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👉Retirement Planning At 60 in 2024 – 6 Tipsđź’Ą

imagine this you're approaching your 60s and starting to think about retirement you've worked hard all your life and it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor but before you kick back and relax it's time to get laser focused on your retirement plan in this video we'll cover six important tips to help you plan for your retirement at 60. tip one assess your financial situation Jane has a woman who's been working as a nurse for 30 years she's always been Frugal and saved as much as she could but she's not sure she's accumulated enough for a comfortable retirement to assess her financial situation she makes a list of all her assets and her expenses she realizes that she needs to save more if she wants to maintain her lifestyle in retirement tip two explore different retirement options Bob's a 62 year old man has been working as an engineer for the last 40 years his employer has a 401k and he's been contributing to it for years Bob also explores other retirement options such as an IRA to maximize his retirement savings tip three diversify your Investments Mike is a 65 year old man who's been retired for a few years he Diversified his portfolio by investing in many different stock and bond index funds by diversifying his Investments might minimize risk and ensure a stable retirement income tip 4 plan for health care costs Sarah is a 63 year old woman who's been working as a teacher for the last 35 years she's healthy now but she knows health care costs can be expensive in retirement to plan for health care costs Sarah bought long-term care insurance to cover any medical expenses that could arise in the future tip five consider your Social Security benefits Tom is a 64 year old man's been working in construction for the last 45 years he's not sure when to start receiving his social security benefits he decides to wait till 67 to start taking his social security so he'll get a higher benefit which will give him a more comfortable retirement tip six have an actual retirement plan in place Lisa is a 61 year old woman has been working as a sales manager for the last 25 years she has a plan in place that includes a budget for her retirement expenses and a plan for Hospital spend her time in retirement Lisa plans to travel volunteer and take up a new hobby in retirement to stay active and engaged following these tips and learning from the experience of others you can ensure a comfortable and fulfilling retirement it's a great idea to consult with a good financial advisor click on the link in the description if you'd like to set a time to talk with us

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