? You Have That Worry In The Back Of Your Mind All The Time. We try to keep things simple, but we have very sophisticated software that we use behind the scenes, and we actually show people results.

We could import all your details now: what is your lifestyle expense, what are the assets that you have, what is the income you will have coming in, and we have probabilities. We can do up to 10,000 variations between now and retirement with life expectancy, so we try to plan up to age 90. And We Say, Here Is Your Probability of Success. Thanks So Much For Coming In. If You Would Like More

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Factors That Can Reduce Retirement Income

There are many different factors that can reduce retirement income. The first may be fairly obvious, but it’s the effect of death. For two spouses when there’s a pension involved, the death of a spouse could mean the loss of a pension income. Now if there’s a survivor benefit, that income may continue, so it’s important to evaluate your options when making pension decisions. A lot of people use insurance to protect against this type of income loss. Another way death can reduce retirement income has to do with Social Security. When two spouses are receiving Social Security and one spouse passes there will be a loss of one of the benefits. Now, the surviving spouse will receive the higher of the two benefits, but there still will be some loss of income. The final way that death can reduce retirement income has to do with taxes. Moving from married filing jointly to now filing single can push the survivor into a higher income tax brackets. The reason for this is that the income thresholds for married filers is about twice what it is for single filers. This can have a major impact on the surviving spouse’s net after tax income in retirement.

Taxes in general is another area that a lot of people overlook when it comes to retirement income. The reality is that taxes will take much more from you than the market ever can. For instance, going back to 2008 during the Great Recession, the average portfolio might have declined 20 to 30 percent, assuming it was well diversified, of course. That might have taken a couple of years to recover, but taxes in retirement can easily cost anywhere from 30 to 40 percent. And that’s money that will never come back. So it’s really important to consider where your different sources of income are coming from in retirement. Would it all come from pensions, Social Security, IRAs, 401(k)s, sources that will be taxed at ordinary income rates? Or do you have good tax diversification where you can choose from pulling money from maybe a Roth IRA raise or non-qualified accounts and really get a lot of control over your taxes in retirement? And finally, inflation. Inflation is absolutely something that can reduce your income in retirement. And it does this by reducing the purchasing power of your dollar in retirement.

Inflation isn’t just something that happened in the past – things will continue to cost more in the future. So let’s look back 30 years. 30 years is about the average timeframe for most people in retirement. So in 1989, the average cost of a first class postage stamp was twenty five cents. Today that same stamp will cost you fifty five cents. Also in 1989 the average cost of a new car was $15,000. Today the price of a new car will set you back on average $37,000. So you need to look at how well your different sources of income will keep up with inflation during retirement. For help optimizing your retirement income, visit us at .

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Financial Planning – Watch This Before You Start Financial Planning!

Have you ever think of this question what would happen if you are hospitalized unexpectedly due to an accident or a sickness and You lose the ability to make money. Could you continue to pay your bills? If you couldn’t then I know exactly how you feel There’s nothing more frustrating than your hard-earned retirement saving has to depleted and to make matters even worse you increase your debt load Frustrated and embarrassed you end up feeling like a failure because all your plan that your so-called financial Adviser helps you set up the plans all are ruins Unfortunately, there just hasn’t been a quick and easy alternative to just put aside more emergency funds at least three to six months where everyone seems living paycheck by paycheck however, the problem with these options is that you either have to put in more time to learn more extra income by doing more than A job or reduce your spending habits to scarify your lifestyle expenses That’s why today I’m delighted to share with you the program that I just found out have the solution to help you pays your bills When you cannot work due to accident and sickness, hi, my name is Moses tan and over the last five years I’ve personally helped people to protect their ability to make pays their bills in their retirement plan And with this new program you are getting cash benefits paid directly to you as you wish to help pay unexpected expenses or everyday bills What makes this new program so different to all the other out there is there are no companies are offering this service in the market Let me show you a sneak peak how this program works When you have an accident or suffer sickness You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for added expenses or everyday bill this program pays you $3,300 direct to you if you stay in the hospital a day up to $6,000 if you stay in the hospital for five days up to $12,000 if you stay in the hospital for 10 days up to $36,000 if you stay in the hospital for 30 days This program also covers you if you have outpatient surgery or fracture each outpatient surgery or fracture incident you get pays up to $5,200 even if you have a root canal or a stitch you get pays for $1,300 it pays cash directly to you in addition to benefits provided by any other insurance policy group planned workers Compensation or any government employment insurance program Jamie a married mother of two said earlier this year I became extremely sick and missed work.

For more than three months putting my family in a very difficult financial situation She was so lucky to have this program because we would have been on the verge of being homeless due to her illness. She Was out of work for more than three months But this program was there for her and her family the whole way with prompt handling of her claim and the arrival of her benefit Checks this program made a really horrible time a whole lot easier for her and her family Raylene an individual said I was connected with a very helpful the planned customer service representative. He explained in clear detail What needed to be done to complete his claim not only by him? But also by the plan that representative acted with professionalism kindness and respect for him and his situation He had his first claim check in about one week The representatives dedication as an employee of the plan was invaluable.

Are you ready to get started in that case? I’m guessing you’ll want to know what your protection is going to be and That’s understandable given that most people on average spend hundreds of dollars to get a fraction of what you’re receiving today so if you’re ready to make a change in your life and you want to protect your retirement text Moses Town at six hundred and Four point four for one point nine to eight – or email info at living benefit CA we will contact you as soon as possible Remember, could you pay your bills while you need the money the most when you in a hospital due to accident or sickness? The good news is that you can trust us to take care of all your bills simply by becoming set up the plan today Just imagine how you’ll feel.

When you get to pay to get well at home. You can enjoy watching Netflix without worry about your bills so text Moses tan at six Oh, four four four one nine two eight – or email info at living benefit CA and let’s get you started today Looking forward to hear from you .

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